Nusa Penida Resort: Discover the Hidden Gem of Bali

Excited about your trip to Bali and thinking of adding Nusa Penida to your itinerary? Look no further! Nusa Penida is a hidden gem, raw, humble, and authentic. While luxury resorts and chic beach clubs are the highlights of Canggu, Nusa Penida offers a different island vibe that’s worth exploring. In this article, we’ll guide you through the best hotels and areas to stay in Nusa Penida, ensuring that your stay is nothing short of amazing!

Best Hotels in Nusa Penida – Quick Picks if You’re in a Hurry

Is It Worth Staying In Nusa Penida? Or Should I Rather Do A Day Trip There?

The journey to Nusa Penida requires a speed boat ride from Sanur in mainland Bali. Depending on the weather and the port, it can take about 30 to 45 minutes. If you have limited time, a day trip is a great way to explore the island. Most day trips include pick-up and drop-off from your Bali hotel. However, Nusa Penida has so much natural beauty that it deserves more attention. Consider staying at least a few days to fully appreciate what it has to offer.

Main Areas to Stay in Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is bigger compared to its sister island, Nusa Lembongan, and offers three main areas to stay. Each area has its unique charm and sights to explore.

1. Toyapakeh Harbour & Batununggul (North East)

If you prefer a convenient location with developed infrastructure, restaurants, and bars, Toyapakeh Harbour & Batununggul is the ideal choice. It offers a comfortable and hassle-free stay and is perfect for families, couples, and solo travelers. This area is also great for a short stay.

2. Crystal Bay (West)

For snorkeling, diving, and breathtaking sunsets, Crystal Bay is the place to be. It’s known as the best snorkeling spot on the island and offers palm tree-lined roads. Crystal Bay is close to Kelingking Beach and Angel’s Billabong. It’s perfect for relaxing getaways and short-term stays.

3. Diamond Beach & Atuh Beach (South East)

If you want a more remote and quiet location, Diamond Beach & Atuh Beach in the South East is perfect. It offers secluded white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, and stunning cliffs. This area is best if you want to stay at the famous Rumah Pohon Treehouse.

Where to Stay In Nusa Penida

To make your stay in Nusa Penida unforgettable, we have curated a list of some of the best hotels in each area.

The Valgary Vibes

Imagine living in an Indonesian hut surrounded by palm trees. The Valgary Vibes offers a unique Nusa Penida experience. With its cozy twin rooms, beachfront location, and friendly staff, it’s a great choice for solo travelers.

Sea La Vie Resort Nusa Penida

For a luxury experience at a reasonable price, Sea La Vie Resort Nusa Penida is the perfect choice. This 4-star hotel offers a stunning beachfront location, an outdoor swimming pool, and a restaurant with delicious dishes. It’s the epitome of relaxation and luxury.

Abasan Hill Hotel and Spa

If you’re looking for a beautiful guesthouse with spacious double rooms and a big shared pool, Abasan Hill Hotel and Spa is the place to be. Enjoy delicious local and international food at their restaurant and immerse yourself in the island’s raw jungle.

Ocean Terrace Suite And Spa Luxury

These beautiful bungalows offer large double beds, elegant bathrooms with a bathtub, and a terrace with a pool view. Enjoy meals while gazing at the ocean and unwind at Atuh Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Nusa Penida.

Akusara Jungle Resort And Spa

Nestled in the middle of the jungle, this funky style resort offers modern and spacious bungalows with all the amenities you need. Relax by the pool in the lovely gazebo and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

Semabu Hills Hotel Nusa Penida

Perched on the tranquil hills of Nusa Penida, Semabu Hills Hotel offers elegantly decorated suites, an infinity pool, and an on-site Asian restaurant. It’s the perfect place to have seclusion while still being close to the action.

The Mesare Resort

Located in the heart of the island, The Mesare Resort offers bamboo cottages with stunning jungle views, a large pool, and a beautiful garden. Immerse yourself in nature and enjoy the privacy and tranquility of this boho-chic resort.

Now that you know where to stay in Nusa Penida, it’s time to plan your unforgettable island getaway. Whether you choose the North East, Crystal Bay, or the South East, Nusa Penida offers a unique experience that will leave you mesmerized. Book your stay now and immerse yourself in the beauty of this hidden gem!

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