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The Observatorium™ – A Revolutionary Escape Room Experience Onboard Royal Caribbean

The Observatorium™, the latest addition to the lineup of Royal Caribbean International’s onboard escape rooms, is an extraordinary adventure that awaits thrill-seekers. Set aboard the recently “amplified” Independence of the SeasSM and Mariner of the SeasSM, these ships have undergone a remarkable transformation with a whopping investment of over $100 million per vessel.

Unleash Your Inner Adventurer

Step into The Observatorium™, a cutting-edge, fully immersive escape room experience that takes you on a journey beyond the realm of time and space. Immerse yourself in an environment adorned with exquisite wood bookcases, alcove light boxes, and a breathtaking 8-foot-long telescope made of aluminum and steel, perched on a rotating platform. Inside this mesmerizing setting, you’ll team up with old and new friends, as you endeavor to uncover clues, solve challenging puzzles, and unravel the enigma before the clock runs out.

A Collaboration of Visionaries

The creative genius behind The Observatorium Saga is none other than Nick Weir, Senior Vice President of Entertainment at Royal Caribbean International. Collaborating with industry experts such as Puzzle Break, Designduo, Chicago Scenic Studios, David Warfel Lighting Design, and producer Alison Frazier, Weir has curated an extraordinary masterpiece of entertainment.

Puzzle Break, founded by Nate Martin and Lindsay Morse, is not only the first American escape room company but also the pioneer in bringing escape games to the high seas. They have designed mind-boggling puzzles, including ingenious clues that intertwine and lead back to the ultimate solution. Design Duo, composed of production designers Gerry Hariton and Vicki Baral, has meticulously brought Puzzle Break’s vision to life, blending scenic elements seamlessly with the puzzles. Meanwhile, Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc. has skillfully fabricated and installed the finished product, ensuring a flawless escape room experience.

A Symphony of Technology and Design

Every element of The Observatorium™ has been meticulously crafted to captivate your senses. Creative Technology, a leading tech company based in Chicago, has expertly integrated digital components into the puzzle, enhancing the immersive experience. Complemented by lighting design by David Warfel, captivating graphics by The Imagination House, and a custom soundtrack by David Roppolo, the result is a truly incredible and unforgettable adventure.

The Perfect Fusion of Design and Challenge

Seamless integration was a key focus in the design process of The Observatorium™. The aim was to create an environment where scenic elements blend harmoniously with the puzzles, while leaving behind subtle clues for players to decipher. To ensure a flawless experience, Chicago Scenic Studio engaged 120 avid puzzle enthusiasts to test each room’s challenging puzzles. These dedicated teams, consisting of at least four participants aged 13 and above, visited each room at least four times over a span of four days. Their valuable feedback allowed Puzzle Break to fine-tune the difficulty levels, ensuring that the puzzles are both solvable and engaging within the desired timeframe.

Doug Pokorny, Chicago Scenic Project Manager, expressed confidence in the solutions crafted for this project. The team’s dedication to lowering costs while preserving the integrity and longevity of the elements set a new standard for excellence. Open communication and strong collaboration were the driving forces behind their achievements. As Pokorny wisely puts it, “It’s all about staying connected and sculpting trust. Know your capabilities and use them to establish great working relationships.”

From Construction to Installation

While most of the project was handled in-house, Chicago Scenic Studio dispatched a team of product managers, scenic painters, carpenters, and crew members to install the escape room during the ship’s dry dock. Steve Hemphill, Mark Goeke, Benny Morin, and other talented individuals traveled to the Bahamas and Cadiz, Spain, to meticulously reassemble and install the fabricated pieces of the escape room. Despite the tight and confined spaces, Chicago Scenic Studio flawlessly coordinated schedules with Royal Caribbean crews, ensuring that each team completed their tasks punctually.

Experience The Observatorium™, an unparalleled escape room adventure that will transport you to a realm of mystery and excitement. Step aboard Royal Caribbean’s Independence of the SeasSM and Mariner of the SeasSM to embark on a journey like no other. Book your voyage of discovery with Ambassadeur Hotel today!

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