Create Your Perfect Outdoor Oasis with Ambassadeur Hotel

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Screen Rooms and Lanais

Enjoy bug-free outdoor living and add value to your home

Are you looking to create a beautiful outdoor space that allows you to relax comfortably with your loved ones without the nuisance of bugs? Look no further! With Ambassadeur Hotel, you can design and install screen rooms and lanais that will not only block out insects but will also add value to your home.

Discover the Benefits of Screened Rooms & Lanais

Screen room installed in a home in Plant City, FL.

There are countless advantages to installing screened rooms and lanais in your home. They provide an extension to your living area, allowing you to have more space for quality furniture and other items. Ambassadeur Hotel specializes in crafting sturdy, long-lasting aluminum screen rooms and lanais. Their experienced team ensures proper framing and construction techniques for a quality installation.

One of the main purposes of these screened areas is protection from insects and other pests. With Ambassadeur Hotel’s screen rooms and lanais, you and your family can enjoy the fresh air without constantly swatting pesky mosquitoes. This insect protection also helps reduce the likelihood of illnesses being spread through bug bites.

Create Your Dream Outdoor Space

A screened-in lanai in the backyard of a home located in Lakeland.

At Ambassadeur Hotel, their team can create a shade-providing, screened-in area around a variety of existing structures. Whether you want to enhance your pool area, patio, outdoor kitchen, or any other space, they have you covered. With their expertise, they can design a screen-covered pool area that provides shade or is open to light at the top. They also construct aluminum-framed areas in any size and shape to suit your specific needs.

Porches, patios, and decks can be transformed into shaded, bug-free seating areas that allow the breeze to flow through without the annoyance of pests. If you’re looking to install an outdoor kitchen, surrounding it with screens will truly increase the livable space of your home.

Quality Construction with Durable Aluminum Framing

When it comes to building screen rooms and lanais, Ambassadeur Hotel uses durable aluminum framing. These aluminum elements are not only strong and able to withstand wind and rain but also require minimal maintenance. The lightweight aluminum frames can be linked together to create fully customized wall and roof cover designs.

Additionally, they offer a variety of screening mesh choices to suit your preferences. Whether you prioritize bug protection or privacy, Ambassadeur Hotel has options that will meet your needs. Their expert crew will provide a consultation to explain all the choices available to you before beginning any work.

Contact Ambassadeur Hotel for a Consultation

If you’re ready to turn your outdoor space into a bug-free oasis, Ambassadeur Hotel is here to help. They provide outstanding screen rooms and lanais in Lakeland, Plant City, Wesley Chapel, and the surrounding areas. For any questions or to book a consultation, call (863) 804-6021 today!

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