Maison Armance – A Truly Unique Hotel

If you’re searching for a Parisian pied-à-terre, look no further than Maison Armance, the new 4-star boutique hotel on Rue Cambon. This charming establishment is located at number 5, a residence that once belonged to the renowned author Stendhal in the early 19th century. Naturally, the hotel took its name from Stendhal’s work, Maison Armance. Step through the typical Parisian carriage gate and into the peaceful courtyard, and let yourself be transported. Take the elevator to the top floor, where your personalized experience awaits.

A Journey Through Time and Style

As you enter your room, you’ll appreciate the intricate details that make Maison Armance truly unique. The carefully selected furnishings seamlessly blend with the parquet floors and ornate moldings, creating a captivating narrative. Each room features an authentic piece of artwork, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship.

The unconventional design of the reception area on the sixth floor immerses you in the world of literary and artistic salons of the past. The view from here offers a one-of-a-kind glimpse of the capital, bathing the space in natural light. Inspired by the rooftops and skies of Paris, the color palette includes stormy gray, zinc, brick, and midnight blue – all reminiscent of the favorite themes of local artists. Refined materials such as tweed, velvet, brass, and cane weave together seamlessly, creating a couture-inspired ambiance.

An Insightful Conversation with Double G, the Duo Behind Maison Armance’s Decor

We had the chance to sit down with the talented duo behind Maison Armance’s stunning decor. When asked about their artistic vision, they shared, “The creation process starts with the architecture, the exploration of volume, and space. As the construction progresses, the concept takes shape, and the story unfolds throughout the project. We felt it was essential to bring classical touches to the hotel by working with the volumes. The concept should be simple and evident, avoiding any clichés. The hotel’s address and its reference to Chanel naturally influenced the project, the design, and the selection of materials, transforming it into a couture hotel. The overall interior decoration of the hotel draws inspiration from the typical Parisian apartment, creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. We wanted Maison Armance to feel like every guest’s Parisian home, a place they love to return to.”

When asked about their sources of inspiration, they replied, “Our first source of inspiration is the location itself – its history and its connection to the neighborhood. It’s crucial to blend seamlessly with the space and respect the heritage to bring the hotel to life. Nothing is set in stone; continuous questioning is necessary. Our inspiration comes from various sources and daily discoveries, just like a collector. We draw inspiration from the works of architect Kengo Kuma, interior designer Joseph Dirand, and fashion designer Isabel Marant, with influences from different periods of the 20th century – particularly Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and Scandinavian design from the 1950s to the 1970s.”

Bringing the Decorative Universe of Maison Armance to Life

The carefully curated decor of Maison Armance is a blend of styles, created collaboratively to evoke a warm and inviting atmosphere. Rather than focusing on a single style, the intention is to create a space that feels like a cozy Parisian apartment. The vestibule, resembling a winter garden, serves as a transitional area between the outside and the inside of the hotel. Each room features Parisian parquet flooring and sleek moldings. The dining area, designed as a literary and artistic salon, is adorned with large modular tables and a private lounge.

What Makes Maison Armance Truly Unique?

Maison Armance stands out due to its hidden aspect. The hotel’s entrance is not immediately visible; instead, guests venture through a typical Parisian courtyard, adding to the secretive and confidential ambiance of this address. The hotel’s configuration is another remarkable feature. Guests are welcomed on the top floor, allowing them to enjoy captivating views of the Parisian rooftops, with their heads in the clouds.

Experience Maison Armance and discover the allure of a Parisian home away from home. Ambassadeur Hotel