The Ultimate Guide to Whitsunday Islands Resorts

Are you planning a trip to Queensland and searching for the best resorts in the Whitsundays? Look no further! In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the most exceptional resorts in the Whitsunday Islands. Known for their breathtaking beauty, the Whitsundays are a must-visit destination in Australia. From the stunning Whitehaven Beach to the iconic Heart Reef and Great Barrier Reef, these islands offer an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a couple in search of a romantic getaway or a family looking for a fun-filled holiday, the Whitsundays resorts have something for everyone!

Quick Summary of the Best Resorts in the Whitsundays

If you’re short on time and want to dive straight into the interesting bits, here is a quick summary of the best resorts in the Whitsundays:

Best Resorts in the Whitsunday Islands

Best Resorts on Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island, the most popular island in the Whitsundays, is easily accessible by plane or ferry. With no cars on the island and the magnificent Catseye Beach at its heart, Hamilton Island is a perfect holiday destination. Here are the best resorts on Hamilton Island:


For an ultimate Whitsundays experience, Qualia Resort is the place to be! This luxurious adult-only resort, located at the Northern tip of the island, is ideal for couples seeking a tranquil getaway. With a private beach offering stunning views of the coral sea, Qualia is a paradise that promises unparalleled relaxation. They even provide VIP transfers and have their own helipad and marina, ensuring ease of access for guests.

What we love about Qualia:

  • It offers a private oasis with outstanding service.
  • The resort exudes luxury and is perfect for a romantic holiday.
  • The location is serene, offering a break from the bustling resort area.

What not to like about Qualia:

  • If you’re traveling with kids or seeking a vibrant party scene, this may not be the ideal choice.

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Beach Club Resort

The Beach Club Resort, with its prime beachfront location, is an adult-only paradise on Hamilton Island. While it may not be suitable for families, it is perfect for couples or groups of friends looking for a fantastic beachfront retreat. With direct access to Catseye Beach, an infinity pool surrounded by palm trees, and a popular on-site restaurant, this resort offers the epitome of relaxation.

What we love about the Beach Club:

  • It is one of the best resorts on Hamilton Island, boasting incredible features and services.
  • The beach is stunning, and the restaurant serves delicious Australian cuisine.

What not to like about the Beach Club:

  • The pool area can get a bit busy, but otherwise, it’s an amazing Whitsundays resort.

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Reef View Hotel on Hamilton Island

For a piece of paradise on Hamilton Island, look no further than the Reef View Hotel. This family-friendly resort, located near Catseye Beach, offers a range of amenities including a swimming pool, a spa and wellness center, a restaurant, a bar, and a fitness center. From swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Catseye Beach to day trips to Whitehaven Beach, the Reef View Hotel ensures unforgettable experiences for guests.

What we love about the Reef View Hotel:

  • The staff is incredibly helpful, and the location is amazing.
  • The views from the hotel are fabulous, and the breakfast is great.

What not to like about the Reef View Hotel:

  • Make sure to book a table at the restaurant in advance, as it can get crowded.

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Palm Bungalows on Hamilton Island

Among all the Whitsunday Islands resorts, Palm Bungalows offers a unique experience. Instead of staying in a large resort, you’ll have your own private bungalow. These beautifully designed bungalows feature a kitchen, giving you the option to cook your meals. With access to all the resort facilities, including a stunning swimming pool, a bar, and a restaurant, Palm Bungalows offers a glamping experience in the Whitsundays.

What we love about Palm Bungalows:

  • The surroundings are beautiful and the bungalows are well-equipped.
  • The helpful staff, breakfast buffet, and free airport shuttle enhance the overall experience.

What not to like about Palm Bungalows:

  • There is no bathtub, but overall, it’s one of the best resorts in the Whitsunday Islands.

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Best Resort on Daydream Island

Daydream Island, often underestimated, is a hidden gem in the Whitsundays. Escape the crowds and indulge in a relaxing holiday on this picturesque island. While there is only one hotel on Daydream Island, it is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

The Daydream Island Resort offers two beautiful pools, a lagoon, and direct access to the beach, making it a haven for swimming enthusiasts. Explore the island’s rainforest trails and indulge in exciting activities such as snorkeling, jet skiing, and diving. With several restaurants and bars, you’ll be spoilt for choice. The resort underwent a complete renovation after a hurricane, and now boasts a breathtaking decor that will leave you enchanted.

What we love about Daydream Island Resort:

  • It offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, with exceptional services and facilities.
  • The beautiful beach and idyllic location make it perfect for a tranquil getaway.

What not to like about Daydream Island Resort:

  • Since there is no airport on Daydream Island, you need to fly to Airlie or Hamilton and then take a boat to reach the resort.

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Best Resort on Hayman Island: InterContinental Hayman Island Resort

When it comes to luxury resorts in the Whitsunday Islands, InterContinental Hayman Island Resort sets the standard. With its serene atmosphere and stunning beachfront location, Hayman Island offers a peaceful retreat away from the crowds. Indulge in luxury at this resort, which features rooms with breathtaking beach views and terraces.

InterContinental Hayman Island Resort offers a beach bar, a luxury restaurant, two swimming pools, and a beautiful beach. Pamper yourself with massages, attend yoga or pilates classes, and embark on sunset hikes. Enjoy a wide range of water activities and explore nearby destinations such as Whitehaven Beach, Hamilton Island, and the Great Barrier Reef.

What we love about InterContinental Hayman Island Resort:

  • All rooms have stunning views of the pool, making it a truly unforgettable experience.
  • The Beach Pool villas are perfect for a honeymoon, featuring beautiful and intimate settings.
  • The resort is known for sourcing locally produced ingredients for their delicious cuisine.

What not to like about InterContinental Hayman Island Resort:

  • Since there is no airport on Hayman Island, you will need to fly to Hamilton Island or Airlie Beach and take a boat to reach your destination.
  • As the most luxurious resort in the Whitsundays, it may be expensive for some, but it’s worth every penny.

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Best Resorts on Long Island

While not as popular as Hamilton Island, Long Island is home to two amazing resorts that offer a delightful stay in the Whitsundays.

Palm Bay Resort

Palm Bay Resort is an ideal choice for those seeking self-catering accommodation. With a private beach, a beautiful swimming pool, and a bar, this resort provides a peaceful and idyllic atmosphere for a memorable Whitsunday holiday. Surrounded by rainforests, it’s perfect for nature walks and relaxation.

What we love about Palm Bay Resort:

  • It is a beautiful off-the-beaten-path destination, offering a laid-back and peaceful experience.
  • The modern rooms, great cooking facilities, and helpful staff enhance the overall stay.

What not to like about Palm Bay Resort:

  • Long Island may not be as easily accessible as other islands, but the journey is well worth it.

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Elysian Retreat on Long Island

For the ultimate retreat in the Whitsundays, Elysian Retreat on Long Island is a haven of tranquility. With a tropical boho style and a beautiful pool by the ocean, this resort offers a serene and relaxing atmosphere. The resort’s elegant rooms and delicious cuisine ensure an unforgettable experience, and the stunning beach adds to its allure.

What we love about Elysian Retreat:

  • The staff is welcoming and helpful, and the decor and location are beautiful.
  • The talented chef creates delightful dishes, adding to the overall enjoyment.

What not to like about Elysian Retreat:

  • Elysian Retreat is quite off-the-beaten-path, making day trips a bit more challenging. However, it adds to the exclusivity and serenity.

Click here for more information and to book your stay at Elysian Retreat.

Best Resorts on the Whitsunday Coast

The Whitsunday Islands are not the only places where you can find amazing resorts. Airlie Beach and the rest of the Whitsunday Coast offer fantastic accommodation options.

Coral Sea Marina Resort

Coral Sea Marina Resort, located in Airlie Beach, is the most famous resort in the area. With its waterfront location and incredible views, this resort provides easy access to everything you need for an unforgettable holiday. The resort offers a range of amenities, including a swimming pool, a restaurant, and even airport transfers. Its prime location on Oceanview Avenue allows for a short stroll to the town center, Shingley Beach, and the marina for day trips.

What we love about Coral Sea Marina Resort:

  • Its amazing location in Airlie Beach, with easy access to the town center.
  • The range of facilities available, and the stunning views offered from the resort.

What not to like about Coral Sea Marina Resort:

  • It may not offer the same level of privacy as the resorts on the islands.

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Martinique Whitsunday Resort

Located only 250 meters from Airlie Beach, the Martinique Whitsunday Resort offers a French Caribbean-inspired experience. With breathtaking views from the holiday apartments and a range of room sizes, this resort is suitable for couples and families alike. Each self-contained apartment comes with a fully equipped kitchen and laundry facilities. The resort also features an infinity pool, allowing guests to enjoy the stunning surroundings.

What we love about Martinique Whitsunday Resort:

  • The breathtaking views from the apartments and the stunning infinity pool.
  • The fact that the apartments are self-contained, providing convenience for guests.

What not to like about Martinique Whitsunday Resort:

  • Pets are not allowed, and the walk from the main street may be challenging for some.

Click here for more information and to book your stay at Martinique Whitsunday Resort.

There you have it, the ultimate guide to the best resorts in the Whitsunday Islands and the Whitsunday Coast. With such a wide range of options catering to different tastes and budgets, you can’t go wrong. So start planning your dream holiday in this magical destination and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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