Second Chance Apartments in Jacksonville, FL: Finding Help with Rent Assistance

Are you in need of financial assistance for rent, security deposits, or other urgent needs? Look no further. In Jacksonville, FL, there are programs and organizations that can provide temporary support during difficult times. From emergency assistance to housing counseling, you can find the help you need to secure a second chance apartment in this vibrant city.

Emergency Assistance Program: Help When You Need It Most

The Behavioral and Human Services Division, under the City of Jacksonville (COJ), administers the Emergency Assistance Program. If you find yourself facing eviction or struggling to pay your rent, this program may be able to offer limited temporary financial assistance. Keep in mind that the funds are distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it’s essential to act quickly. Families with evictions are given priority, ensuring that help reaches those who need it most. To learn more about their services, you can contact the Jacksonville office at (904) 858-2994.

Downtown Ecumenical Services Council: Support for Vulnerable Households

Another organization that provides rent help is the Downtown Ecumenical Services Council, Inc. They focus on assisting households with elderly members, children, or individuals with a documented disability or illness that prohibits work. By offering their services at 215 Ocean Street in Jacksonville, they are a valuable resource in the community. For more information, you can reach them at 358-7955.

Catholic Charities: A Helping Hand in Times of Crisis

Catholic Charities has two locations in Jacksonville and Duval County, ready to lend a helping hand. They can be found at 134 East Church Street, Suite 2 in Jacksonville (354-3416), and 225 West King Street in St. Augustine, Florida (829-6300). It is essential to schedule an appointment with Catholic Charities to apply for emergency rental help. From shelter assistance to financial aid and legal support, they offer a range of services to meet various needs.

Family Services: Direct Assistance for Jacksonville Families

If you are facing an emergency situation and need immediate support, Family Services can provide direct services and financial aid. They focus on assisting local Jacksonville families and individuals, including nonresident families referred to them. Whether you require rent help, housing assistance, or even cooling assistance, Family Services is committed to helping you navigate challenging times. For more information, call 824-6880.

Jacksonville Area Legal Aid: Advocating for Tenant Rights

For low-income individuals and families, affordable housing can be a crucial concern. Here, Jacksonville Area Legal Aid (JALA) steps in to offer free civil legal aid. They specialize in eviction prevention support, landlord/tenant mediation, and contesting security deposits. Additionally, JALA helps individuals access government benefits, such as section 8 housing. If you need their assistance, you can contact them at (904) 356-8371.

Arlington Community Services: Support for Low-Income Residents

Arlington Community Services provides limited funding for qualified low-income residents in the Jacksonville area. They offer resources, including zero-interest loans, to help pay rent and provide referrals to transitional or low-income housing. Please note that their assistance is subject to available resources. To learn more, call (904) 743-7402.

Jewish Family and Community Services: Aid for All

Jewish Family and Community Services provide emergency assistance to individuals of all religions. They offer support with paying rent, utilities, FEMA assistance, and even SHIP dollars for deposits. Additionally, they provide information and referrals to other housing programs across Duval County, Florida. You can find them at 6261 Dupont Station Court, East in Jacksonville, FL by calling 448-1933.

Northeast Florida Community Action Agency: Crisis Assistance and Self-Sufficiency

The Northeast Florida Community Action Agency offers numerous free services aimed at achieving self-sufficiency. These services include crisis assistance, rent/mortgage assistance, and support programs to help individuals overcome challenging situations. While some assistance may take the form of loans, the agency is dedicated to providing a helping hand. To reach out to them, dial #358-7474.

Senior Life Foundation, Inc.: Support for Seniors and Caregivers

The Senior Life Foundation, Inc. focuses on supporting seniors and caregivers living on limited or fixed incomes. While rental assistance is not common, they can provide financial help of up to $400 for bills and healthcare supplies. To qualify, you or your caregiver need to be a senior and meet their eligibility criteria. For more information, call (904) 268-9128.

Jacksonville Salvation Army: A Compassionate Solution

The Jacksonville Salvation Army is a valuable resource for information, referrals, and emergency rent and housing assistance. They provide essential services such as shelters and details on government grant programs. If you find yourself in need, reach out to them at 824-6880.

Finding Comprehensive Support and Resources

In Duval County, there is a wealth of resources available to prevent homelessness and assist families in finding and funding their first apartment. The Duval County referral line at 904-632-0600 is an excellent starting point to explore the range of available resources. They cater to the working poor, disabled individuals, seniors, and others in need of support.


If you are struggling to secure a second chance apartment in Jacksonville, FL, you are not alone. Numerous organizations and programs are dedicated to providing rent assistance and support during challenging times. Remember, finding help is just a phone call away. Take the first step in securing a stable home environment by reaching out to the resources mentioned above. With their assistance, you can find the support you need to start anew. For more information on accommodations, visit the Ambassadeur Hotel website.