Massage Therapy at Ambassadeur Hotel: Relax and Rejuvenate

Hello! Welcome to Ambassadeur Hotel, your sanctuary for relaxation and self-care. My name is Jeffery Bennett Bowers, Owner of SLO Massage Therapy, and I am delighted to be your massage therapist during your stay.

At Ambassadeur Hotel, we believe in the power of massage therapy to heal and restore the body. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain or simply want to unwind from the stresses of daily life, our mission is to provide you with a tailored treatment that meets your specific needs.

Your Path to Wellness Begins Here

At SLO Massage Therapy, we prioritize your trust and confidence. I will utilize all my expertise and experience to help you discover the root cause of any discomfort in your body. With my extensive training in traditional deep tissue therapy, passed down by my mother Deborah Lee Bowers, a renowned expert in the field, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands.

In addition to deep tissue therapy, we offer a range of other modalities, including sports massage, FIRM Swedish massage, injury therapy, and fire cupping. Whatever your preference or therapeutic goals, we have the perfect treatment for you.

The Rules of Massage at Ambassadeur Hotel

To ensure that you have the most rewarding experience, here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • Be punctual: Arriving five minutes early is recommended to complete necessary paperwork and maximize your treatment time. Time lost due to tardiness will not be compensated.
  • Consent and communication: Before each session, we will discuss your treatment plan and ask you to sign a consent form. Open communication is essential for your safety and satisfaction.
  • No refunds: Once a treatment is completed, refunds are not available. However, if you are unsatisfied during a session, you have the right to end it and only pay for the time used. To prevent no-shows, the next appointment must be prepaid.
  • Comfortable draping: To ensure your comfort and effective treatment, we may recommend removing all clothing. If you prefer to wear underwear, rest assured that our therapist will secure the draping to provide a secure fit and access to the entire back.
  • Take responsibility: Your progress extends beyond our sessions. Your daily habits and self-care routines greatly impact your overall well-being. Share any information that can help us tailor your treatment and provide suggestions for self-care techniques.
  • Customize your experience: As our valued client, you have the freedom to request adjustments during your treatment. Whether it’s altering pressure, temperature, or music volume, we are here to accommodate your preferences.
  • Patience and healing: Healing is a journey, and soreness may be expected, especially with deep tissue treatments. Over time, you should experience improvement, with soreness diminishing within a few days. If necessary, we can adjust your treatment plan accordingly.

Experience the Difference at Ambassadeur Hotel

Now that you know the rules of massage at SLO Massage Therapy, it’s time to immerse yourself in a rejuvenating experience. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions. Please note that couples massages are currently not available.

Visit Ambassadeur Hotel and embark on a journey of relaxation and wellness. We can’t wait to be a part of your healing process.