Travel Nurse Rating Websites: A Comprehensive Review

Travel nurses face unique challenges when it comes to employment conditions and working with travel nursing companies. To make informed decisions, they rely on feedback from other travel nurses. Luckily, there are numerous websites dedicated to rating and reviewing travel nurse experiences. In this article, we will explore six travel nurse rating websites that every travel nurse should know about.

General Rating and Review Services for Travel Nurses

While there are many popular rating and review websites that cover various categories, travel nurses can still find useful information on general matters. If you are looking for reviews on restaurants, nightlife, local attractions, or other general topics, established services like Yelp, Google, TripAdvisor, Localeur, and Trover are excellent resources. These platforms offer a larger volume of reviews from both locals and travelers, including travel nurses.

It is important to note that when it comes to general categories, travelers do not face unique circumstances. Your taste buds don’t change just because you become a travel nurse (or do they?), so recommendations from locals and other travelers can be just as valuable.

Specific Rating and Review Services for Travel Nurses

However, when it comes to hospitals and travel nursing companies, travel nurses encounter distinctive circumstances. Just because a hospital provides excellent care for its permanent staff does not guarantee the same treatment for travel staff. A hospital might offer inadequate orientations for travel nurses or fail to prioritize them as valued team members. Conversely, travel nurses may be warmly welcomed and treated like family by stressed-out permanent staff.

Similarly, travel nurses want to ensure that they consider reviews from a company’s external staff, rather than internal employees who might have biased opinions. Popular employer rating websites like GlassDoor and Indeed are not as useful in this context since they do not filter reviews based on the type of employee submitting them.

Fortunately, there are specific websites that cater to travel nurses’ needs. These platforms focus on hospitals and travel nursing companies, providing essential insights into their experiences. Let’s take a closer look at some of these websites:

Highway Hypodermics

Highway Hypodermics, founded by active travel nurse Kay Slane in 2003, is an invaluable resource for travel nurses. The website allows users to rate travel nursing companies and hospitals through comprehensive questionnaires tailored to travel nurses’ interests. Reviewers can remain anonymous, ensuring privacy.

The website presents an average overall score for each organization, along with scores for individual questions. This feature allows users to choose based on factors that matter most to them. Additionally, Highway Hypodermics has an effective safeguard against negative reviews without substance, ensuring a constructive environment.

Travel Nursing Central

Travel Nursing Central (TNC) was created by a travel nurse in the early 2000s and later acquired by Medical Solutions, a prominent travel nursing agency. TNC provides a platform for travel nurses to rate companies and hospitals. The website displays average scores, along with written reviews submitted by users.

Although TNC is owned by a travel nursing agency, it strictly adheres to privacy policies and anonymity when sharing reviews. With over 5,000 reviews for travel nursing companies and 2,600 reviews for hospitals, TNC is a valuable resource for travel nurses seeking reliable information.

Travel Nursing Blogs, also owned by Medical Solutions, stands as the largest blog dedicated to travel nursing. The website includes a ratings option and a review option solely for travel nursing companies. Users can rate companies through a simple system of thumbs up and thumbs down icons. The review option allows users to provide more detailed feedback, including star ratings and written reviews.

While the rating system is straightforward, visitors should be aware that agency representatives and multiple ratings from the same user can influence the results. However, Travel Nursing Blogs diligently reviews suspicious behavior to maintain the platform’s integrity.

Travel Nurse Source primarily serves as a lead generation service for travel nursing agencies. Despite this, the website offers valuable rating and review features for agencies, recruiters, and hospitals. Users can filter search results based on specific attributes and view overviews and profiles of various organizations.

When submitting reviews, Travel Nurse Source guarantees 100% privacy for users’ personal information. This ensures that contact details will not be shared with agencies or any other third parties. The website’s Hospital Directory is particularly useful, allowing users to search for hospitals by state or zip code and read detailed profiles and reviews.

Travel Nursing Exchange stands as a smaller platform, launched in 2014 by travel nurse Stasha Crawford. Alongside, these websites provide job postings, blogs, pay calculators, and hospital reviews. While they may have limited traffic and reviews, they can still offer valuable information on specific companies or hospitals.

The Gypsy Nurse

Originally a blog created by Candy Treft in 2012, transitioned into a comprehensive website with ratings and reviews. The platform allows users to rate agencies, recruiters, cities, facilities, housing options, RV parks, and more. Users can provide star ratings and written reviews, and even upload images to enhance their feedback.

Although The Gypsy Nurse’s website is still under development, its rating and review features show promise. While there may not be existing reviews due to its newness, leaving a review can contribute to the growth of this resourceful platform.


While the travel nursing market is small, there are numerous websites dedicated to rating and reviewing travel nurse experiences. Websites like Highway Hypodermics, Travel Nursing Central, Travel Nursing Blogs, Travel Nurse Source, Travel Nursing Exchange, and The Gypsy Nurse offer valuable insights for travel nurses seeking information on hospitals, companies, and other relevant topics.

These websites empower travel nurses to make informed decisions and provide feedback to benefit the travel nursing community. Whether you are looking for comprehensive questionnaires, written reviews, or user-friendly interfaces, these platforms cater to a range of preferences.

Remember, your experiences and opinions matter. Sharing your insights on these platforms can help guide others in the travel nursing community. Keep exploring and always prioritize your unique circumstances as a travel nurse.

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