Experience the Ultimate Suspension Performance with the Long Travel Bronco

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Are you ready to take your Ford Bronco to the next level? Introducing the first-ever TRUE production long travel suspension system for the 2021+ Ford Bronco. Designed to provide maximum performance in any terrain, the Long Travel Bronco offers unparalleled suspension performance, from crawling over boulders to fast desert driving.

Unparalleled Suspension Performance

Our ProRunner suspension system is engineered to deliver exceptional articulation and stability, allowing you to conquer even the most unforgiving terrain. With a completely re-engineered shock tower, the front long travel system features larger diameter 3.0 internal bypass King coilovers with long-finned remote reservoirs and compression adjusters. These components ensure optimal performance for extended periods, with minimal shock fade.

The upper control arms, constructed from billet aluminum, feature double-adjustable HEIM joints that allow you to dial in your alignment without the need for removal. The fully boxed lower control arms, made from .179 CRS, are pre-tabbed for secondary shocks and APG sway bar links. With an extra 3.5″ width on both the upper and lower control arms, the Long Travel Bronco boasts a 7″ wider overall track width, providing increased stability and enhanced off-road capabilities.

Enhanced Durability and Drivetrain Performance

We understand that the stock Bronco front drivetrain may not be suitable for abuse on larger tires. That’s why we include a 32 spline Dana 44 AdvanTEK front differential unit and a pair of fully-assembled 300M RCV axles with the Long Travel Bronco. These upgrades allow you to maximize the potential of your suspension system on 37″ or 40″ tires, without worrying about damaging your drivetrain.

Complete Kit with Professional Installation

The Long Travel Bronco system comes complete with all necessary hardware, brake lines, and mounting brackets. Please note that professional installation is required, as this is not a bolt-on suspension system. Rest assured, our team of experts will ensure that your Long Travel Bronco is installed correctly for optimal performance and safety.

What’s Included:

  • +3.5 Lower Control Arms (pair)
  • +3.5 Upper Control Arms (pair)
  • +3.5 HD Tie Rod Kit (pair)
  • +3.5 RCV CV Axles (pair)
  • 3.0 Coilover Shock Tower and Frame Weld kit
  • Dana 44 AdvanTEK Front Drive Unit (5.38 gear ratio – electronic locking differential – 32 spline)
  • Extended brake lines
  • All necessary spherical bearings, Heim joints, and Grade 8 hardware **ARE INCLUDED***

Note: Shipping costs will be calculated after your order is placed. Our team will contact you to discuss shipping options and provide you with a quote.

Enhance Your Bronco Today

Upgrade your Ford Bronco with the Long Travel Bronco suspension system and experience the ultimate in suspension performance. Visit Ambassadeur Hotel to learn more and make your order today!

Steering Rack: A worry of the past, the aftermarket solved this problem! Re-enforcement recommended for 37+” tires or any form of Rock Crawling. Contact APG for market options and suggestions. All current market upgrade options are kept in stock at APG.

Spherical bearings and Heim joints require initial and periodical lubrication. APG recommends cleaning and lubricating joints twice a year (before and after winter).

Compatible with any Bronco model (2 Door/4 Door) except Bronco Raptor (NOT designed for Bronco Raptor).

Calibration tool (i.e. Forscan/Ford Performance/Whipple/ect) required for axle ratio programming. Failure to calibrate axle ratio may set vehicle in service mode.

Only Ford Performance calibration tool will calibrate FDU’s for M190 equipped Broncos.

This suspension system is designed and cycled with the optional shock system above. Customers will be required to verify all geometry, spring rates, and valving if they use another shock system. Contact APG for recommended shock specifications.

APG bump stop kit is required for 40″ tires.