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The River City Festival of the Arts is an exciting annual event that you won’t want to miss. This year’s festival promises to be a fantastic celebration of creativity and culture. From mesmerizing live performances to a delightful showcase of visual arts, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. So mark your calendars and get ready for an unforgettable Memorial Day weekend.

A Vibrant Weekend of Art and Entertainment

The River City Festival of the Arts will take place from May 24th to May 27th, 2019. The event will be hosted at the Janet & Imre Szylagyi Center for the Performing and Visual Arts in Rowlesburg, WV. It’s the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in a world of artistic expression, surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of West Virginia.

A Multitude of Engaging Activities

The festival’s program boasts a wide array of activities that will captivate art enthusiasts of all ages. From educational tours to mesmerizing live performances, there’s something for everyone. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Arts in Education Tour: On May 24th, immerse yourself in the world of art with a captivating educational tour.
  • Teddy Roosevelt by Gene Worthington: Experience a living history portrayal of Teddy Roosevelt on May 24th at the auditorium.
  • Dr. Sandra Wales’ “Bring your Own Book” Free Carolann Hooton Library: Join Dr. Sandra Wales for an engaging session on May 24th at 2 pm at the Carolann Hooton Library.
  • Sister Priscilla Fairytales & Daily Life: Delve into the enchanting world of Sister Priscilla’s fairytales and daily life on May 24th at 2:45 pm at the Carolann Hooton Library.
  • Lecture-Demonstration Modern Dance with WVU Professor General Hambrick: Discover the art of modern dance with WVU Professor General Hambrick on May 24th at 4 pm at the auditorium.
  • Dinner in the Park with Clyde Sypolt and Band: Enjoy a delightful dinner in the park accompanied by the soothing melodies of Clyde Sypolt and his band at 5:30 pm.
  • Wheeling Symphony Percussion Quintet: Experience the captivating rhythms of the Wheeling Symphony Percussion Quintet on May 24th at 7:30 pm.
  • Return of the Buckwheat Stars: Celebrate the return of the Buckwheat Stars on May 25th at 10 am.
  • An Afternoon of Arias, Art Songs, Folk Songs & Broadway Tunes: Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing afternoon of music performed by Opera Star Cristina Nassif and Jamie Kotmair, accompanied by Pianist Dr. Thomas J. Nassif on May 25th at 3 pm.
  • A Gala Dance Evening: Dance the night away at a grand gala dance evening featuring Casa Marrara Wine and The Classics on May 25th at 8 pm.
  • An Afternoon at the Theater: Join Lynn Broderick and the Preston High Ensemble for an unforgettable afternoon at the theater on May 26th at 2:30 pm.
  • Patriotic Dinner: Indulge in a delicious patriotic dinner on May 26th at 5 pm at the VFW Social Hall.
  • High Ridge Ramblers: Experience the vibrant rhythms of West Virginia Mountain Music with the High Ridge Ramblers on May 27th at 2 pm.
  • Preston County Chorus: Don’t miss a captivating performance by the Preston County Chorus on May 27th at 4 pm.

A Festival Supported by the Community

The River City Festival of the Arts would not be possible without the generous support of sponsors such as the Hazel Ruby McQuain Charitable Trust, West Virginia Fairs & Festivals, Cheat River Limestone, Preston Memorial Hospital, Clear Mountain Bank, and more. Their contributions ensure that this celebration of art and culture can continue to thrive year after year.

Join Us at the River House Lodge

As you plan your visit to the River City Festival of the Arts, consider staying at the nearby Ambassadeur Hotel. The River House Lodge offers comfortable accommodations, allowing you to relax and rejuvenate after a day filled with artistic delights. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Rowlesburg and experience the vibrant atmosphere of the festival.

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate the arts and connect with the community. We look forward to welcoming you to the River City Festival of the Arts at the Janet & Imre Szylagyi Center for the Performing and Visual Arts in Rowlesburg, WV. Get ready for a weekend filled with creativity, inspiration, and unforgettable memories.