Celebrating Secretariat: The 2023 Woodford Reserve Derby Bottle

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Artist Jaime Corum unveiled her painting of Triple Crown winner Secretariat

With the Kentucky Derby just over 60 days away, the excitement is building to get your hands on the 2023 Woodford Reserve Derby bottle. This year’s bottle features none other than Secretariat, the legendary Triple Crown winner, with stunning artwork by the talented Kentucky native, Jaime Corum.

A Commemorative Bottle Celebrating Sports History

In addition to showcasing Corum’s artwork, the 2023 Woodford Reserve Derby bottle celebrates the 50th anniversary of Secretariat’s iconic 1973 Kentucky Derby win. Secretariat’s remarkable Triple Crown run still stands as one of the most iconic achievements in sports history. Woodford Reserve Master Distiller Elizabeth McCall describes this bottle as their most collectible yet, paying homage to the most revered and loved racehorse in history.

Jaime Corum’s Captivating Artwork

During the unveiling ceremony at Churchill Downs Racetrack, Corum presented her painting titled “Still The Greatest,” which captures the awe-inspiring moment of Secretariat’s victory. Corum, renowned for her stunning horse portraits, expressed her hope that this painting will forever remind us of Secretariat’s dreamlike perfection during the 1973 Kentucky Derby.

Artist Jaime Corum unveiled her painting of Triple Crown winner Secretariat

Corum’s painting depicts Secretariat in the Winner’s Circle at Churchill Downs, adorned with the iconic Garland of Roses. Within the artwork, Corum has included a few delightful surprises. As she counted the roses in her painting, she discovered that there are 73, inadvertently reflecting the year Secretariat triumphed. A tribute to Penny Chenery, the owner of Secretariat, can be found in the form of a painted copper penny hidden amongst the roses.

A True Masterpiece to Commemorate a Legend

Corum, who also created the artwork for the 2022 Woodford Reserve Derby bottle, holds a Masters of Fine Arts from The University of Kentucky. Her deep understanding of equine shape and movement, coupled with her ability to capture the horse’s character, is evident in her equine artwork. The opportunity to create the artwork for the 50th anniversary of Secretariat’s historic race was an immense honor for Corum.

“He truly was the G.O.A.T. and he still is,” said the artist. “His brilliance transcended racing in 1973 and continues to captivate us today, even after 50 years.”

Jaime Corum, her fiance Jeff Phelps, and Woodford Reserve Brand Director Tracey Johnson raise their glasses to toast the unveiling of Corum's artwork

The Highly Anticipated Woodford Reserve Bottle

The 2023 Woodford Reserve Derby bottle, featuring Secretariat’s iconic image, can be yours for $55. It is available for purchase globally, and there is a special presale on ReserveBar starting today. Since 1999, Woodford Reserve’s Derby bottle has been a cherished collector’s item, eagerly awaited by bourbon and racing enthusiasts alike.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity to own a piece of Kentucky Derby history. Grab your 2023 Woodford Reserve Derby bottle and raise a glass to celebrate the enduring greatness of Secretariat.

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