TaylorMade TP Reserve Putters: A Refreshing Revelation

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Today, TaylorMade unveiled their latest masterpiece, the TP Reserve milled putter line. This surprise announcement has caught golf enthusiasts off guard for several reasons. Typically, new club releases happen around the PGA Show in January, making a midsummer launch highly unexpected.

What makes the TP Reserve putter line even more intriguing is its departure from TaylorMade’s recent releases. The last milled putter line from TaylorMade, the TP by Kia Ma putter line, was introduced over a decade ago in 2010. In the rapidly evolving world of golf gear, that’s an eternity.

A Pause in Milled Putter Production

The 13-year gap since TaylorMade’s last milled putter line raises questions. Why did TaylorMade halt the production of milled putters? And what prompted their return to the milled putter market?

If I were to venture a guess, it seems that the absence of milled putters from TaylorMade’s lineup had more to do with the overwhelming popularity of their Spider putter series. The Spider line became a sensation, dominating the TaylorMade putter playbook both on the PGA TOUR and in golf shops worldwide.

The sales of the milled TP by Kia Ma putters couldn’t compare to the staggering success of the Spider. Tour players like Jason Day and Dustin Johnson wielded the Spider Tour models with devastating results. Understandably, TaylorMade focused on giving the people what they wanted.

Reentering the Milled Putter Game

So, what sets the new TP Reserve line apart and entices TaylorMade to reenter the milled putter market?

Bill Price, Senior Director Product Creation for Putter & Wedge at TaylorMade, explains, “The story of TP Reserve is about style, craftsmanship, and character…” TaylorMade wanted to offer classic putter shapes that would resonate with golfers who appreciate the timeless elegance of milled putters.

TaylorMade knows that competing with the legendary Scotty Cameron in the milled putter market is no easy feat. Yet, they believe that the TP Reserve putters possess something unique that can captivate milled putter enthusiasts.

Precision Milling at Its Finest

Visually, the TaylorMade TP Reserve putters are a sight to behold. Meticulous attention to detail and refined craftsmanship are evident in every aspect of the putter. The clean lines, precise edges, and flowing radii showcase the level of dedication TaylorMade poured into the milling process.

Even the grip and putter sole feature brand-new fonts, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. TaylorMade’s minimalist approach to decoration allows the exceptional milling work to take center stage.

The Art of Sound

Adding grooves to the milled face of putters has become commonplace. However, TaylorMade’s grooves serve a dual purpose. Not only do they soften the impact, but they also create a distinct sound signature unique to the TP Reserve line. TaylorMade aimed to produce a soft yet crisp sound that embodies the essence of these exquisite putters.

The TP Reserve Putter Models

The TP Reserve line comprises both blades and mallets, each with its distinct characteristics. Let’s take a closer look at the different models:


B11 & B13

The B11 and B13 models boast clean geometric shaping, precise edges, and sharp lines that inspire confidence. The B1 blade, taking inspiration from the TP Juno cast putter, features a shorter slant neck (neck #3) with a toe hang in the 5:00 range. In contrast, the B13 blade showcases a plumber’s neck (neck #1), offering a classic aesthetic and a touch more toe hang.


With flowing lines and exceptional feel, the B29 is a true work of art. It draws inspiration from the TP Soto putter and features a flow-neck hosel, ensuring a smooth and consistent stroke.


The B31 blallet (blade-mallet hybrid) reimagines the classic TaylorMade shape. Its balanced wings and perfected radius enhance stability and forgiveness, making it an appealing option for golfers seeking the best of both worlds.


M21 & M27

The M21 and M27 mallets exude elegance with their soft edges and blend of machine marks and sharp lines. The M2 mallet series takes inspiration from the TP Bandon, providing exceptional performance and aesthetics. The M21 offers a plumber’s neck (neck #1) for a slight toe hang, while the M27 features a spud-neck hosel for reduced toe hang.

M33 & M37

For those who favor a rounded mallet with exceptional balance, the M33 and M37 excel. Both models exhibit the precision of TaylorMade’s milling expertise, with their machined edges, radii, and meticulous attention to detail. The M33 offers a plumber’s neck (neck #1) with moderate toe hang, while the M37 comes with a spud neck and more pronounced toe hang.


The M47 merges the best elements of blades and mallets, crafting a flawless performance steel masterpiece. With its wider topline and precise weighting, the M47 delivers consistent performance and a classic aesthetic.

Final Thoughts on the TaylorMade TP Reserve Milled Putter Line

The TaylorMade TP Reserve putters are a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence. With their stunning design and exceptional milling precision, they are poised to make a strong impact on the milled putter market.

While challenging Scotty Cameron’s reign may seem like a daunting task, TaylorMade’s long-term vision for the TP Reserve line demonstrates their determination to establish themselves as formidable contenders. The TP Reserve putters offer golfers an opportunity to experience the beauty and performance of milled putters at a compelling price point.

So, the question remains: Does TaylorMade have what it takes to hold its ground in the milled putter ring? Only time will tell.

To explore the TaylorMade TP Reserve Putter Line further, visit TaylorMadeGolf.com.