Exploring Las Palomas Resort: Your Gateway to Paradise

Directions to Las Palomas Resort in Puerto Peñasco

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable getaway to Las Palomas Resort in Puerto Peñasco? Let us guide you to this seaside oasis, nestled on the picturesque Sandy Beach. Whether you’re arriving from Arizona or California, we’ve got you covered!

From Arizona: A Scenic Journey

If you’re coming from Arizona, hop on the AZ-85 and prepare for a scenic 80.2-mile drive to Lukeville. After crossing the border, as you enter Puerto Peñasco, turn right at the third traffic light onto “Calle 26” or “No Reeleccion.” Follow this road until you reach the Las Palomas Sea Side Community’s property, located at the traffic circle. As you continue further, you’ll notice the street curving to the right. Keep going until you reach another traffic circle, where you’ll take the left exit leading to the security gate of Las Palomas Resort.

From California: A Coastal Adventure

For those coming from California, start your journey on US-101 S, then merge onto I-10 E toward SAN BERNARDINO. Once you cross the border into Arizona, continue on AZ-85 S for approximately 36.5 miles. Turn right onto AZ-85, and soon you’ll find yourself in Lukeville, just 80.2 miles away. After crossing the border into Puerto Peñasco, turn right at the third traffic light onto “Calle 26” or “No Reeleccion.” Keep driving straight, cross the railroad tracks, and you’ll enter the Las Palomas Sea Side Community’s property, marked by an exit to the left around the traffic circle. Follow the street as it curves to the right, and you’ll soon arrive at the main entrance’s security gate.

Las Palomas Resort: A Mexican Paradise

Welcome to Las Palomas Resort, a luxurious haven in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, situated in the exclusive Sandy Beach resort area. This enchanting vacation destination is perfectly positioned against the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Sea of Cortez and the Sonoran Desert landscape. Immerse yourself in a paradise that seamlessly combines the charm of old Mexico with a vibrant resort lifestyle.

A mere 4-hour drive from Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, and 677 miles from San Diego, California, Las Palomas Resort is a favorite vacation spot for North American travelers. It captivates visitors with its seductive beauty and rich Mexican culture.

Puerto Peñasco: Mexico’s Hidden Gem

Only 63 miles from the Arizona/Sonora border, Puerto Peñasco beckons you to discover its perfect paradise. Las Palomas Resort is ideally located in this seaside oasis, offering pristine beaches, charming bays, stunning inlets, boat marinas, championship golf courses, vibrant marketplaces, oceanfront restaurants, and lively clubs.

Just a stone’s throw away from Las Palomas Resort, you’ll find El Malecón/Old Port, the city center, Cet Mar Aquarium, Las Conchas, Bird Island, and miles of exquisite sandy beaches, rocky reefs, and quaint fishing ports. This Mexican beachfront resort is your gateway to sun, sea, and surf!

Indulge in Puerto Peñasco Pleasures

From the moment the golden sun rises until it sets, Puerto Peñasco offers an array of activities for your delight. Stroll along the beautiful beaches and feel the gentle waves inviting you to swim, surf, sail, and dive. Let the ocean breezes guide your kite as you explore the stunning coastline. Witness playful dolphins leaping across the Sea of Cortez, a sight that will leave you in awe.

Beaches and Bays: Nature’s Playground

Puerto Peñasco’s beaches and bays are a haven for water enthusiasts. Dive into the warm, crystal-clear waters for swimming, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and parasailing. On miles of blissful beach, surf the waves, ride an ATV over the sand dunes, or take a leisurely cruise to Choya Bay and witness the sun sinking into the deep blue sea. For a unique experience, visit the Cet Mar Aquarium in Las Conchas, where you can observe and interact with diverse marine life.

Immerse Yourself in Rocky Point Culture and Nightlife

Discover the vibrant culture and lively nightlife of Rocky Point. Indulge your taste buds with a wide variety of mouthwatering cuisines and soak up the local atmosphere. Sip on a refreshing cocktail at a seaside bar, savor Mexican and French delicacies at oceanfront restaurants, and experience the festive energy of the nightlife scene. For breathtaking panoramic sunsets, drive up to the top of Rocky Point and witness nature’s stunning display. Don’t forget to visit the Old Port – El Mirador area, where you can immerse yourself in the lively marketplace and find unique Mexican arts and fresh seafood.

So, what are you waiting for? Embark on an unforgettable journey to Las Palomas Resort, your gateway to paradise! Book your stay at Ambassadeur Hotel now.

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