The Ultimate Reefkeeping Solution: Introducing the Red Sea Max S 500

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Are you ready to take your reefkeeping experience to new heights? Look no further than the Red Sea Max S 500, the flagship reef system from Red Sea. With cutting-edge technology, customizable design, and hassle-free maintenance, this aquarium is a game-changer for both beginners and experienced enthusiasts. Let’s dive in and explore why the Red Sea Max S 500 is the ultimate solution for your coral reef dreams.

Red Sea MAX®S-Series True REEF-SPEC® for a successful reef

The Max S 500 showcases Red Sea’s innovative ReefLED™ lighting, REEF-SPEC® filtration and circulation systems, and a customizable fascia. These features combine to create the perfect environment for your coral reef to thrive. Say goodbye to the worries of component selection, suitability, and compatibility. With the Max S 500, you can focus on the beauty and diversity of your own piece of the ocean.

Reefkeeping Solution

Watch Red Sea MAX® S-Series full video presentation

Curious about what the Max S 500 has to offer? Watch the captivating video presentation below to see the aquarium in action and discover the endless possibilities it provides for your underwater world.

MAX S-Series Presentation

MAX® S-Series Customized systems

The Max S 500 offers customization options to suit your personal style and preferences. Available in Pearl White and Black, this aquarium features replaceable cabinet side panels and doors attached to a marine spec aluminum frame. You can effortlessly renovate or completely change the color of your aquarium without any hassle. The weather-resistant polyurethane paints ensure an elegant and durable finish, giving your reef a touch of sophistication.

Customized systems

Elegance and durability combined

Constructed with 12 – 15mm ultra-clear (low iron) glass, supported by saltwater-resistant plastics and a marine spec anodized aluminum frame, the Max S 500 is built to last. Designed for easy home assembly, you won’t need to worry about glueing, sawing, or wiring. Everything has been taken care of for you, so you can focus on enjoying your captivating underwater oasis.


Reef-safe ReefLED™ 90 lighting

The Max S 500 features the state-of-the-art Red Sea ReefLED™ 90 lights, specifically designed to promote optimal coral growth and enhance vibrant colors. With a reef-safe range of REEF-SPEC light, the LED array combines ultraviolet, violet, and blue LEDs with an 8,000 Kelvin white channel. The separate dedicated 3W Moonlight channel provides low levels of light for reef-safe nighttime viewing. You’ll witness the stunning beauty of your corals as they come to life, bathed in a gentle shimmer and vibrant hues.


MAX® S-Series Total Reef Filtration

The Max S 500 ensures a complete reef filtration system to maintain the health and balance of your aquarium. The surface skimmer feeds water to the in-cabinet sump, which is then regulated by a silent flow downpipe. The filtered water is returned to the aquarium by a main system pump, providing circulation and filtration. Additionally, the system pump can supply water to additional filtration systems, a chiller, or reactors. With the Max S 500, you can trust that your reef’s ecosystem is in safe hands.

Filtration System

MAX® S-Series Integrated Power Center

Simplify your aquarium’s control and operation with the Max S 500’s integrated power center. Featuring ten individually switched power sockets, this power control center provides easy access for all your pumps and accessories. The integrated circuit breakers ensure safety and peace of mind, making your reefkeeping experience a breeze.

MAX S Power Center

MAX® S-Series Specification Table

Here are the specifications of the Red Sea Max S 500:

Aquarium Type S-Series
Aquarium Capacity 500 liters (132 gallons)
Lighting ReefLED™ 90
Glass Thickness 12 – 15mm
Filtration REEF-SPEC
Power Control Integrated Power Center
Customization Options Pearl White, Black

Get ready to turn your living space into a mesmerizing coral reef with the Red Sea Max S 500. The ultimate reefkeeping solution is just a click away. Visit Ambassadeur Hotel to embark on your reefkeeping journey today!

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