How to Enhance Your Bar Experience with Tabletop Tablets

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Tabletop tablets for bars are revolutionizing the dining experience, offering a multitude of benefits to both customers and bar owners. From live trivia nights to digital menus, these innovative devices can entertain guests, boost sales, and streamline operations. If you’re wondering how to introduce tabletop tablets for bars to your venue, we’ve got you covered. Follow these simple steps to take your bar experience to the next level.

5 Exciting Things That Tabletop Tablets for Bars Can Do

1. Live Trivia Night

Trivia nights are all the rage in the bar and restaurant industry. Instead of relying on pen and paper, embrace the future of live trivia with tabletop tablets. Guests can submit their answers directly on the tablets, making scoring automated and hassle-free. Plus, the simplicity of the process allows one of your staff members to easily host the trivia night.

2. On-Demand Trivia

Why limit trivia fun to specific nights? Tabletop tablets for bars offer on-demand access to trivia games anytime your bar is open. Not only can guests compete against each other within the bar, but they can also challenge players from across the nation. Monthly competitions with cash prizes add an extra level of excitement.

3. Digital Arcade

Remember the retro arcade games that were once popular? You can bring that nostalgic experience back without the need for clunky machines taking up space. With tabletop tablets, every guest has the power of a digital arcade at their fingertips. These portable devices allow patrons to enjoy games wherever they are in your bar – be it the waiting area, the bar itself, booths, or even outdoor seating areas.

4. Tabletop Menu, Order, and Pay

Make your menu the star of the show with tabletop tablets. Digital menus can showcase mouthwatering photos and mouthwatering descriptions of your menu items and cocktails, enticing guests to order more. Some tabletop tablets even allow customers to place their orders and pay for their bills directly on the tablet, providing a seamless dining experience.

5. Digital Signage

Say goodbye to traditional table tents and hello to eye-catching digital signage. Utilizing the screens on tabletop tablets, you can create dynamic and attention-grabbing promotional content. Research has shown that using digital signage increases sales of promoted items by an impressive 33%. With moving images and high-quality screens, your messaging is sure to catch the eyes of your customers.

Adding Tabletop Tablets for Bars to Your Venue in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Assess Where Bar Tablets Would Work Best in Your Business Model

Collaborate with your team to brainstorm areas in your bar where tabletop tablets would be most beneficial. Don’t limit this exercise to just the bar area; explore opportunities in the waiting area, booths, and patio as well. Additionally, consider surveying your customers to gather insights on their tech preferences. By incorporating their feedback, you can enhance the overall customer experience.

Step 2: Do Your Research

Stay up-to-date with the latest bar technology trends by tracking industry reports and seeking advice from your POS provider. Consumer surveys have indicated that service-enhancing technology, like tabletop tablets, is highly desired. Leverage your existing resources and explore new tech options to find the right tabletop tablets for your bar.

Step 3: Determine Your Budget

Before making a significant investment in tabletop tablets, carefully analyze your cash flow. Examine your revenue from the past six months to assess your financial capacity. Consider reallocating resources by identifying areas where you can cut back or replace outdated technology. Set a realistic price range based on industry benchmarks to ensure your investment aligns with your financial goals.

Step 4: Plan it Out!

To ensure a smooth transition, conduct training sessions with your staff and the tablet provider. Familiarize your team with the tablets’ functionalities so they can assist guests with ease. Promote the arrival of tabletop tablets through your marketing channels and create anticipation among your customers. On the go-live date, prepare the tablets by charging them overnight, wiping the screens clean, and strategically placing them for easy access.

Step 5: Evaluate the Performance of Bar Tablets

Define your success metrics and track the performance of tabletop tablets. Monitor indicators such as repeat business, increased customer retention, and growth in average check amounts. Also, be open to unexpected benefits that may arise. Tabletop tablets have the potential to enhance various aspects of your bar, so make sure to consider the holistic impact on marketing, sales, and customer experience.

Embarking on the journey of integrating tabletop tablets for bars may seem daunting at first, but with these simple steps, you’ll be offering an unforgettable bar experience in no time. Embrace the future of dining and bring the power of technology to your patrons. Visit Ambassadeur Hotel to explore how tabletop tablets can transform your bar into an engaging and entertaining hotspot. Cheers!