Ambassadeur Hotel Presents: The Ultimate Guide to Live-Work Apartments in Downtown Los Angeles


Are you considering a move to Downtown Los Angeles but finding it challenging to navigate the overwhelming choices of live-work apartments, studios, lofts, and residential buildings? Look no further! We’re here to simplify the process and help you find the perfect space that suits both your living and working needs. This comprehensive guide will provide valuable insights and a curated list of available properties for sale and lease.


Apartments vs. Condos

Let’s start by clarifying the distinction between apartments and condos. In New York, the term “apartment” encompasses condos, co-ops, and other residential buildings. However, in Los Angeles, “apartment” typically refers to managed rental buildings, with each unit having a single owner. As co-ops are scarce in Southern California, the term “apartment” often denotes rental units within a single-owner building, while individually-owned units are referred to as condos.

Studio vs. Loft

When it comes to finding the right living or workspace, size matters. In Southern California, a “studio” usually refers to a compact rental apartment or condo without a separate bedroom. These spaces feature an open layout, where the bedroom and living room are combined. However, in Downtown Los Angeles, small lofts are referred to as “small lofts” rather than studios. This distinction arises from the prevalence of photographers and artists who utilize their live-work lofts as professional studios. Most lofts in Downtown LA do not have separate bedrooms, and their sizes can range from small (around 500 to 700 sq ft) to very large (1,200 sq ft or more).

Lofts For Sale

Live/Work vs. Residential

Live-work lofts have gained immense popularity due to their trendy open architecture, industrial style, and modern features like stainless steel appliances and granite countertops. Many renters and buyers use live-work lofts exclusively for residential purposes. However, these spaces are also ideal for creative work such as photography, painting, graphic arts, or music. It’s essential to note that live music and heavy industrial work are generally not permissible in Downtown Los Angeles live/work buildings.

Exceptions and Considerations

While there are general guidelines, Downtown LA has exceptions to many rules. Each building varies in terms of allowable work types and customer visitations. Cash registers and long queues are not permitted in live/work lofts, but residential properties may accommodate business consultations with clients. To explore a complete list of live/work buildings for sale and lease in Downtown LA, visit our Ambassadeur Hotel website.

The Ultimate List: Live/Work Loft Condominiums

Here’s a curated selection of live/work loft condominiums in Downtown Los Angeles:

  • Alta Lofts – 200 San Fernando Rd, 90031
  • Barker Block – 510 S Hewitt St & 530 S Hewitt St, 90013
  • Bartlett Building – 215 W 7th St, 90014
  • Barn Lofts – 940 E 2nd St, 90012
  • Beacon Lofts – 825 E 4th St, 90013
  • Biscuit Company – 1850 Industrial St, 90021
  • Cornell Building – 746 S Los Angeles St, 90014
  • Douglas Building – 257 S Spring St, 90012
  • Eastern Columbia – 849 S Broadway, 90014
  • Eckardt Building – 738 S Los Angeles St, 90014

And many more! Explore the full list on our Ambassadeur Hotel website.

Residential Condominiums for Your Comfort

If you prefer a residential condominium lifestyle, we recommend considering the following properties in Downtown Los Angeles:

  • 1100 Wilshire – 1100 Wilshire Blvd, 90017
  • 630 N Grand – 630 N Grand Ave, 90012
  • 655 Hope – 655 Hope St, 90017
  • Bunker Hill Tower – 800 W 1st St, 90012
  • Concerto Lofts – 901 Flower St, 90015
  • Elleven Lofts – 1111 S Grand Ave, 90015
  • Evo – 1155 S Grand Ave, 90015
  • Glen Donald Building – 2121 James M Wood Bl, 90006
  • Library Court – 630 W 6th St, 90017
  • Luma – 1100 S Hope St, 90015

Check out our complete list of residential condominiums on Ambassadeur Hotel website.

Rental Loft Apartments: The Best of Both Worlds

If you prefer the flexibility of renting, we’ve compiled a variety of live/work loft rental apartments and residential rental apartments:

  • American Cement Building Lofts – 2404 Wilshire Blvd, 90057
  • Art House – 1200 S Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90021
  • Binford Lofts – 837 Traction Ave, 90013
  • Broadway Lofts – 430 S Broadway, 90013
  • Brockman Lofts – 530 W 7th St, 90014
  • Chapman Flats – 756 S. Broadway, 90014
  • Chester Williams – 215 W 5th Street, 90013
  • Continental Lofts – 408 S Spring St, 90013
  • Emil Brown Building – 308 East 9th St, 90015
  • Factory Place Lofts – 1308 Factory Place, 90013

Discover more options on our Ambassadeur Hotel website.


Finding the perfect live-work apartment in Downtown Los Angeles doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With our comprehensive guide and curated listings, you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. For further assistance or to book a tour, contact us at (213) 880-9910 or visit our website. We’re here to help you find your dream live-work space in the vibrant heart of Downtown LA!

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