KBS Tour FLT Iron Shafts

The KBS Tour is widely regarded as one of the most popular steel iron shafts in the world of golf. Renowned for its smooth feel and versatility, golfers have sworn by this shaft for years. KBS has now introduced an updated version of this shaft, the KBS Tour FLT, to cater to a wider range of players’ needs. The main concept behind this design is to achieve higher ball flight with longer irons and lower ball flight with shorter irons, resulting in increased distance and enhanced control.

What Does it Feel Like?

When it comes to the feel of the KBS Tour FLT, it’s important to have an understanding of how the original Tour model feels. While the Tour shaft provides a fairly neutral feel with a smooth release, the Tour FLT offers a slightly more dynamic and snappy feel. Overall, the Tour FLT still retains the smoothness of the original shaft, but you can sense a liveliness and additional kick with the FLT. Of course, feel is highly subjective and can vary based on individual hand grip and swing style. You might have a completely different perception for each shaft. To make an accurate A/B comparison, it is recommended to test both shafts throughout the entire iron set.

Performance 6

On-Course Performance

KBS designed the Tour FLT to generate higher ball flight with 6 iron down and lower ball flight from 8 iron onwards. Additionally, this flight pattern is expected to deliver increased distance and spin. In my personal experience, I found the spin characteristics of the Tour FLT and the standard Tour to be quite similar. However, the Tour FLT definitely launched the ball higher for me. Although KBS intends for the Tour FLT to launch lower with the shorter irons, I noticed that they also launched higher for me. It’s important to note that this may vary depending on an individual player’s swing. In my case, I happened to hit them higher compared to the standard Tour.

In terms of on-course performance, what really stood out to me with the FLT was the control and ease of play it offered. Combining the exceptional feel and higher launch, I found it effortless to strike the ball consistently well with the Tour FLT. Getting the ball airborne comfortably was a breeze, and controlling the shot was a piece of cake. My shots were consistently accurate, and I felt I had the ability to manipulate the trajectory and shape as needed. In essence, the FLT felt more forgiving to me compared to the original Tour.

Final Thoughts – KBS Tour FLT

In my opinion, KBS has succeeded in creating a more user-friendly version of their flagship Tour shaft with the FLT model. It’s simply easy to hit and feels fantastic. However, I believe that the majority of golfers who prefer the FLT shaft would fall on the amateur side of the spectrum. Better players might find these shafts launch the ball a bit too high or produce extra spin that I didn’t personally experience. That’s the beauty of today’s fitting industry though – you can easily determine what works best for you. I really enjoyed using this shaft, and it spent a considerable amount of time in my golf bag. I believe others will benefit from it too.

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