Safety & Security Policy

1. Your Peace of Mind, Our Priority

At Ambassadeur Hotel, safety isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a commitment. Both online and offline, we ensure a secure environment for our guests.

2. Physical Security

The heart of Juan-les-Pins Cedex is serene, but we still go the extra mile.

2.1. Round-the-Clock Surveillance: Our premises? Continuously monitored.

2.2. Trained Personnel: Security isn’t just about cameras. Our staff undergo regular safety training.

2.3. Emergency Protocols: Fire drills? Check. Emergency exits? Clearly marked.

3. Digital Security Surfing or booking on Rest easy.

3.1. Secure Transactions: End-to-end encryption keeps your payment details safe.

3.2. Data Protection: Personal info? Guarded like a treasure. Read more in our Privacy Policy.

4. Guest Responsibilities Safety’s a team game. How can you play?

4.1. Secure Your Valuables: We provide safes. Use them.

4.2. Awareness: Stay alert. Notice something odd? Report immediately.

4.3. Follow Guidelines: We might have specific safety instructions. Kindly adhere.

5. Collaborations We’ve got allies in safety.

5.1. Local Authorities: Regular liaisons ensure we’re always in the loop about local scenarios.

5.2. Safety Experts: Periodic consultations help upgrade our safety measures.

6. Constant Upgrades Safety’s an evolving field. We evolve with it, constantly updating our protocols and technologies.

7. Queries or Suggestions? Our door’s always open (metaphorically). Feel free to discuss any safety concerns or suggestions.

  • Address: 50-52, Sand Path – P.O. Box 49, 06161 Juan-les-Pins Cedex, France
  • Phone: +33 (0)4 92 93 74 10
  • Email: [email protected]