Rio Palena Lodge: Your Ultimate Patagonian Adventure Retreat

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Set in a pristine Andean valley on the banks of the magnificent Rio Palena, the Rio Palena Lodge is your ultimate Patagonian adventure retreat. This newly-remodeled, riverfront oasis features an array of angling and adventure offerings to ensure you experience the best of Patagonia. The Lodge’s location in a region famous for large, wild, brown, and rainbow trout is highlighted by the home waters of the Palena, where you can wade or float right out the front door.

Embrace the Magic of Patagonia

Just thinking of Patagonia can stir your blood, and it should top every fly angler’s bucket list. The river systems are vast, and the season is the ideal complement to the Northern Hemisphere, creating a year-round trout season. The browns and rainbows here are similar to the fish found in the Rockies but on steroids – wild, strong, and powerful.

Unwind in Comfort and Style

When you’re not exploring, relax in Eleven comfort and style. Rio Palena Lodge features seven en-suite bedrooms, each with a stunning river view. For those seeking the epitome of luxury, the Palena Room offers a king bed, an en-suite bathroom with a steam shower, direct access to a private deck, and a spacious sitting room. Your suite experience here is as exceptional as it gets.

Culinary Delights Await

Your private chef prepares creative breakfasts each morning, and your guide will present savory lunches riverside each afternoon. On your return, kick back on the deck overlooking the tranquil river while sipping a fine Chilean wine or Pisco Sour. For dinner, indulge in artistic presentations of fine beef, homemade pastas, grilled salmon, and locally-grown produce in the cozy dining room. You can even savor a special Chilean asado, a traditional barbecue paired with fine wines.

Adventure Awaits

With adventure offerings like whitewater rafting, mountain biking, and hiking, your entire group will have options to explore Patagonia in their own way. And if you are there to ski, set out every morning into the Andes, knowing that you are among the first to navigate the snow-capped peaks.

Rejuvenate in Nature’s Sanctuary

Unwind with a soak or steam in the wood-fired hot tubs and sauna. Whether hiking on a remote glacier or dormant volcano, or rafting or stand-up paddleboarding on a world-class river, you’ll know few have come before you. Mountain biking and hiking through the jungle are also on the menu at Rio Palena Lodge.

Discover the Beauty of Los Lagos

Located in the region of Los Lagos, southern Chile, Rio Palena Lodge is surrounded by forests, Andean mountains, and lakes. The regional capital, Puerto Montt, is a bustling port with a wooden neoclassical cathedral. Nearby, you’ll find active volcanoes like Osorno and Calbuco, as well as Chiloé Island, known for its wooden churches and fjords visited by whales.

Your Journey Begins

Guests traveling to Rio Palena Lodge have the option to fly privately to Palena Airfield or to Chaiten, where commercial flights are also available. Transportation is convenient and accessible, ensuring a seamless start to your Patagonian adventure.

A Place for All, Except Pets

While Rio Palena Lodge welcomes everyone, it does not accommodate pets. Supervised kid’s programs are not available. However, the lodge is an ideal place for a beautiful wedding and is also available for private, full property buyouts. It is the perfect venue to focus on outdoor adventure pursuits and escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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