Upgrade Your Conference Facilities with Ambassadeur Hotel: Meeting Room Digital Signage

Simplify and Beautify Your Conference Rooms

Discover the latest advancements in conference room and space signage from Ambassadeur Hotel. Our digital contactless solutions offer facility managers a seamless way to display all reservable spaces on a visually appealing digital building directory, central meeting room board, or conference room signage. With our platform-as-a-service model, deploying these innovative digital interfaces has never been easier.

Enhance Your Workspaces with Ambassadeur Hotel’s Office Signage Solutions

Ambassadeur Hotel provides a comprehensive range of digital, contactless office signage solutions. Whether you need signage for conference rooms, meeting areas, flex office spaces, shared desks, or temporary offices, we have the perfect options for you. From sleek desktop and conference room signage to large event boards with directories, our solutions cater to the needs of modern workspaces. Elevate your conference facilities or hybrid workspaces effortlessly.

Streamline Reservations with Ambassadeur Hotel

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple calendars and confirming room bookings. Ambassadeur Hotel allows you to manage all reservations from common calendar tools, eliminating confusion and ensuring a smooth reservation process. Our beautifully designed signage clearly displays scheduled reservations, so everyone knows which rooms are booked. Upgrade your conference facilities with ease.

Effortlessly Display Meetings with TouchSource SharedSpaces™

Ambassadeur Hotel’s TouchSource SharedSpaces™ is the perfect solution for displaying meetings in conference rooms at a glance. This compact digital signage is easy to install and integrates seamlessly with your Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. Enjoy the convenience of automatically showing meetings on an aesthetically pleasing display, enhancing the overall style of your space. With our all-in-one platform-as-a-service, you won’t need to purchase separate software and hardware, saving you time and money.

Embrace Hybrid Office Solutions

At Ambassadeur Hotel, we understand the importance of providing complete hybrid workspace solutions. In addition to conference room signage, our package includes options to reserve shared offices and support hoteling desks. Display all reservations on a meeting messaging board and manage them effortlessly via our user-friendly cloud-based platform. Enable on-the-spot reservations using QR codes or allow users to reserve spots through popular tools like Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook.

Make Workspaces More Attractive and Functional

In a post-pandemic world, it’s crucial for facility managers to create attractive and functional workspaces. Research shows that this is key to drawing employees back to the office. Check out this one-minute video to see how digital room signage can be a fast and easy office amenity that appeals to today’s workers.

Manage Traditional and Uncommon Spaces with Ambassadeur Hotel

Our solutions empower you to effortlessly manage desks in open floor plans, flex co-working stations, and student study rooms on campuses. With Ambassadeur Hotel, you can make traditional conference rooms and unconventional spaces reservable, delivering smart hybrid office solutions. Our gorgeous designs elevate spaces while our seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar ensures that room reservations sync automatically.

User-Friendly and Hassle-Free

Setting up our solutions is a breeze, and you won’t need IT support. We’ve taken care of the heavy lifting for you. Additionally, with our display outside each room or in the lobby, there will be no more confusion about who reserved a space — it’s conveniently shown on the display. Ambassadeur Hotel makes managing and utilizing office spaces a smooth experience for everyone.

Discover the Success of Ambassadeur Hotel’s SharedSpaces Conference Room Signage in Grand Junction

The city of Grand Junction, Colorado has embraced Ambassadeur Hotel’s SharedSpaces signage for its city hall. With over 650 full-time employees and up to 300 part-time and seasonal employees, Grand Junction’s busy hub of activity relies on our all-in-one platform for scheduling and displaying information. Read our customer case study to learn more about how Grand Junction has benefited from our SharedSpaces signage.

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Consolidate Your Signage with Ambassadeur Hotel

Simplify your building and meeting room signage by choosing Ambassadeur Hotel as your trusted provider. Upgrade your conference facilities and create a modern and efficient workspace that meets the needs of today’s workers. Visit Ambassadeur Hotel to learn more about our innovative solutions.