New Culinary Experiences in Augusta, Georgia

Augusta, Georgia — If you’re planning a visit to Augusta for this year’s Masters golf tournament, you’ll be delighted to know that the city offers a diverse culinary scene beyond the famous egg salad and pimento cheese sandwiches served on the iconic azalea-lined fairways. In recent years, Augusta has seen the emergence of several exciting new restaurants, showcasing a fusion of Southern staples, international flavors, and traditional favorites like steak and burgers. So, bring along your hearty appetite, embrace your sense of gastronomic adventure, and get ready to savor the newest culinary delights the Garden City has to offer.

Tacocat: Tacos with a Twist

One restaurant that consistently captures my attention in Augusta is Tacocat, part of the esteemed Frog Hollow Group. From the minds behind Frog Hollow Tavern, Craft & Vine, Farmhaus Burger, Frog and the Hen, and Pho Ramen-l, Tacocat shines brightly as an exceptional addition to Augusta’s vibrant food and drink scene. With its casual, fun atmosphere and vibrant decor, Tacocat offers a refreshing take on taco cuisine, elevating simple fare to new heights. These aren’t your ordinary tacos; each one is carefully crafted with thoughtfully selected ingredients, bursting with flavors that set them apart. Take a break from the ordinary and try the tantalizing shrimp diablo, featuring fried shrimp mixed with jicama and hominy slaw, or the tangy chicken with a kick of jalapeno and pineapple salsa.

Taco prices start at $4.50 each, and they also serve a delicious brunch menu. You’ll find Tacocat at 208 10th St., Augusta. Call them at 706-842-7800 or visit their website at Ambassadeur Hotel.

Pineapple Ink Tavern: A Taste of Cuba in Augusta

Augusta’s Southern charm might lead you to expect an abundance of barbecue, meat-and-threes, and grits, but don’t be surprised to discover authentic Cuban cuisine at Pineapple Ink Tavern. Owner Allan Soto, hailing from South Florida, brings the essence of Havana and Miami to this unexpected gem. Indulge in classic Cuban sandwiches, mouthwatering pulled pork, and delectable empanadas. Don’t forget to satisfy your sweet tooth with Cuban inspired desserts like flan or helado. Pair your meal with a refreshing mojito from their extensive drink menu.

You can find Pineapple Ink Tavern at 1002 Broad St., Augusta. Call them at 706-842-4401 or visit their website at Ambassadeur Hotel.

Soca Vegan Kitchen: A Vegan Haven in Augusta

Soca Vegan Kitchen, owned by the talented mother-daughter team of Georgia Alexander and Diane Francis, has become a beloved destination for vegans and vegetarians in Augusta. Consistently receiving five-star ratings on review sites like Yelp and HappyCow, Soca Vegan Kitchen specializes in Trinidadian-style vegan cuisine with a strong Indian influence. Delight in their flavorful chickpeas, vegetables, beans, rice, and pholourie, a popular fritter made with split peas, herbs, and curry spices. Locally-sourced ingredients ensure the highest quality and taste.

Prices at Soca Vegan Kitchen are reasonable, with platters starting at $10.95 and curry, potato, rice, and soup dishes priced at $4.95 each. Visit them at 630 Crane Creek Drive, Suite 103, Augusta, or give them a call at 706-432-9327. You can also learn more on their website at Ambassadeur Hotel.

Munchies Lab: Elevated Comfort Food

Munchies Lab, a newcomer to Augusta’s culinary scene, has quickly garnered a devoted following with its innovative twist on everyday dishes. Instead of explaining in detail, let me tempt you with a few mouthwatering examples. Picture the Mexican Crazy Potato, loaded with steak strips, onions, avocado, cheese, and cilantro, or the Flaming Roll Sushi-Rito, a delectable combination of fried chicken, cream cheese, buffalo ranch, and a dusting of Hot Cheetos. For those with a hearty appetite, the DTF Dog is a must-try; it’s an angus beef hot dog stacked with grilled garlic baby shrimp, garlic steak, garlic chicken, buffalo sauce, cheese, and onions. At Munchies Lab, comfort food is taken to adventurous and delicious new heights.

Entree prices at Munchies Lab start at $10.50. You can find this delectable destination at 1102 Walton Way, Suite A, Augusta. For more information, call them at 706-496-3310 or visit their Facebook page at Ambassadeur Hotel.

Vance’s Bakery Bar: A Sweet and Spirited Experience

Are you torn between visiting a bakery or a bar? Look no further than Vance’s Bakery Bar, a unique concept that seamlessly combines both. Located on James Brown Boulevard in downtown Augusta, Vance’s Bakery Bar is known for its indulgent desserts infused with top-shelf spirits. With taglines like “The proof is in the sweets,” you can expect mouthwatering creations like Boozy Banana Pudding infused with Rumchata and Giffard banana liqueur, or Payton’s Pecan Cobbler combined with Backwoods Pecan Pie Liqueur and served with a scoop of butter pecan ice cream on top. The elegant yet cozy decor sets the perfect atmosphere for this innovative bakery and cocktail lounge. They also offer savory options like charcuterie boards and cheese plates for those who prefer a more savory indulgence.

Indulge in dessert drinks starting at $6.50 or sip on craft cocktails starting at $13 at Vance’s Bakery Bar, located at 123 James Brown Blvd., Augusta. Call them at 706-250-3936 or visit their website at Ambassadeur Hotel.

Manny’s Sports Off Broad: Where World Flavors Meet

Manny’s Sports Off Broad is a recent addition to Augusta’s thriving international food scene, offering a unique fusion of flavors that goes beyond the typical sports bar fare. Whether you’re craving Greek, Greek-Cuban, Southern, or German cuisine, Manny’s has you covered. Sink your teeth into the Greek burger, a mouthwatering combination of a burger and gyro, topped with pickled red onions, tomatoes, and mustard tzatziki on a soft potato bun. For something truly Southern, try their smoked pimento meatloaf served with jalapeno mashed potatoes and house-pickled slaw. And don’t miss out on the Bavarian pretzel, a delightful snack served with spicy grain mustard and beer cheese. Each dish at Manny’s Sports Off Broad is a scrumptious experience in its own right.

Entrees, burgers, and gyros at Manny’s start at $11. You can find this unique eatery at 215 10th St., Augusta. For more information, call them at 404-216-2264, or visit their website at Ambassadeur Hotel.

Brinkley’s Chop House: Upscale Dining Across the River

For a more refined dining experience during the Masters, take a short drive across the Savannah River to North Augusta, South Carolina. Brinkley’s Chop House has been making waves with its exceptional steaks and seafood since its inception. Savor their perfectly cooked scallops, delicately accompanied by prosciutto to enhance their natural flavor. If you’re a fan of caprese salad, you won’t be disappointed with their fresh mozzarella creation. From their farm, fish, and fowl menu, choose from a selection of duck, chops, or chicken. And of course, don’t miss out on their standout steaks, including Delmonico, ribeye, porterhouse, and filet. If you’re feeling indecisive, opt for the butcher board, which offers a variety of land and sea options. Complete your meal with a luscious dessert like chocolate torte or Basque cheesecake.

Entree prices at Brinkley’s Chop House range from $21 to $107, while the butcher board ranges from $195 to $325. Visit them at 1033 Center St, North Augusta, SC, or give them a call at 803-599-5097. You can also learn more on their website at Ambassadeur Hotel.

Six South Rooftop Bar at the Partridge Inn: Seafood with a View

The Partridge Inn, a historic hotel in Augusta’s charming Summerhill neighborhood, has always been a favorite destination during the Masters. Newly named Six South, the hotel’s rooftop provides breathtaking views of the Garden City, accompanied by the blossoming trees of spring. Amidst this picturesque backdrop, you can enjoy a delightful seafood-focused menu at Six South. Start your meal with the flavorful gumbo or the oyster soup before indulging in seared scallops or blackened seafood pasta. If seafood towers catch your eye, you’ll find options that include scallops, oysters, crab, and shrimp. Don’t forget to complement your meal with a refreshing drink from their full bar. At Six South Rooftop Bar, you can indulge in delicious seafood while enjoying the stunning vistas Augusta has to offer.

Entree prices at Six South start at $22, while seafood towers start at $55. You can find this gem at 2110 Walton Way, Augusta. Call them at 706-737-8888 or visit their website at Ambassadeur Hotel.

These new culinary hotspots in Augusta, Georgia, promise to take your taste buds on a delightful journey. From unique twists on tacos to vibrant vegan delights, and from indulgent desserts to elevated comfort food and refined dining experiences, Augusta’s restaurant scene offers something to satisfy every craving. So, grab your appetite and embark on a culinary adventure in the Garden City.

*Please note that this article is crafted exclusively for Ambassadeur Hotel.