Buying Used Cars in France: Your Ultimate Guide

Used Cars France

Many foreigners are considering purchasing a car in France. French automobiles are not only affordable but also of decent quality. Moreover, France boasts a thriving used car market, with hundreds of thousands of cars sold annually. However, the question remains: where should you look and which are the best websites to find the perfect used vehicle?

Where to Look: The Best French Websites for Used Cars

When it comes to buying a used car in France, several websites stand out. Here are some of the largest platforms to consider:

Leboncoin, also known as Le Bon Coin, is the go-to website for buying and selling used vehicles in France. As one of the top 10 most visited sites in the country, Leboncoin offers numerous car deals. While it is not solely dedicated to vehicles, it serves as a French Craigslist where you can find just about anything. Currently, there are over 598,260 vehicles listed on Leboncoin, making it the most renowned platform for purchasing items from private sellers, including cars.

  • is one of the largest and most reputable websites specializing in the sale of used vehicles in France. This platform provides an anti-fraud shield to guarantee the protection of your personal data. With over 242,000 used cars available, is the biggest site in France exclusively dedicated to vehicles. The platform offers various filters, allowing you to search by brand, model, price, type, and region.

  • L’

While primarily a car magazine, L’ also features car advertisements. Currently, L’argus has over 342,800 cars to choose from. While the filtering options are relatively basic, you can select the brand and model of the car.


Autoscout24 is the largest car marketplace in Europe, with versions available in most major European countries. Unlike other platforms, Autoscout24 allows you to filter cars by production year, providing valuable information. At present, there are over 76,622 cars available on


Autovisual is a unique platform that offers a used car comparison and evaluation service. It is the only multi-language site on our list, allowing you to browse cars from various markets, including German and Spanish. You can also use Autovisual to evaluate specific cars.


CapCar introduces a fresh concept to the car marketplace scene. As a trusted intermediary, CapCar helps individuals buy or sell used vehicles at the best prices. Their team of professionals assists sellers with advertising, evaluation, and promotion across other car marketplaces in France. On the buyer’s side, CapCar reserves the used car of your choice, offers financing options, and even provides a 6-month warranty.

  • exclusively offers used cars from trusted dealerships. If you prioritize security in your car purchase, buying from a dealership is your best bet. Since 2007, has helped over 25,000 buyers find the perfect vehicle. The platform brings together hundreds of dealerships that offer serviced and professionally checked used vehicles. Currently, there are over 11,000 used cars available on the website.

Selling Your Car: Platforms to Consider in France

If you’re looking to sell your car with the help of professionals, is the ideal platform in France. They offer to buy your car at an agreed price, making the entire process nearly stress-free. With, you can make an appointment with a technician who will evaluate your car and, if you agree to the price, buy it back from you. Payment is processed within a few days, and the platform takes care of administrative documents such as change of ownership.

Car Prices in France: What to Expect

In France, the average cost of a used car is around €17,180, while a new vehicle typically goes for €27,754. To buy a new car, it is advisable to budget at least €25,000, while a used vehicle can be purchased for approximately €15,000. New car prices in France range from €10,000 to €30,000 for an average model.


When it comes to purchasing a used car in France, there are several reputable websites available. Whether you choose for its extensive selection or for its dedicated platform, there are ample options to suit your needs. Remember to consider all the necessary factors, such as price, model, and location, before making your decision. Happy car hunting!

Disclaimer: This article was created for informative purposes and does not constitute financial or legal advice. Always do thorough research and consult appropriate professionals before making any financial decisions.