Wood Lockers for an Elegant and Sophisticated Locker Room

When it comes to locker room aesthetics, metal lockers may not always fit the bill. In settings that demand a more refined and professional look, wood lockers are the perfect choice. Whether it’s a college campus, country club, golf course, professional sports team, athletic club, or ski lodge, wood lockers add a touch of sophistication that seamlessly blends with the ambiance of a locker room. Unlike metal doors that clang and disrupt the elegant atmosphere, wood lockers offer a quieter and secure storage solution for personal belongings and valuables. Now that you’ve recognized the need for wood lockers, let’s explore the different styles available that can cater to your needs, budget, and timeline.

How to Choose the Best Wood Locker

Choosing a wooden locker may seem simple, but there are several distinct styles to consider. As you browse through options, you’ll come across wood laminate lockers, which give the appearance of wood while being made of melamine with a laminate door. These lockers have melamine sides, but you can purchase separate laminate sides to install at the end of a row. Another option is wood veneer lockers, which feature melamine frames and a more natural-looking wood veneer door with raised panels. Like laminate lockers, wood veneer lockers also come with separate sides. Finally, if you’re looking for the real deal, solid wood lockers made of kiln-dried oak with a raised panel design are available. These lockers also come with add-ons such as crown molding for that extra touch of refinement. The best part is that all the wood lockers we offer are proudly made in the USA.

Wood Laminate Lockers

For those seeking a cost-effective option that offers a quick turnaround time, wood laminate lockers are the perfect choice. These lockers are available in single, double, and four-tier styles, catering to a range of storage needs. Schools find these lockers particularly appealing due to their scratch-resistant surface, making them sturdy enough to withstand heavy student traffic. Additionally, they are fire and moisture resistant, offering an added advantage for educational and office settings. Spills are not a problem either, as cleaning these lockers is a breeze with mild cleaner and a rag. With wood laminate lockers, you can achieve a stylish and modern appearance similar to real wood, without the high price tag and demanding maintenance. It’s worth noting that the wood grain laminate is only present on the door, so be prepared to purchase separate sides for the end of your row of lockers.

Wood Veneer Lockers

Alongside our laminate lockers, we offer wood veneer styles that add a touch of sophistication to any room. These lockers are available in single tier or double tier configurations. Utilizing industrial-grade core for the frame, wood veneer lockers feature a ¾” thick veneer door with raised panels, available in natural, light, medium, or dark Oak finishes. The frame boasts 2mm edgebanding for added protection, and concealed heavy-duty steel European hinges give these lockers a seamless appearance. Wood veneer lockers strike a perfect balance between laminate lockers and solid wood lockers, making them an ideal choice for country clubs, lodges, concert halls, and executive offices.

Solid Wood Lockers

For those seeking the utmost elegance and beauty, solid wood lockers are the way to go. These lockers are available in single tier or double tier configurations, crafted from high-quality oak with a clear satin finish that showcases the natural grain of the wood. The frame is constructed with 48 lb. industrial-grade particleboard, offering fire retardant properties and formaldehyde-free materials for added safety. The oak is given a satin finish with three coats, resulting in a smooth and stunning look. The doors feature a raised panel design that instantly elevates the ambiance of any room. Concealed heavy-duty European hinges maintain the sophisticated appearance of the lockers. Moreover, these lockers come with a 3-year warranty, ensuring you receive a high-quality product.

Wood Lockers Photo

Wood Sports Lockers

For athletes, especially in professional and college leagues, the locker room is a space to make a statement. That’s why we offer various styles of wood lockers, including wood laminate, veneer, and solid wood, to cater to your preferences. Most of these styles come with a lockable footlocker for storing cleats and shoes, while others offer an open-style compartment configuration. Each style includes a security box for smaller valuables like phones, headphones, keys, and wallets. With our custom wood lockers, you can even have your logo laser engraved on the door of the security box or opt for a padded seat cushion with your logo.

We Have Wood Benches Too

In addition to wood lockers, we also offer wooden locker room benches. These benches provide the perfect spot to sit down, tie your shoes, or take a relaxing break. Crafted from high-quality materials, our benches are maintenance-free and dependable. You can choose from floor-mounted benches for maximum stability, free-standing benches for increased flexibility, as well as ADA benches and specialty styles to ensure customer satisfaction.

We Can Help You Find Wooden Lockers

With the wide range of styles, sizes, and materials available for wood lockers, finding the perfect fit for your school, club, gym, office, or facility can be challenging. Take a moment to evaluate your facility’s environment and consider who will be using it and its intended purpose. If you’re unsure about your needs or have any questions, our friendly representatives are here to help. With years of experience, we can assist you in choosing the locker configuration that best suits your requirements. Whether you have questions, concerns, or are ready to place an order, we are dedicated to fulfilling your needs, no matter the size. Call us now or order online to get started.

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