Winter Travel Essentials: Your Guide to a Stylish and Space-Saving Wardrobe

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Packing for a winter trip can be a challenge, especially when you want to travel light. But fear not! With some careful planning and smart choices, you can create a winter travel capsule wardrobe that is functional, stylish, and saves you precious space in your suitcase. In this article, I’ll share my personal tips and recommendations for putting together the perfect winter travel wardrobe. So, let’s dive in!

The Bulkiest Layer: Coats & Jackets

Start with a versatile mid-length puffer coat like the classic North Face Metropolis. This coat is warm, reasonably priced, and a great option for consistent 30-40 degree weather. If you want more coat options, consider packing a quilted liner jacket. I recommend the ‘Ultralight Down’ version from Uniqlo. It’s compact and works well as a standalone coat on warmer days, or as an extra layer under your puffer for added warmth.

Winter Travel Capsule
Outfit: Olive Green Quilted Liner Jacket, MZ Wallace Crosby Pippa Handbag, Black Jeans, black glossy rain boots. Overlooking Venice, Italy.

Secondary Layers: Sweaters & Blouses

For the perfect winter travel capsule wardrobe, pack a total of 3 sweaters and 1 dressier top. Look for high-quality, reasonably priced options from brands like Quince, Everlane, and Uniqlo. These sweaters will offer plenty of styling combinations and make getting dressed a breeze.

Base Layers: Undershirts

To stay warm and maximize your wardrobe on your winter travels, pack thin and fitted undershirts. They are great for trapping warmth and can be layered underneath sweaters without adding bulk. I recommend brands like Neiwai, Everlane, and Uniqlo Airism. For added protection against underarm sweat, consider undershirts from Numi, a female-founded brand known for their fitted and breathable designs.

Winter Travel Capsule
Outfit: Olive Green Quilted Liner Jacket, Black Flared Leggings, MZ Wallace Crosby Pippa Handbag, striped turtleneck sweater. Location: Rome, Italy (right in front of the Colosseum)

Bottoms for Winter Travel

Three to four pairs of pants are just right for a winter trip. Opt for 3 pairs of jeans in different colors (black, blue, and a light color) and 1 pair of black leggings. Jeans, such as those from Levi’s, can be worn multiple times before washing, making them perfect for travel. For comfortable leggings, check out Aerie for their well-priced and stylish options.

2 Types of Shoes You Need

With limited space, choose two types of shoes that will serve you well during your winter travels. Opt for neutral sneakers, like platform Keds, which are comfortable, cushioned, and versatile. Additionally, invest in a pair of stylish and waterproof boots. Dolce Vita offers lightweight, waterproof options perfect for long walks.

Perfect Crossbody Bag for Travel

A well-chosen crossbody bag can elevate your travel outfit. Consider the MZ Wallace Crosby Pippa as your everyday travel bag. Its versatile design and multiple compartments make it a practical choice. The leather strap attachment can be adjusted to the perfect crossbody length. With smooth gliding zippers and a surprisingly spacious interior, this bag is a winner.

Additional Space-Saving Tips for Winter Travel

  • Be clever with how you fold your clothes. Techniques like pouch-folding and the Mari Kondo fold help conserve space and prevent wrinkles.
  • Wear your bulkiest outfit to the airport. This saves valuable suitcase space.
  • Bring a spacious personal bag, like the MZ Wallace Metro Deluxe Tote, which offers plenty of compartments and a handy luggage sleeve.
  • Consider hand-washing lightweight items on your trip. Travel-sized laundry sheets are a convenient option that takes up minimal space.

If you’re planning a winter trip, I hope these tips for creating a winter travel capsule wardrobe will come in handy. Remember, stylish and functional outfits go hand in hand! So have fun, pack smart, and enjoy your winter adventure! Ambassadeur Hotel