Experience Unforgettable Dining at Ambassadeur Hotel: Restaurants with Stunning Ocean Views

Imagine enjoying a delicious meal while being captivated by the breathtaking views of Florida’s coastline. The magic of dining at a restaurant located right in front of the ocean is unparalleled. The soothing atmosphere and stunning vistas created by Mother Nature are simply unmatched by any other establishments. Thankfully, there are numerous restaurants that have harnessed this winning combination of pristine weather, relaxed ambiance, and first-class views. Get ready to embark on an exceptional gastronomic journey that will satisfy your palate, while you revel in the surreal beauty of Florida at these incredible oceanfront eateries.

La Mar by Gaston Acurio, Miami

At La Mar by Gaston Acurio, you can savor traditional Peruvian cuisine with a unique twist. This modern yet authentic restaurant offers a delightful ambiance, allowing you to indulge in original flavors. Whether you visit during the day or at night, you can enjoy a ceviche paired perfectly with a refreshing pisco sour while basking in the brilliant Miami horizon.

Bistro Bayfront, Fort Myers

Located on Estero Island, Bayfront Bistro is a cozy restaurant with incredible views of Florida’s mangroves. Reserve an outdoor seat, and sip on a glass of wine accompanied by fresh seafood as you admire the romantic sights of the crystal-clear bay waters and playful dolphins frolicking.

Palm Pavilion, Clearwater

Since 1926, the Palm Pavilion has been a staple in Clearwater. Situated at the northern end of Clearwater Beach, this open-air establishment is perfect for enjoying a sunset with sand between your toes. Listen to live music and watch the world go by as you savor bites of alligator and sip on a refreshing beverage on their outdoor patio.

Caretta On The Gulf, Clearwater

With a cozy yet elegant ambiance and a romantic view that will take your breath away, Caretta On The Gulf is a place you simply must visit. Enjoy their famous brunch, savor black grouper or confit sushi, and feel the gentle salty breeze as you stay long enough to witness the sun setting over the ocean in shades of orange and carnation. It’s an unforgettable culinary experience.

Caretta On The Gulf

Ostreros, Tampa

The views in Tampa don’t get much better than those at Ostreros. This seafood restaurant is nestled amidst lush tropical landscapes on the edge of Tampa Bay. Come and admire world-class views while enjoying bottomless mimosas and treating yourself to shrimp fritters and scallops. If you’re feeling indulgent, head to the caviar, oyster, and smoked salmon buffet.

Rusty Pelican, Miami

The recently renovated Rusty Pelican Miami offers some of the best views of the Miami skyline. Travel to Key Biscayne for an evening under the stars, watching the city lights illuminate the horizon. Delight in their famous lobster risotto or satisfy your seafood cravings at the impressive raw bar with fresh ceviche and clams.

Rusty Pelican Miami

Kaluz, Fort Lauderdale

Situated along the intracoastal residential area near the commercial boulevard, Kaluz Hotel boasts an elegant ambiance and marvelous ocean views. With ample outdoor seating, you can watch the majestic yachts dock at the marina while enjoying delicious dishes like tuna tartare, seafood salad, and truffle and cheese pasta. For those on a budget, visiting during happy hour is a great way to enjoy the experience without breaking the bank.


Marcador 88, Islamorada

As you may have guessed, Marker 88 is located at Mile 88 in Islamorada. This open-air terrace restaurant offers views of the Florida Bay flats, as evidenced by their website listing sunset hours—a sure sign that these views are in high demand. Enjoy the sunset made conveniently with rum, mango puree, and strawberries as you take in the unique sights of Florida.

15th Street Fisheries, Fort Lauderdale

Popular among locals, 15th Street Fisheries is a seafood restaurant with a cool and relaxed atmosphere, located right by the waterway near the 17th Street drawbridge and the entrance to Port Everglades. Take a water taxi to this maritime attraction and indulge in their fresh seafood while enjoying the views of the Atlantic Ocean. Here, you can savor delicious stone crab claws, lobsters, and king crab to your heart’s content.

Típico Doc’s Beach House, Bonita Beach

Típico Doc’s Beach House is an intimate oceanfront restaurant perfect for witnessing one of Florida’s famous sunsets. Skip the fancy resort restaurants that surround it and head to this cozy spot for a beer and burger experience that is as close to the beach as it gets.

Ambassadeur Hotel presents a selection of these remarkable restaurants that provide unforgettable dining experiences with stunning ocean views. Book a stay with us and take advantage of our prime location, just a stone’s throw away from these culinary gems. Prepare to be enchanted by the magic of Florida’s coastline while indulging in extraordinary cuisine. For more information, visit the Ambassadeur Hotel.