Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon: The Boat of the Year Winner

We’re thrilled to unveil the Sea-Doo Switch pontoon, winner of the coveted Boating Magazine Boat of the Year award. This remarkable boat, now available at Cedar Creek Motorsports, is a dream come true for boating enthusiasts. With its award-winning features and state-of-the-art design, the Sea-Doo Switch pontoon is in a league of its own.

Unmatched Features of the Sea-Doo Switch

The Sea-Doo Switch boasts a range of exclusive features that set it apart from other pontoon boats:

  • On-Water Brake (iBR) Intelligent Brake: Enjoy seamless control and effortless maneuvering with this innovative braking system.
  • Docking with Reverse Gear (iBR): Experience stress-free docking thanks to the convenient reverse gear.
  • Modular Deck: Customize your boat’s layout in seconds by effortlessly moving the furniture.
  • Switch Boat Trailer Included: Get everything you need to hit the water, including a trailer for easy transport.
  • Rotax Jet Propulsion: This inboard propulsion system, coupled with the Intelligent Debris Free System (IDF), ensures unmatched performance and reliability.
  • Tri-Hull Design: The composite construction of the Sea-Doo Switch provides exceptional stability and handling.
  • Handlebar Controls: Enjoy enhanced steering and docking capabilities with the user-friendly handlebar controls.
  • Garmin® 7″ Touchscreen GPS: Stay on track and navigate with ease using the included touchscreen GPS (available on 18 & 21 ft. models).
  • VTS Variable Trim: Adjust the boat’s trim for optimum performance in any condition.
  • 5 Water Ski Modes (RAMPS): Make the most of your time on the water with specialized ski modes available on Switch Sport models.

Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon Pricing

The Sea-Doo Switch pontoon offers incredible value for families, with prices varying based on length and engine size. The most popular models in Wisconsin are the 18′-230 hp and 21′-230 hp Switch Sport models, ideal for wakeboarding and waterskiing.

Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon prices start from an MSRP of $23,199, going up to $43,499 for well-equipped models in 2023. For the most accurate pricing information, please visit our in-stock inventory. Take advantage of any special Sea-Doo promotions and explore the possibility of trading in your current pontoon or boat for an even better price.

Where to Find Sea-Doo Switch Accessories

At our Cedarburg, WI dealership, we offer a wide range of Switch accessories to enhance your boating experience. From double bimini tops to wakeboard holders, you’ll find everything you need in the 2023 Sea-Doo Switch Accessories Catalog. Additionally, we stock must-have boat safety items such as approved fire extinguishers, tow ropes, flares, and paddles.

Maximum Capacity and Boating Safety

The Sea-Doo Switch pontoon can comfortably accommodate different group sizes. The 13-foot models can hold up to 5 people, while the 16 and 18-foot models can seat 8 people. For larger parties, the 19 and 21-foot models have a maximum capacity of 10 people.

It’s no surprise that Boating Magazine named the Switch as a Top Boat to Buy Right Now. With its impressive features and versatility, it’s the ultimate choice for boating enthusiasts.

Discover the Sea-Doo Switch Pontoon at Cedar Creek Motorsports

If you have any questions or want to experience the Sea-Doo Switch pontoon firsthand, we invite you to visit Cedar Creek Motorsports today. Our friendly team will be delighted to assist you and help you find the perfect boat for your needs. We’re also proud to offer the full line of new and used 2023 Sea-Doo personal watercraft, and stay tuned for the upcoming release of the exciting Sea-Doo hydrofoil called RISE, available in 2024.

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