Create a Nursery-Guest Room Combination that is Both Functional and Stylish


If you’re expecting a baby and worried about losing your guest room, don’t fret! There is a fantastic solution that allows you to have both a comfortable space for out-of-town guests and a special nursery for your little one. By combining a guest room and nursery into one multifunctional space, you can design a room that meets both your baby’s needs and your guests’ comfort.

Designing a Nursery-Guest Room Combo

When setting up a nursery-guest room combination, it’s crucial to prioritize your baby’s space while still ensuring your guests feel welcome. Instead of simply putting a crib in the corner of a guest room, choose a theme and color scheme that you love for your baby. Arrange the furniture and accessories to create a cozy and convenient environment for your little one, with the guest accommodations as a secondary focus. Most guests staying in your home, opting out of a hotel room to save money, won’t mind a few adorable teddy bears or twinkling lights!

Organizing the Space

Organization is key when it comes to a nursery-guest room combo. Nursery furniture and baby essentials already take up space, and adding a bed for guests can further limit your room’s square footage. To ensure functionality and decrease your stress levels, it’s essential to keep the baby’s room organized and clutter-free. This becomes even more important in a multifunctional nursery where guests are also staying. Smart storage solutions will help make the days and nights go more smoothly for you and your baby.

Creating Separate Spaces

To make your nursery-guest room combo easy to navigate and tidy up, it’s crucial to establish a clear delineation of space. Regardless of whether your room is large or small, keep the baby’s sleep, dress, and play areas distinct from the guest space. When there are no visitors, feel free to use the entire room. However, when it’s time to tidy up, having a bed and simple table or dresser for guests on one side and a crib and dresser on the other side makes the most sense.

Inspiring Ideas for a Nursery-Guest Room Combo

Here are some beautiful images and clever ideas to inspire you when combining a guest room and nursery into one stylish and functional space:

Invest in a Daybed for Your Nursery-Guest Room

Guest room with a daybed, crib, and SNOO bassinet
Image: SOS Interiors

A daybed is a versatile piece of furniture that not only provides a comfortable sleeping spot for guests, but it can also be your go-to spot when your baby needs your close presence. It serves as a lovely nook for cuddling up and reading a story or playing a quiet game with your little one. Consider a daybed with a trundle option to accommodate extra guests.

Create a White, Blue & Green Nursery-Guest Room

Light blue and cream nursery-guest room
Photo: Life to Lauren

Using a combination of white walls and soft blue and green accents will give your nursery-guest room a beautiful and soothing ambiance. Clean lines in the furniture paired with pale blue drapes create a serene environment. As your baby grows, you can incorporate framed photos, wall art, and toys that fit within this color palette, ensuring a peaceful and cheerful room for both your guests and little one.

Nursery-Guest Room with Whimsical Babyish Details

Neutral guest room with crib and rainbow decor
Photo: Momma Society

Incorporating whimsical details can make your nursery-guest room combo truly delightful. Create a space that feels special for your baby with playful elements like a floating rainbow and bold rug. Consider adding a cheerful accent wall with striped wallpaper and fun art prints that bring joy to your baby’s room without compromising the functionality of the guest room. Don’t forget to add a personal touch with flowers or other decorative items.

Consider a Murphy Bed in Your Nursery-Guest Room

Guest room with crib and hidden Murphy bed
Photo: Brepurposed

If space is limited, a Murphy bed is an excellent solution. These foldaway beds can be easily hidden when not in use, serving as shelving or an art wall in your baby’s cute room. When guests come to town, simply fold down the bed for maximum comfort. This warm and moody nursery-guest room combo demonstrates how a hidden guest bed can provide both a cozy space for your baby and a comfortable resting spot for your guests.

Create a Nautical-Themed Nursery-Guest Room

Guest room-nursery combo with a nautical theme and floating bookshelves
Photo: Mom Needs Merlot

Navy and white are timeless colors that work well for both a nursery and a guest room. By incorporating nautical details such as floating bookshelves and a map art piece, you can create a clean and classic look. Opt for kid-friendly yet streamlined furniture and storage solutions to keep the room clutter-free. This simple and elegant design will grow with your baby while providing a pleasant and inviting space for your guests.

Design a Boho-Chic Nursery-Guest Room

Pink and gray guest room-nursery combo
Image: Project Nursery

If you love bohemian-chic style, why not create a bright and pretty nursery-guest room combo? Use colorful wall decor, such as a rainbow and macrame details, to add a playful touch. A plain bed with white sheets and a sizable white dresser can easily transform the nursery into a cozy guest room. Make sure to allocate enough storage areas for your baby’s items, while still providing space for your guests to keep their belongings during their stay.

Create a Cream & Green Guest Room Nursery

A guest room-nursery combo with a cream-and-green color scheme
Image: Black and Blooms

For a cozy and inviting nursery-guest room combo, consider using cream and green as your color scheme. Cream provides a warm and comforting backdrop, while green accents add a touch of freshness. You can choose from various motifs, such as a jungle theme or a more neutral color palette without a specific theme. These colors are effortlessly gender-neutral, and as your baby grows, you can easily swap out the decor to cater to their evolving preferences.

Embrace Monochrome in Your Nursery-Guest Room

Guest room-nursery decorated with black-and-white decor
Image: Mallory Joy

If you prefer a sleek and chic look, a monochrome nursery-guest room combo might be the perfect choice. White walls paired with a black crib and coordinating furniture create a whimsical and visually appealing space that won’t overwhelm your guests. Add art prints, coffee table books, and matching toys to personalize the room while maintaining a cohesive aesthetic. Your baby will love growing up in an eclectic and fun atmosphere, and your visitors will appreciate the chic details.

Remember, creating a nursery-guest room combo is all about balancing functionality and style. By following these tips and drawing inspiration from these beautiful images, you can design a space that meets both your baby’s needs and your guests’ comfort. So, get creative, have fun, and enjoy creating a room that will be perfect for your growing family!

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