The Joys of a King Size Hotel Room

King Size Hotel Room

Are you a solo traveler who craves the ultimate comfort during your hotel stay? If so, then a single king bed is likely your ideal choice. There’s something truly delightful about having a spacious bed to stretch out in, along with the extra usable space in your room. After all, having an extra bed that you won’t be using doesn’t benefit you in any way. But have you ever wondered what goes into the decision-making process when it comes to offering a king bed or queen beds in a hotel room?

Hotel Guest Preferences

In the book Hotel Design, Planning, and Development by Penner, Adams, and Robson, the authors categorize hotel guests into various groups. While I haven’t read the book cover to cover (honestly, who has the time?), I can tell you that they highlight different types of travelers with distinct preferences.

Hotel Guest Segments

There is also a small subset of leisure group travelers who prefer two queen beds. For example, millennials traveling together might opt for this arrangement. It’s worth noting that platonic travelers, especially males, tend to avoid sharing a bed.

Hotel Marketing and Room Configurations

Interestingly, there isn’t a fixed formula dictating what percentage of hotel rooms should have one bed versus two. Instead, it largely depends on the type of guests the hotel aims to attract. Urban hotels near convention centers often prioritize single king rooms. On the other hand, properties near theme parks tend to offer rooms with two queens or double beds.

“Get your own bed”

While it may be more costly to maintain rooms with two beds due to the additional linens, mattresses, and housekeeping time required, the versatility they offer is invaluable. By having two beds in a room, hotels can easily accommodate a single guest without much fuss. Conversely, putting a family of four in a room with just one bed is a recipe for unhappy guests.

Room Pricing and Availability

A quick scan of hotel rooms in and around Seattle (my hometown) revealed a mixed bag. Many hotels charged the same price regardless of whether the room had one or two beds. However, the more business-oriented hotels tended to charge a premium for rooms with two beds, likely due to lower supply. In fact, one hotel even posted a disclaimer: “[Hotel] cannot guarantee double/double requests. The hotel has limited double/double guest rooms.”

I also noticed a similar pattern in Orlando, near Disney World, and hotels near airports. In these areas, it seemed that most hotels only offered rooms with two beds. Even in Las Vegas, there was at least one hotel that charged an extra $30 per night for rooms with two beds, anticipating that groups rather than families would occupy these rooms.

King Bed or Queen Beds in a Hotel Room

Embracing the Curiosity

As a hospitality industry enthusiast, I find these factors intriguing to ponder. But I understand that for most of you, this might seem like the most boring post ever. Nonetheless, I’m curious to know your preference as a solo traveler. Does having a single king bed make all the difference, or is it something you simply don’t mind?

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