Vegetarian Restaurants Aruba – Discover the Best Plant-Based Eats on the Island

Sure, Aruba is famous for its breathtaking landscapes and year-round sunshine, but did you know that this Caribbean paradise also boasts an impressive vegan scene? Whether you’re exploring the natural pool, basking on Flamingo Beach, or preparing for a night out in Palm Beach, make sure to plan your culinary adventures at the finest vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants on the island. With the help of Vegan Aruba, this vacation destination offers plenty of delicious plant-based options to satisfy your taste buds. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best vegan restaurants in Aruba.

One Happy Bowl – Your Plant-Based Paradise in Oranjestad

At One Happy Bowl, you’ll find a haven for all your plant-based and gluten-free cravings. Whether you’re a breakfast enthusiast or looking for a fulfilling lunch, this vegan hotspot has it all. Start your day with nourishing smoothie bowls, loaded oatmeal, or delectable dairy-free parfaits. For lunch, dive into their signature bowls, filled with a delightful combination of grains, vegetables, and plant-based proteins. Don’t forget to quench your thirst with their refreshing selection of fresh juices. One Happy Bowl is truly a staple in the vegan Aruba scene.

Clover Coffee – Start Your Morning the Vegan-Friendly Way

For a perfect start to your day, make sure to visit Clover Coffee in Oranjestad. This cozy café offers a lush ambience and a range of vegan-friendly options. Treat yourself to a plant-based latte, indulge in a vegan waffle, or savor a mouthwatering veggie burger. Coffee and plant-based lovers alike will appreciate the variety of beverages and food offerings available at Clover Coffee. Whether you choose to enjoy your meal in-house or on the go, this café is the ideal spot to fuel up before heading to Eagle Beach.

Azia Restaurant & Lounge – An Exquisite Vegan Experience in Palm Beach

Located in the heart of bustling Palm Beach, Azia Restaurant & Lounge is a must-visit when it comes to vegan dining in Aruba. This restaurant specializes in pan-Asian cuisine and offers a wide array of options that will delight your taste buds. From sushi and bao buns to spring rolls and stir-fries, Azia has something for everyone. Enjoy your plant-based meal while sipping on vacation-worthy cocktails and take in the stunning surroundings before embarking on your night out.

Ike’s Bistro – Middle Eastern Delights in Oranjestad

Nestled inside the Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa, Ike’s Bistro is a vegan-friendly gem open to the public. Offering a fine dining experience with a Middle Eastern twist, this bistro is a true delight for vegan food enthusiasts. The menu features a range of well-labeled vegan options, including chickpea tartare, jackfruit salad, truffle risotto with tofu, grilled vegan fish, and chocolate mousse cake, just to name a few. Ike’s Bistro guarantees a memorable dining experience for vegans and non-vegans alike.

Yemanja Woodfired Grill – A Must-Try Dining Experience in Oranjestad

When it comes to dining in Aruba, a visit to Yemanja Woodfired Grill is a must. The unique treehouse atmosphere combined with exceptional food makes this restaurant a favorite among locals and tourists alike. While all vegetarian menu options can be ordered vegan, the restaurant also offers a selection of dishes that are vegan as-is. Indulge in the Thai Pumpkin Soup, savor the Herb Crusted Cauliflower Steak, or enjoy the Vegan BBQ Platter. These are just a few of the incredible plant-based options available at Yemanja Woodfired Grill.

Cuba’s Cookin’ – Irresistible Vegan Eats in Downtown Oranjestad

Located in the Aruba Renaissance Marketplace in downtown Oranjestad, Cuba’s Cookin’ is a culinary gem that offers some of the tastiest vegan options on the island. Their menu features a clearly labeled vegan section filled with tempting delights. Indulge in Plantain Pizza Medallions, Tofu Ropa Vieja, Vegetales a la Parrilla, or Mean Woman Pasta. It’s worth noting that happy hour at Cuba’s Cookin’ is the perfect time to enjoy a minty fresh mojito while savoring their mouthwatering vegan creations.

These are just a few of the incredible vegan restaurants in Aruba. Whether you’re craving authentic Mexican tacos at Lola Taqueria, a romantic dinner at Elements Restaurant, or a delightful vegan-friendly pizza experience at Pizza Bob’s Restaurant & Pub, Aruba has something to satisfy every plant-based craving. Don’t forget to treat yourself to a vegan-friendly gelato at Gelatissimo or stop by Eduardo’s Beach Shack for refreshing smoothies and vegan dishes. And if you love loaded bagel sandwiches, look no further than Dushi Bagels & Burgers in Noord.

Next time you find yourself in Aruba, explore the vibrant vegan scene and indulge in the incredible plant-based offerings. Remember, Aruba is one happy island, and its vegetarian and vegan-friendly restaurants are perfect examples of that. Plan your culinary adventure and experience the beauty of Aruba both in its natural scenery and its delightful food options.

For more information and to start planning your vegan getaway in Aruba, visit Ambassadeur Hotel. Start packing your bags and get ready to experience the best of Aruba’s vibrant vegan scene!