Traveling Warehouse Jobs: A Lucrative Opportunity for Skilled Workers

Businesses throughout the United States are facing an ongoing challenge of filling open warehouse positions. As a result, the demand for traveling warehouse workers is on the rise. These companies are willing to pay a premium to bring in talented Order Selectors, Reach Truck Operators, and Cherry Pickers from all around the country to keep their warehouses fully staffed and their products moving. If you have ample experience in warehousing and are at the top of your game, becoming a traveling warehouse worker could be your next career move.

What Does a Traveling Order Selector Do?

Order Selectors play a crucial role in warehouse operations by quickly and accurately selecting customer orders. Traveling Order Selectors perform the same tasks, but they must possess the right experience. When companies hire a travel warehouse team, they expect highly skilled individuals who are well-versed in the picking system used at the warehouse, such as Vocollect, voice selection, or RF scanners. These companies are willing to pay a premium for top talent and expect personnel who understand all aspects of order selection, movement of products, and can adapt swiftly to the warehouse environment.

What Does a Traveling Reach Truck Operator Do?

Reach truck operators utilize specialized equipment to load, move, and unload heavy materials within warehouses or large retail spaces. Reach trucks are more compact than forklifts, making them ideal for maneuvering in narrow warehouses and certain aisle configurations. When companies hire traveling reach truck operators, they expect individuals with extensive experience operating this type of equipment and navigating their way through a warehouse.

Warehouse Staffing Agencies

Some companies specializing in warehousing and logistics offer traveling warehouse teams to support clients nationwide. Agencies like Capstone Logistics, Humano, and FHI provide highly skilled professionals to meet the staffing needs across various industries, including manufacturing and energy. If you are interested in exploring opportunities in these fields, consider reaching out to agencies like MADICORP and PMG Services that cater to a wide range of industries.

Capstone Logistics

Capstone Logistics is a leading North American supply chain solutions provider with a vast network of operating locations, associates, and carriers. With expertise in freight management, warehouse support, last-mile delivery, and supply chain analytics, Capstone Logistics offers an excellent opportunity for traveling selectors. As a Capstone Travel Associate, you can explore the United States year-round, with time off between projects. While working, you will gain valuable experience in all aspects of order selection, container stacking, and product movement within a warehouse-distribution facility.



Humano is renowned for being a third-party warehouse provider that employs the happiest and most skilled individuals in the industry. Their dedicated team carries out various warehouse functions, including loading, unloading, order selecting, and general warehouse work. As a Traveling Warehouse Worker for Humano, you will have the opportunity to travel across the country with airfare, hotels, and food expenses covered. Joining their team can earn you between $800 and $1700 per week, with overtime and $210 per week per diem. You may even earn up to $2000 per week. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what employees have to say about working for Humano:

“Humano changed my life for the better. It’s only up from here.”


FHI Group

FHI Group offers experienced warehouse professionals the chance to join their nationwide database of talents. If you are an Order Selector looking for traveling positions across the continental US, FHI Group might be the right fit for you. They offer competitive hourly wages and the opportunity to work with an elite team of warehouse professionals. With FHI Group, you can gain recognition as the best value in warehouse services.


RSS – Regional Supplemental Services

For over 30 years, RSS has been providing nationwide staffing services specializing in Warehouse Workers and CDL Drivers. They support clients in the foodservice, grocery, and beverage distribution industries. RSS is known for offering daily cash per diem, ensuring accurate payment for hours worked, and providing a great working environment. But don’t take our word for it, here’s what employees have to say:

“They legit. Cash per diem every day and they make you sign off on your hours at the end of the week so they git it right.”

“You gonna love that sh*t. Money always on point, great team, room, etc. Not a bad company at all. Been with them since May.”

“I’ve been out with RSS for almost a year now, and I love it.”

“RSS the best. Always good money and dope people.”



Huffmaster specializes in rapid strike staffing for warehousing, industrial, healthcare, and other industries. If you are looking for opportunities in these fields, Huffmaster can help. Here’s what people have to say about their experience working with Huffmaster:

“Huffmaster’s a great company, but some of the recruiters can be difficult.”

“I did a contract with them in Washington state. They paid for my flight, hotel, and transportation to the work site.”

“Yes, indeed.”

“Huffmaster used to pay more for strikes than $20 per hour. They’re lowballing now!”

“Guards get little money. Workers make the most.”



Since 1992, MADI has been a leading provider of contingent labor nationwide, specializing in manufacturing, warehousing, energy, utilities, and more. If you are an Order Selector, Picker, or Forklift Operator, MADI can connect you with warehouse positions across a wide range of industries and reputable companies in need of staffing support.


PMG Services

PMG Services stands out by providing personal, hands-on assistance in finding the right warehouse jobs that fit your needs. They offer short-term assignments that require travel to job sites across the country, covering all travel and housing expenses. With excellent pay and the potential to earn as much in 6-8 months as you would in a year elsewhere, PMG Services gives you the flexibility to take time off between assignments.


Companies Hiring Traveling Order Selectors Directly

As the demand for experienced order selectors continues to rise, companies in the foodservice industry like C&S Wholesale Grocers, UNFI, and Performance Foodservice are hiring traveling order selectors directly. If you choose to work directly for a company, consider factors like the number of distribution centers, geographical coverage, pay, benefits, per diem, and lodging offered.

C&S Wholesale Grocers

C&S Wholesale Grocers, Inc. is the largest wholesale grocery supply company in the U.S. This company, which started as a supplier to independent grocery stores in 1918, now serves customers of all sizes with 30 distribution centers across the country. Check out the video below for insights into working as a Selector for C&S Wholesale Grocers.


UNFI – United Natural Foods, Inc.

UNFI is a leading natural and organic food company based in Providence, RI. It is the largest publicly traded wholesale distributor of health and specialty food in the United States and Canada. As part of UNFI’s Swat Warehouse Team, you will be assigned to various distribution centers to support ongoing warehouse operations. Strong understanding of selection, loading, forklift driving, and safety procedures is crucial for this role. Take a look at a day in the life of a warehouse associate at UNFI below.


Performance Foodservice

Performance Foodservice is one of the largest foodservice distributors in the nation, serving over 80,000 customer locations across America. As a Field Support Selector, Order Picker, or Warehouse Worker, you will hand-select and/or operate forklifts to move food and non-food products within the warehouse. This physically demanding position requires exposure to varying temperature zones and significant travel to Performance distribution centers within a specific region. Check out the video below to learn more about working as an Order Selector at Performance Food Group.


How to Find Traveling Warehouse Jobs

To find the right traveling warehouse job, it’s essential to network with industry professionals and seek recommendations for reputable travel staffing agencies. Join our Facebook group, Traveling Contract Jobs: Industrial, to connect with others in the industry and discover job opportunities. Additionally, sign up for our newsletter, The Road, to receive new warehouse job openings and industry updates directly to your inbox.

Remember, traveling warehouse jobs fill up quickly, so staying informed and connected will give you an advantage in securing these coveted positions.

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