Mizuno 921 Tour: A Solid Choice for the Discerning Golfer



When it comes to golf irons, Mizuno has always been a manufacturer that knows what it’s doing. The Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons, affectionately labeled “The Chosen One” by the brand, have gained a reputation among professional golfers for their exceptional performance. In this review, we delve into what sets the JPX921 Tour apart from its predecessors.



The JPX921 Tour is undeniably the most visually appealing iron in Mizuno’s fall lineup. Its thin top line, slender sole, minimal offset, and compact blade length make it a true standout. While the JPX921 Forged closely matches the Tour in terms of offset, the gap between the Tour and the other JPX921 irons is noticeable. Comparatively, the MP-20 is even smaller in every aspect.

When it comes to appearances in the golf bag, the JPX921 Tour may not be the flashiest club out there, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint either.


Sound & Feel

One would naturally expect great feel from a compact, forged iron, especially when it bears the Mizuno name. The JPX921 Tour delivers on this front, though it may not revolutionize your golfing experience.

Centered shots offer a sublime sensation, with a soft, crisp impact sound. Stray from the sweet spot, however, and the feel becomes less distinctive. Unlike some players irons that sharply rebuke you for a mishit, the JPX921 Tour provides a more forgiving experience. Whether this is a good thing or not depends on personal preference.



Consistently delivering good distance, a touch of forgiveness, and excellent shot control, the JPX921 Tour stands as a testament to Mizuno’s commitment to quality. It must be noted, however, that this specific club is not recommended for mid or high handicappers due to its limited forgiveness. While ball speed remains high on well-struck shots, veering off the center of the face will result in noticeable drops in distance.

Compared to the other JPX921 irons, the Tour boasts more traditional lofts, leading to slightly higher launch and spin. For most golfers, this translates to slightly less distance.

Regarding advancements, Mizuno claims to have narrowed the soles of the short irons and increased the thickness behind impact for a softer feel in the JPX921 Tour. While these alterations are commendable, they may not be compelling enough for owners of previous JPX Tour irons to make the switch.

A notable point of interest is that Mizuno has dropped the 3 iron from the JPX921 Tour lineup. This decision stemmed from the observation that not a single 3 iron from the JPX919 series was in use on the Tour. While blindly following Tour trends may not always be advisable, in this case, it is worth considering opting for a more user-friendly long iron replacement.



Although there may not be any groundbreaking innovations in the Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons, they remain an excellent choice for accomplished players. If you consistently strike the ball on the sweet spot and prefer a classic look and feel, these irons are definitely worth a swing.

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