How to Hide Your Treadmill in Style

By Simon Gould

Treadmill In Living Room

While treadmills are essential for our health, they might not be the most aesthetically pleasing pieces of equipment. Having one in your living room can be a challenge, as it tends to dominate the space. However, there are creative ways to hide your treadmill and make your room look stylish. Here are some ideas that will help you camouflage your treadmill without compromising on your room’s design.

1. Room Divider

A beautiful and functional room divider can easily make your treadmill disappear. Consider using a folding screen with attractive accents like leaves or a captivating design, such as Vincent van Gogh’s Almond Blossoms. Room dividers come in various sizes and materials, including wooden and bamboo options. You can even opt for a built-in room divider with sliding doors, creating a whole new space within your living room.

2. Drapes and Curtains

Another option to hide your treadmill is using drapes and curtains. These soft fabrics offer a cozy feel and can complement your room’s décor. You can choose from a wide range of designs and styles, either matching your existing decor or creating an eye-catching contrast. Mount a curtain rod and hang floor-to-ceiling drapes to strategically conceal your treadmill. Get inspired and find the perfect room divider drapes and curtains here.

3. A Throw

Don’t overlook the power of a throw when it comes to hiding your treadmill. Just like you would throw a blanket over furniture, you can do the same with your treadmill. This approach works especially well if you have other furniture, such as tables and shelves, in the room. Choose a throw that suits your room’s style, whether it’s subtle or features a geometric design. Make sure to measure your treadmill to find enough fabric to cover it completely. This can be an affordable and effective way to conceal your treadmill.

4. Under Furniture

If your room is spacious enough, consider placing your treadmill behind furniture. You can hide it behind a bookshelf or use the corner of the room to conceal your equipment. Some treadmills are designed to fold and can fit behind a wardrobe, bed, or couch. This option is perfect for special occasions when you want your treadmill completely out of sight. You can keep your living space versatile while still having the convenience of a hidden treadmill.

5. DIY Solution

If you want your treadmill hiding solution to be a focal point in your room, consider making it yourself. Whether it’s creating a handmade throw or designing a folding screen, adding a personal touch can be impressive. If you have carpentry skills, you could even build custom furniture that serves multiple purposes, including housing and hiding your treadmill. This option allows you to tailor the design to your specific needs and preferences.

6. Half Wall

Creating a half wall in your living room can effectively conceal your treadmill. This option blends seamlessly with your existing decor, making it look like a natural part of the room. You can choose the height of the wall based on your treadmill’s size and your desired level of coverage. While this solution requires careful planning, it can be a permanent and stylish way to hide your treadmill.

7. Customized Cover

For those looking to protect their treadmill from spills and dust, customized covers are available. These covers are typically made of black plastic and are designed for use in garages and porches. While they may not be the most visually appealing option for a living room, they provide practical protection for your treadmill. Consider using these covers if you already have a hidden treadmill in a room prone to dust accumulation.

8. Elegant Treadmills

Instead of hiding your treadmill, why not invest in one that’s so elegant you want to show it off? Some treadmills are designed as works of art, incorporating expensive materials and sleek lines. Brands like Sprintbok and Technogym offer attractive treadmills that can be a striking feature in your living room. While these options come with a higher price tag, they add a touch of luxury to your space.

In conclusion, concealing your treadmill in your living room is possible without compromising on style. Whether you choose to decorate around it or completely disguise it, there are creative solutions available. Consider using a room divider, drapes, a throw, or even hiding your treadmill behind furniture. With a little imagination, you can transform your living room into a functional and visually appealing space. And if you’re thinking of buying a treadmill, click here to check out our favorite recommendation from Ambassadeur Hotel.