Elevate Your Game Room with a Custom Neon LED Sign

At Ambassadeur Hotel, we understand that gaming takes you to a whole new world. Your game room is your sanctuary, where you can escape into a fantasy land and immerse yourself in the gaming experience. To enhance the ambiance of your game room or arcade, there’s nothing quite like the mesmerizing glow of a Custom Neon LED sign.

Transform Your Gaming Room with Custom Neon

Gaming enthusiasts around the world love turning their gamer logo, tag, or favorite video game character into a customized neon sign. Hang it in the background of your live streams or use it to illuminate your gaming room in vibrant neon lights. At Ambassadeur Hotel, we have a wide customer base of avid gamers who have fallen in love with our custom LED signs.

Inspiration for Your Game Room Decor

Whether you’re a newbie in the gaming world or a seasoned gaming enthusiast, you can elevate your game room decor with a Custom Neon LED sign. Need some inspiration? Take a look at our range of pre-designed games room neon LED signs. You can also explore the custom LED lighted arcade signs we have created for our customers. We take pride in our ability to bring your vision to life with our exquisite craftsmanship.

Gamer streaming setup @natchats - signs by Custom Neon®

Game Room Envy: Natchats’ Neon Oasis

For all the gamer gals out there, get ready to be envious of Natchats, Australia’s very own female pro gamer. She has elevated her gaming setup with two custom-made neon light signs. The first one is her logo/gamertag ‘Natchats’ in a custom font, designed in a stunning cotton candy pink. The second sign says ‘Ohana’ (which means ‘family’ in Hawaiian) and features a neon pink love heart. Natchats’ Custom Neon lights create the perfect neon pink glow in her gaming room, making them a star in her Facebook live streams, YouTube videos, and other social channels. You can follow her gaming journey on @NatChats!

UV print logo light sign @pokeretro made by Custom Neon®

Gaming in Style: Pokeretro’s Neon Art

UV printing and dazzling neon lights come together to bring Pokeretro’s cool logo to life. This outstanding piece of artwork features our white, red, green, and yellow shades, which highlight the UV printed background. Catch a glimpse of this excellent neon sign on TikTok @pokeretro1, along with Pokémon cards and merchandise.

Custom Neon® logo for gamer @simbybtw

Simby’s Streaming Paradise

Simby’s dreamy streaming room setup features a stunning Custom Neon sign. Her gamertag ‘Simby’ has been transformed into a custom mint green neon sign adorned with a beautiful pink heart. This eye-catching statement artwork elevates her gaming space into a paradise for every gamer. You can spot her sign in the background on Twitter @simbybtw or during her Twitch streams.

Custom Neon® gamer username sign for @ernestdafurnance

Ernest’s Gaming Ambiance

Brighten up your arcade or gaming room by lighting up your gamer name or tag. Ernest’s game room is illuminated by his gamertag ‘Ernest Da Furnace’ in our classic red shade and WildScript font. The true red glow creates the perfect ambiance for those late nights spent gaming with friends. Follow his gaming experience on social media @ErnestDaFurnace.

Yellow logo by @customneon for @techkhamun

Tech guru Mike from Techkhamun decided to light up a fundamental part of his logo. The character that replaces the letter ‘a’ in his logo has been transformed into a customized neon logo sign. It’s bright yellow and looks sensational against a stark white wall, creating the perfect statement piece for his space.

Custom Neon® art streaming setup @alyssarush

Alyssarush’s Custom Light-Up Wall Art

Alyssarush, a Pokemon and motorsports enthusiast, approached us to create a custom light-up wall art piece for her streaming setup. This unique creation adds a touch of personalization and style to her gaming station. How fast can you make it around the track?

Custom Neon® sign for games room @kaldek

Kaldek’s Dreamy Game Space

Light up your arcade or games room with your favorite band’s name. Kaldek turned ‘The Midnight’ into a stunning neon sign, beautifully illuminated in our famous pink shade. The pink glow perfectly complements his gaming setup, creating the ultimate ambiance for hours of gaming. As he says, “I cannot fault my LED Neon, it is amazing and you cannot tell it’s LED rather than ‘real’ neon. The design process through to delivery was seamless and easy.”

Gamer slogan sign @okboomer made by Custom Neon®

Make Your Catchphrase Shine

Do you always shout something when you win a round? Turn your catchphrase into a light-up wall sign! A catchphrase neon sign makes a fantastic personalized gift for gamers and adds a unique touch to your game room or streaming setup.

Custom Neon® letter light in gaming setup

Minimalist Style for Your Game Setup

If you prefer something more minimalist, a simple neon letter sign is perfect for you. Customize your space with a single letter LED sign, whether it represents your name, surname, or gamer tag. With over 18 different colors, various fonts, and styles to choose from, you can create a personalized neon sign that adds a pop of color to your gaming station.

Custom Neon® Xbox console promotional product @weareopragency @missdeusgeek

Xbox Neon Light Signs for Influencers

The Opr Agency, a reputable creative communications agency, collaborated with Ambassadeur Hotel to create stunning Xbox neon light signs. These signs were commissioned for influencers ahead of the launch of the new Xbox console. The signs were designed to be the exact size of the console, creating excitement while influencers waited for their own devices to arrive. We proudly made and delivered 41 Xbox neon signs, with the Xbox logo UV printed onto the acrylic and surrounded by a neon green open box connected with metal pins. Check out our Xbox showcase page for all the details!

Custom Neon® company name sign for @pinheadaustralia

Pinhead’s Green LED Sign

Pinball community and clothing brand Pinhead chose Ambassadeur Hotel to create a sensational green LED sign of their company name. This incredible sign makes frequent appearances in their Instagram shots, proudly displayed on the wall.

The Perfect Addition to Your Game Room

Your game room or arcade won’t be complete without a high-quality gaming neon sign from Ambassadeur Hotel’s Custom Neon collection. Our signs are made from high-efficiency LED neon flex, ensuring they are shatter-resistant and have a long lifespan of approximately 100,000 hours.

We offer a wide range of pre-designed games room LED light signs for gamers. If you’re looking for something more personalized, our custom design tool allows you to turn your gamer tag, gaming logo, or video game character into a magnificent neon word sign. Simply upload your design, and our talented neon designers will provide you with a free mock-up and quote.

Our gaming neon light signs are perfect for gamers, arcade businesses, and games stores. With 18 different color options, RGB color-changing abilities, and UV print backgrounds, we can transform any image or design into a mesmerizing LED neon sign. Want to create an illuminated background for your podcast, YouTube channel, or other social media platforms? Contact Ambassadeur Hotel’s Custom Neon today to see what we can do for you!

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