Sea of Cortez Fishing: The Thrill of the Catch at Ambassadeur Hotel

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Are you a fishing enthusiast seeking an unforgettable adventure? Look no further than the Sea of Cortez, where the fish are always biting! At Ambassadeur Hotel, we offer an exclusive fishing experience in La Paz, Las Arenas, Muertos Bay, and Suenos Bay. Join us as we dive into the fishing report for the week of September 4-11, 2023, and discover the exciting opportunities that await you.

Short Attention Span Fishing Report

Weather: As we enter the hot and muggy season, the fishing conditions in the Sea of Cortez become ideal. With daytime temperatures reaching the high 90’s and a touch of humidity, the fish are thriving. However, be prepared for unexpected tropical storms. While they rarely reach hurricane strength, it’s always wise to purchase trip insurance.

Water: Despite the occasional turbulence caused by the storms, the water in the Sea of Cortez remains a vibrant blue and perfect for fishing. Although not crystal clear, it hasn’t affected the fishing experience significantly. Surface temperatures hover around the low 80’s, providing the perfect aquatic playground for a wide variety of fish species.

Species Caught This Week: Our guests had the pleasure of reeling in an impressive array of fish, including dorado, tuna, sailfish, amberjack, rainbow runners, cabrilla, barred pargo, snapper, and roosterfish.

Las Arenas: For those seeking a diverse fishing experience, Las Arenas is the place to be. Tuna, dorado, and even roosterfish fill the waters, offering an exciting challenge for anglers of all skill levels.

La Paz: The dorado bite in La Paz remains solid, providing thrilling encounters for fishing enthusiasts. Don’t miss out on the chance to reel in these remarkable creatures.

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The Big Picture and the Rest of the Story…

If you only skimmed the “Short Attention Span Fishing Report” or admired the impressive photos, you may have missed out on the full story of our fishing adventures this past week.

Everyone who embarked on a fishing excursion experienced success. While a few boats had off-days, every angler had their moment to shine. Those who desired to bring home their catch found success, while others released their fish back into the wild. Our Tailhunter Restaurant is always ready to cook up your fresh catch, ensuring a delightful end to a day on the water.

Among the various catches of the week, tuna took center stage. After a few seasons of lackluster tuna fishing, we are thrilled to report a significant improvement. Just south of Bahia Muertos, boats chasing tuna managed to reel in one to five fish per trip. The tuna boast an impressive weight range of 15 to 30 pounds, with reports of even larger specimens teasing anglers as they fought but ultimately eluded capture.

However, the tuna bite required a strategic approach. Anglers had to secure live bait and quickly navigate south along the shoreline to reach the prime fishing spots. The window of opportunity was limited, and those who arrived too late risked missing out entirely. Some anglers found themselves engaged in an intense battle with a tuna, only to discover that the school had moved on by the time they reached their boat. Nevertheless, we are delighted to have tuna gracing our waters once again, even if their stay is uncertain.

The dorado bite continues to be a standout feature of our fishing expeditions. For the past four months, the dorado fishing has been nothing short of outstanding. While some days may have been slower than others, it was not uncommon to fill the boat with limits in the morning and then enjoy catch-and-release fishing or pursue other exciting species throughout the day. Those seeking trophy-sized fish were not disappointed, with anglers landing remarkable dorado weighing up to 40 pounds.

In addition to dorado, a few billfish made appearances, bringing an extra level of excitement to our fishing trips. Anglers also encountered rockfish species such as pargo, cabrilla, and snapper, along with the occasional roosterfish for an added thrill.

However, there is an aspect of our fishing adventures that deserves attention – the tropical storms that can unexpectedly disrupt our plans. This time of year marks the start of hurricane season, and although we hope to avoid any major disturbances, these storms require us to adapt and find safe shelter until they pass. Thunder, lightning, and heavy downpours are not uncommon, so we remain vigilant and flexible to ensure our guests’ safety.

Nevertheless, the Sea of Cortez remains a prime fishing destination, and our team at Ambassadeur Hotel is dedicated to providing you with an unparalleled experience. Keep in mind that weather fluctuations may impact your travel plans, so we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to safeguard against any unforeseen circumstances.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Sea of Cortez, where fishing dreams come true. Book your stay with Ambassadeur Hotel today for an unforgettable adventure on the water!

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