Introducing the Mizuno JPX921 Tour Iron: A Game-Changer for Ball-Strikers

When Nike discontinued its golf club business in 2016, it left top players like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy without equipment contracts. Little did we know that this move would pave the way for the emergence of the Mizuno brand and the creation of the JPX921 Tour iron.

A New Era for Mizuno

Mizuno, once known for its traditional forged irons, decided to shake things up by introducing the JPX family. These irons featured funky colors, cartoon-style ads, and satin finishes, aimed at attracting a younger audience. However, their sales fell short of expectations.

Enter Brooks Koepka, a free agent at the time. He chose to play with the Mizuno JPX900 Tour irons and went on to win the US Open, defend his title, and secure the US PGA championship. This unprecedented achievement put Mizuno back on the map and drew the attention of a new generation of golfers.

Mizuno JPX921 Tour Iron: The Next Chapter

The Mizuno JPX921 Tour iron takes the success of its predecessors and enhances it further. These irons feature a forged muscle cavity design that provides a softer feel and a more consistent ball flight.

Mizuno JPX921 Tour Iron

Enhanced Design, Enhanced Performance

Mizuno has made subtle improvements to the JPX921 Tour iron that golfers will appreciate. The thicker area behind the clubface improves feel, while the narrower soles in the shorter irons enhance turf interaction. The CG’s position also requires players to work harder to shape shots, making these irons ideal for those who prefer hitting straight shots.

Key Features of the Mizuno JPX921 Tour Iron

  • RRP: £150 per iron
  • Available in: 4-GW
  • Stock shaft: KBS S-Taper
  • 7-iron loft: 34°

These irons are Grain Flow forged from Mizuno’s legendary 1025E carbon steel. The HD forging technique applies greater pressure to the lower portion of the blade, resulting in improved feel on impact. The slightly thicker design behind the clubface prolongs the frequency waves, enhancing the overall feel of the iron.

Mizuno JPX921 Tour vs. MP-20 MB Iron

Players faced with the choice between the Mizuno JPX921 Tour iron and the MP-20 MB iron will find that the JPX921 Tour offers a slightly higher launch and more spin. While the JPX Tour irons have traditionally been favored by golfers who prefer hitting straight shots, the new Tour iron’s versatility makes it suitable for a wider range of players.

Verdict: Mizuno JPX921 Tour Iron

The Mizuno JPX921 Tour irons have a tough act to follow after the overwhelming success of their predecessors. Our test pro noticed the slightly longer blade length, which caters to golfers seeking a straighter ball flight. However, for most club golfers, the JPX921 Forged emerges as Mizuno’s standout performer. The data shows that choosing the Tour iron sacrifices ball speed and carry distance, making it a demanding option compared to the forgiving JPX921 Forged.

Mizuno JPX921 Tour vs. MP-20 MB

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The Mizuno JPX921 Tour iron represents a new chapter for Mizuno, taking the brand to new heights. With its improved design, enhanced performance, and versatility, this iron is a game-changer for ball-strikers. Choose your Mizuno irons wisely and take your golf game to the next level.