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Planning to set sail on a Royal Caribbean cruise? Well, get ready for an adventure-filled journey! Royal Caribbean ships are known for their exciting activities and incredible experiences. From the moment you wake up until long past your normal bedtime, there’s never a dull moment onboard. While you may not spend much time in your stateroom, it’s still important to choose the right one for your needs. Here are some cabins on Radiance of the Seas that you might want to avoid.

1. Promenade View Rooms

One of the coolest features on select Royal Caribbean ships, including Radiance of the Seas, is the Royal Promenade. This bustling open-air promenade is a hub of activity, with bars and dining venues that create a lively atmosphere. Some staterooms on Radiance of the Seas have windows overlooking the promenade, giving you a unique view of all the excitement. However, these windows are not one-way, so be cautious about privacy. If you prefer peace and quiet, it’s best to avoid these staterooms.

2. Noisy cabins near the entertainment

Royal Caribbean ships are known for their non-stop entertainment. From theaters to bars, there’s always something happening. If you’re an early sleeper or prefer a quieter environment, it’s advisable to avoid staterooms directly above or below the entertainment venues. The Playmakers Sports Bar, in particular, can get lively, especially when guests are singing late into the night. To ensure a good night’s sleep, choose a stateroom away from the venues.

3. Noisy cabins underneath the pool deck

On the flip side, staterooms directly below the pool deck can sometimes experience noise from early risers arranging poolside loungers. The sound of scraping chairs can be bothersome if you’re trying to sleep in. To avoid any disturbances, opt for a stateroom with a cabin directly above and below it.

4. Cabins far from the elevators

While it’s essential to avoid noisy areas around the elevators, it’s also inconvenient to book a stateroom that’s a long walk away. This is especially true if you’re traveling with young children who may need to be carried back to the room after a day of adventures. Some Royal Caribbean ships have limited elevator access, so make sure to check the deck plans and choose a stateroom that’s conveniently located.

5. Cabins with tiny portholes

If you prefer some natural light in your stateroom but don’t want to splurge on a balcony, an Oceanview Stateroom is a good compromise. However, be aware that some staterooms have smaller portholes compared to others. These smaller portholes are confined to Deck 2 on Radiance of the Seas. To ensure a better view, simply avoid booking a stateroom on Deck 2.

6. Cabins that could worsen seasickness

Seasickness can be a concern for some cruisers. If you’re prone to motion sickness, it’s best to choose a stateroom located in the middle of the ship on a middle deck. These staterooms experience less movement and can help minimize any discomfort. Avoid staterooms at the front or rear of the ship on higher decks, as they tend to feel the most movement.

7. Obstructed view cabins

On some Royal Caribbean ships, certain Outside and Balcony staterooms have obstructed views due to lifeboats or other structures. Make sure to check the deck plans and avoid staterooms that are known to have obstructed views. This way, you can enjoy the scenic ocean views without any interruptions.

8. Interconnecting cabins that aren’t necessary

Interconnecting cabins are ideal for larger groups traveling together. However, if you’re not part of a group, be aware that the door between interconnecting cabins is not as soundproof as a regular wall. To ensure a quieter experience, it’s best to avoid booking interconnecting staterooms.

9. Expensive suites if you won’t make the most of them

Royal Caribbean offers some amazing suites with additional perks, but they come at a higher cost. If you don’t plan on spending much time in your stateroom, it might not be worth the extra expense. Consider your cruising habits and decide if the additional benefits are worth the price.

10. Vibrating cabins due to the propellers

Staterooms located near the ship’s propellers, especially on lower decks, may experience slight vibrations. While some guests find it soothing, others may find it bothersome. Additionally, there may be some noise from the anchor when arriving in port. If you’re sensitive to vibrations or noise, it’s best to choose a stateroom in a different location.

11. Studio staterooms if you prefer space

Studio staterooms are designed for solo travelers and are generally smaller than standard rooms. If you prefer more space or are accustomed to sleeping in a double bed, booking a double room for single occupancy may be a better option. It can also be more cost-effective in certain cases.

12. Balcony cabins near the bridge

Some guests recommend avoiding balconies that are overlooked by the bridge, as privacy may be compromised. While it’s unlikely that officers would be focused on balconies, it’s better to choose a stateroom that offers more privacy.

13. Balcony cabins in winter

Booking a balcony cabin in colder weather, particularly in Europe, may not be ideal. The chilly temperatures and the need for winter clothing can limit the enjoyment of the balcony. If you’re cruising in winter, it’s often better to choose a different type of stateroom.

To sum it up, there are no staterooms on Radiance of the Seas that should be completely avoided. Each cabin has its advantages and disadvantages, depending on individual preferences and needs. However, it’s recommended to be cautious of cabins with tiny portholes and unadvertised obstructed views. Ultimately, the choice of stateroom depends on your personal preferences and budget. Have you cruised on Radiance of the Seas before? Let us know your favorite and least favorite staterooms in the comments below.

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