A Fresh Take on Swingers Resort Florida: A Safe Haven for Adult Fun and Connections

Are you an adventurous and open-minded individual seeking a safe space to connect with like-minded friends? Look no further! Welcome to Ambassadeur Hotel, the perfect swingers resort in the beautiful state of Florida. We pride ourselves on providing a positive and secure environment for adults to socialize and explore their desires.

Embracing Authenticity and Trust

At Ambassadeur Hotel, we value authenticity and take great measures to ensure that our community consists of real, verified users. When you join our network, you’ll be required to undergo an in-person ID validation process to confirm your age and identity. We believe in creating a trustworthy atmosphere, where catfishing is strictly prohibited.

Building Connections, One Friend at a Time

Friendship is at the core of our community. We encourage our users to connect with people they already know and have met in person. In the case of couples, both individuals must undergo ID validation together. This policy guarantees a comfortable and secure environment for everyone involved.

Your Safety Is Our Priority

We are committed to maintaining a safe space for all our users. If you come across any suspicious activity or fake profiles on our website, we urge you to report them immediately. Your vigilance helps us in ensuring the well-being of our entire community.

A Positive and Unique Experience

At Ambassadeur Hotel, we believe in fostering a positive and respectful environment. Our focus is on creating an event network rather than a social network. We provide a platform for like-minded individuals to discuss and plan meetups during events, parties, and theme nights.

Ambassadeur Hotel is a getaway from the negativity often found on mainstream social media platforms. We encourage our users to keep their posts and conversations uplifting and enjoyable for all. Negative comments, politics, and news have no place here. We reserve the right to terminate any account that disrupts the harmony of our community. Please refrain from advertising unless it has been approved for contribution to our network.

Premium Benefits for Enhanced Experiences

As a premium user, you gain access to exclusive benefits that enrich your Ambassadeur Hotel experience. You can share topless photos in your “Friends Only Posts” section, providing a unique level of openness not available on other platforms. However, it’s important to note that explicit nudity and sexual content are not permitted. There are plenty of other websites devoted to that niche.

Premium users also have the advantage of RSVPing for events and posting on the general wall for all users to see. Further premium features include the ability to block profiles, ensuring your privacy, and restrict access to your profile, posts, and RSVPs.

In addition, premium users can create a list of their 20 favorite rooms and leave positive reviews exclusively for their friends to see. This feature enables you to share your personal recommendations and quickly check the availability of your favorite rooms. Additionally, premium members receive 24-hour advance booking privileges for select events, securing their preferred accommodations before others.

Stay Connected and Informed

Finding your friends at events can sometimes be challenging. At Ambassadeur Hotel, we’ve made it easier for you to locate your friends in the crowd. Our platform allows you to see which of your friends have checked-in and send them a message with your current location.

Premium members can also initiate conversations with standard members, facilitating connections and interactions. Standard members, even though they don’t have full messaging capabilities, can reply to up to five premium member messages within a 24-hour period.

Exclusive Perks to Enhance Your Experience

As a token of appreciation, premium members receive a monthly drink coupon during check-in. This coupon can be redeemed for two house drinks or one top-shelf drink, up to a maximum value of $9. Remember, the coupons are valid for 30 days, so make sure to enjoy your complimentary drinks within that time frame.

Furthermore, our partnership with Fairvilla, a reputable adult boutique, brings you an exclusive benefit. Premium members receive a 10% discount at all five Fairvilla locations in Florida, allowing you to explore and enhance your intimate experiences.

Flexibility and Ease

We understand that your preferences and circumstances may change over time. Therefore, we offer a no-pressure environment where you can pause or switch from a premium plan to a standard membership whenever you desire. You have the freedom to revert back to being a standard user at any time, without financial stress. Rest assured, your private “Friends Only Posts” and premium friendships will still be retained, waiting for you whenever you decide to upgrade again.

Join us at Ambassadeur Hotel, the ultimate destination for a vibrant community, exciting events, and unforgettable connections. Discover a world of pleasure, friendship, and exploration. Visit our website Ambassadeur Hotel and embark on an extraordinary journey today!

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