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Torres del Paine, nestled in the heart of Chilean Patagonia, has long been a coveted destination for travelers seeking breathtaking beauty. Recognized as a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve in 1978, this extraordinary national park offers an unparalleled ecosystem and mesmerizing landscapes. Despite its remote location, the area boasts an impressive range of accommodations to suit every type of traveler.

Best Hotels Inside Torres del Paine National Park

Best luxury lodging for view enthusiasts: Explora Patagonia

If you’re searching for the perfect blend of luxury and natural splendor, look no further than Explora Patagonia. Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of this luxury hotel, where you can savor mesmerizing views of Lago Pehoé and Paine Massif from the comfort of your room. With short hiking trails at your doorstep and an array of activities tailored to your preferences, Explora Patagonia provides an unforgettable experience. Prices start at $6,300 USD for a three-night all-inclusive stay.

Best historic hotels right by the Towers: Hotel Las Torres

To stay as close as possible to the majestic Towers, spend a night at Hotel Las Torres. This charming hotel, owned by a local family who transformed their land into a private reserve, offers comfortable rooms and delectable Chilean cuisine. Explore the trails, embark on excursions, and indulge in a traditional Patagonian lamb barbecue. Prices start at $450 USD for a double room with breakfast included.

Best hotel for an up-close glacier encounter: Hotel Lago Grey

Located on the southern banks of Grey Lake, Hotel Lago Grey provides unparalleled access to the awe-inspiring Glacier Grey and its surrounding ice fields. Upgrade to a superior room for breathtaking views and enjoy tours of the lake and glacier. This modern hotel offers well-equipped rooms and a restaurant with panoramic views of Los Cuernos. Prices start at $335 USD for a double room.

Best lodging for an eco-retreat: EcoCamp Patagonia

Experience sustainable accommodation like never before at EcoCamp Patagonia. These award-winning geodesic domes, inspired by indigenous dwellings, offer a unique and eco-friendly retreat. Upgrade to a superior dome or suite for added comfort. With all-inclusive tour packages, complete relaxation in separate community domes, yoga sessions, and a bar, this eco-camp ensures a memorable stay. Prices start at $3,000 USD for a standard double room for three nights.

Best campsite in the heart of Torres del Paine Park: Camping Lago Pehoé

For a truly immersive camping experience, choose Camping Lago Pehoé. Situated by the picturesque lake, this campsite provides essential amenities such as electricity, hot showers, and even a restaurant. Rent a tent or opt for a geodesic dome for added protection against Patagonia’s renowned winds. The campsite’s convenient location allows for easy access to hiking trails and the famous W trek. Prices start at $132 USD for a dome for two with a shared bathroom.

Hotels near the Southern Entrance of Torres del Paine National Park

Best luxury hotel and spa with stunning views: Rio Serrano Hotel + Spa

Just a stone’s throw away from the southern entrance of the park, Rio Serrano Hotel + Spa offers unparalleled views of Los Cuernos. Indulge in the hotel’s spa facilities, including a large swimming pool, while marveling at the magnificent surroundings. Enjoy modern Patagonian dishes at the restaurant and join excursions into the park. Prices start at $800 USD for a double room with all-inclusive meals.

Best mid-range hotel with a mountain vista: Pampa Lodge

Discover serenity at Pampa Lodge, a beautifully decorated guest house close to the Serrano River. Wake up to stunning panoramic views of the river and Paine Massif from your room’s yawning windows. With its own stables, Pampa Lodge offers horseback tours to nearby viewpoints. The lodge opens from October to April and prices start at $300 USD for a double room.

Best luxury yurts near the entrance of Torres del Paine: Patagonia Camp

For a unique and luxurious experience, choose Patagonia Camp. Nestled on the southern shore of Lago Toro, this exclusive accommodation boasts panoramic views from its deluxe yurts. Unwind on your private terrace or relax in the suite’s jacuzzi. Engage with knowledgeable guides, indulge in meals at the on-site restaurant, and explore the surrounding area. Prices start at $2,160 USD for a double yurt for two nights.

Best lodge for the Patagonian ranch experience: Hosteria Mirador del Payne

Immerse yourself in authentic Patagonian ranch life at Hosteria Mirador del Payne. Located in a mesmerizing setting with stunning views of Lago Verde and the towering Paine Massif, this lodge offers a unique experience. Take advantage of the nearby trails or simply bask in the lodge’s serene surroundings. Prices start at $220 USD for a double room.

Best cabins for self-caterers: Cabañas Lago Tyndall

To keep costs down while exploring Torres del Paine, consider Cabañas Lago Tyndall. Situated on the bend of Río Serrano, these cabins provide a spacious and well-equipped option for independent travelers. Stock up on groceries in Puerto Natales and enjoy a cozy, self-catering experience in these comfortable cabins. Prices start at $160 USD for a four-person cabin.

Hotels near the Eastern Entrance of Torres del Paine National Park

Best former ranch turned boutique hotel: Estancia Cerro Guido

Immerse yourself in the rich history of Patagonia at Estancia Cerro Guido. This former sheep ranch, now a boutique hotel, offers an authentic experience in partnership with nature. Marvel at the torres from the comfort of the beautifully converted ranch house and enjoy conservation-focused excursions. Prices start at $2,990 USD for a two-night all-inclusive stay.

Best spa with a sublime view: Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa

Unwind and pamper yourself at Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa. Situated on the eastern shore of Lago Sarmiento, this boutique lodge offers a luxurious pool and spa experience. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking vista while enjoying the hotel’s exquisite cuisine. Prices start at $2,800 USD for a standard double room for three nights.

Best luxury accommodation for independent off-roaders: Awasi Patagonia

Embark on an adventure off the beaten track at Awasi Patagonia. With 14 luxury villas blending seamlessly into the landscape, this secluded accommodation offers personalized service and captivating views. Explore the wilderness with a personal guide and 4WD vehicle, and savor the innovative cuisine at the on-site restaurant. Prices start at $3,990 USD for a three-night all-inclusive stay.

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