Top Hispanic Restaurants Near Me

A guide to the most renowned Hispanic restaurants in the United States.

The Influence of Hispanic Cuisine

The impact of Hispanic gastronomy in the United States is widely recognized. From small towns to bustling cities, there are restaurants across the country that serve popular Hispanic dishes. More and more people can now say, “There are Hispanic restaurants near me.” Additionally, many typical Hispanic foods have become “Americanized,” such as black bean soup, enchiladas, and stuffed peppers. Bananas and empanadas are commonly included in meals, and drinks like mango and pineapple juice, as well as mixed beverages like mojitos and margaritas, have grown in popularity.

Famous Hispanic Restaurants in the United States

1. Los Fuegos

Located in Miami, Los Fuegos offers exquisite Argentine cuisine under the expert guidance of chef Francis Mallmann. This restaurant promises a unique experience by cooking over an open flame, using local ingredients with an Argentine twist. Chef Mallmann is renowned for reinventing the art of open-fire cooking. On Sundays, Los Fuegos features a mouthwatering menu that includes a variety of skirt steak, chorizo, lamb, T-bone steak, domino potatoes, and other delectable preparations.

2. Tanta

For those in Chicago who are wondering, “Where can I find a Hispanic restaurant near me?” Tanta is a Peruvian restaurant that has made its mark in the city since 2013. Currently offering pickup and delivery due to the pandemic, Tanta presents a vast menu with exclusive and fresh dishes like anticuchos, various salsas, cocktails, and ceviche bowls. Their offerings also include pisco sour, lomo saltado, salmon and pepian, conchita apasionada, tiradito Nikkei, roast pork tacos, grilled octopus, chaufa aeropuerto, and more. The restaurant provides a private dining room on the second floor, along with a year-round open terrace. You can even customize the room with floral arrangements, chef Gastón Acurio demonstrations, or live music.

3. Cosme

Situated in New York’s Flatiron District, Cosme is a contemporary Mexican-inspired restaurant helmed by chef Enrique Olvera. The restaurant offers a full menu in a lively atmosphere adjacent to the main dining area. Using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients from the Hudson Valley and surrounding regions, Cosme crafts extraordinary culinary creations. Their menu includes herb guacamole, corn tostadas, aguachile, pickled mackerel tostada, as well as dishes like carne morita, white mole, duck carnitas, and more.

4. Broken Spanish

In Los Angeles, chef Ray García leads Broken Spanish, where bold and refined flavors take center stage. With a diverse menu featuring dishes like leg of lamb with chickpeas, purslane, and peas, as well as chicharrón, tamales, burritos, tuna tostada, albóndigas, and aguachile, the restaurant showcases a fusion of American and Hispanic roots, thanks to its chef’s Los Angeles upbringing and Hispanic influence. It’s no wonder why more and more people are searching for Hispanic restaurants near me.

5. The Bazaar

Also in Los Angeles, The Bazaar is a Spanish restaurant led by Michelin-starred chef José Andrés. This establishment surprises diners with innovative cuisine and theatrical presentations. Each location boasts a unique and daring atmosphere. The menu offers a connection to Singapore with dishes like lechón bao and kueth pai ti, which represents the street food of that country. The Spanish cuisine options include canned products, cured hams, cheeses, soups, oysters with caviar, dragon fruit ceviche, Cuban garlic chicken, Iberian acorn-fed secreto, and more. Visit their South Beach location for this experience.

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Remember, the next time you’re craving authentic Hispanic cuisine, consider visiting one of these top-notch establishments. Buen provecho!