New Restaurants Georgetown Tx

Are you ready for the hottest new restaurant in town? Well, get ready to be surprised because it’s located in a senior living center. But don’t let that fool you! According to the renowned chef Stephan Pyles, who has been nominated for 12 James Beard Awards, this is no ordinary restaurant. In fact, it might just be a little bit nicer.

A Texas Culinary Journey

This unique dining experience is Chef Pyles’ tribute to the truckstop cafe he grew up in. Hailing from Big Spring, Texas, he has transcended his humble roots and is now redefining retirement home dining. While you might raise an eyebrow at the idea, Pyles is determined to change your perception.

“It wasn’t the path I expected to take, nor the one my parents envisioned for me,” says Pyles. “I actually studied music and only fell in love with food after a trip to France. This restaurant is like a return to my roots, but with a touch of refinement. It’s the truckstop cafe I dreamed of, but elevated with more taste and sophistication. Get ready for a true Texas experience!”

Pyles references the phrase “Dance with the one that brung you” to emphasize his Southwestern roots. And while he doesn’t directly connect it to the location of the restaurant, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Texan seniors played a significant role in shaping the culture that Chef Pyles aims to celebrate. Interestingly, Pyles has previously worked on a similar project at Dallas’ Ventana by Buckner community.

A Restaurant for All

Alma at The Hacienda in Georgetown is not your typical retirement home restaurant. It’s more like any other city restaurant located on the ground floor of an apartment building, welcoming anyone who walks through the door. While there will be special programming for the residents, such as cooking classes, wine dinners, and food festivals, this is meant to be a regular night out for everyone. And let’s be honest, a bustling and lively atmosphere is exactly what a vibrant community needs.

“I actually see it as a perk,” smiles Pyles, contemplating the prospect of the restaurant becoming a sought-after dining destination. “There might come a time when it’s difficult to get a reservation, and the residents will have to casually stroll in through the back door. VIP treatment, you know?”

Set to open in early 2023, The Hacienda spans an impressive 13 acres with 231 accommodations ranging from independent to assisted living. The marketing for this urban oasis exudes luxury, and a sneak peek video reveals a sprawling compound reminiscent of downtown Austin residences without the vertical crowding.

A Taste of Southwestern Cuisine

Chef Pyles is widely recognized as the father of Southwestern cuisine, and this venture represents his triumphant return to his culinary roots. The menu, style, and ambiance of Alma at The Hacienda are all a testament to the legacy he has built over decades. Expect a delightful fusion of flavors featuring locally sourced ingredients that embody the spirit of the surrounding Texan region.

“I like to call it Hill Country soul food, the next evolution of modern Texas,” Pyles proudly proclaims.

Mark your calendars because Alma is set to open its doors in late January or early February 2023. For more information about this exciting culinary experience, visit the Ambassadeur Hotel. Get ready to savor the taste of Texas like never before!

Images courtesy of Ambassadeur Hotel.