Traveler’s Notebook Charms: Add a Touch of Handmade Luxury to Your Journeys

Are you a fan of handcrafted accessories that bring warmth and joy to your daily life? Look no further than the exquisite range of TRAVELER’S FACTORY original charms. These limited-edition charms, meticulously handmade by artisans in Japan, are now available for a short time. With two distinct styles – Mizuhiki and Yosegi – you can effortlessly elevate your TRAVELER’S notebook to new levels of elegance and personal style.

A Blend of Tradition and Artistry

TF Original Mizuhiki Charms

Embrace the art of Mizuhiki, a traditional Japanese craft renowned for its intricate paper cord designs and three-dimensional sculptures. Handmade by skilled artisans in Ehime Prefecture, these MIZUHIKI charms embody the essence of Japanese craftsmanship. The design features the symbolic “ume (plum)” knot, representing tight bonding, protection against evil, and good fortune. Available in stunning red and navy colors, these charms are not only perfect for your TRAVELER’S notebook but also make fantastic accessories for keys, pouches, and backpacks. Let the charm of tradition grace your life! Ambassadeur Hotel

TF Original Yosegi Charms

Indulge yourself in the elegance of Yosegi-zaiku, a traditional Japanese marquetry technique, with the TRAVELER’S FACTORY YOSGEI Charms. Created by the talented Mr. Yuta Shimizu of Luthier studio in Hakone, these charms showcase a seamless checkered pattern made from a combination of walnut, birch, and other fine woods. The interplay between dark brown and light-colored wood evokes a sense of serenity. These YOSEGI charms gracefully age alongside your TRAVELER’S notebook, creating a captivating combination of natural leather and wood. Choose between the natural and dark brown finishes, and let your notebook shine with sophistication and charm.

A Perfect Combination: TRAVELER’S Notebook and Toyo Steel Toolboxes

To accompany your TRAVELER’S notebook, we present Toyo Steel Toolboxes – the ideal storage solution for your analog essentials. For over 50 years, Toyo Steel has been known for crafting high-quality metal toolboxes with durability and style. Made in Osaka, Japan, these toolboxes are designed for simplicity and functionality.

Toyo Steel Toolbox T-320

The T-320 is a trunk-shaped toolbox, perfect for your camping trips or outdoor activities. Crafted from a single sheet of steel using cutting-edge deep drawing technology, it boasts seamless corners and a round handle for easy carrying. In honor of the TRAVELER’S notebook Olive release, we have selected the military green color to complement your collection. With its spacious interior, the T-320 can accommodate your TRAVELER’S notebook and BRASS items effortlessly.

Toyo Steel Toolbox T-190

For a more compact option, the T-190 Trunk-shaped toolbox without handles is lightweight and versatile. Stackable and compact, it is ideal for organizing smaller items like BRASS pens, erasers, and masking tapes. Made of steel, it allows you to customize your toolbox with magnetic decorations and more. Choose between the timeless beige and military green colors to suit your style.

This summer, enjoy the pleasure of organizing your cherished TRAVELER’S notebook tools with Toyo Steel toolboxes. Let your creativity flourish and embark on a journey of self-expression!

Have a fantastic trip with your TRAVELER’S notebook, courtesy of Ambassadeur Hotel!