How to Start a Career as a Travel Agent in Michigan

How to Become a Travel Agent in Michigan

Even though many people now use the internet to book their travel plans, there are still those who appreciate the personal touch that travel agents bring. And in Michigan, travel agents are far from being outdated. Booking a vacation can still be a daunting task if you undertake it alone, which is why many individuals prefer to have an agent handle all the details. Luckily, the requirements for becoming a travel agent in Michigan are minimal, making it a viable career choice.

Duties of a Travel Agent in Michigan

The main responsibility of a travel agent is to simplify the process of planning and booking trips. Travel agents in Michigan handle tasks such as reserving flights, renting cars, booking hotel rooms, organizing business trips and corporate events, and even creating complete vacation packages. Some agents in Michigan specialize in specific travel segments and demographics, focusing on international travel or location-specific trips. Irrespective of their specialization, all travel agents share one thing in common: working directly with people. They research and provide clients with essential information about their destination, including weather updates, latest news, and any specific international travel requirements.

Licensing Requirements for Travel Agents in Michigan

Becoming a travel agent in Michigan does not require a license or permit. However, if you plan to work as a self-employed travel agent, you will need to establish your business structure – sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation – and fulfill all relevant tax obligations. In certain cases, you may require a seller’s permit if you intend to sell vacation packages or other travel-related products. Additionally, obtaining an employer identification number (EIN) is necessary for tax purposes. It is important to note that these regulations only apply if you are operating your own travel agency.

Travel Agent Programs in Michigan

While there is no specific program designed to train individuals as travel agents in Michigan, there are various related four-year degree programs and individual classes available for those interested in pursuing a career in tourism and travel. For instance, Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo offers a comprehensive four-year tourism and travel degree, with many graduates finding employment as travel agents or establishing their own agencies. In addition, Western Michigan provides an online travel agent training class that equips participants with a deep understanding of the travel agent’s role and how to assist clients in planning their travels. The class, priced at $1,995 (USD), follows an open enrollment format and allows participants to learn at their own pace. Successful completion of the class qualifies participants to take the Travel Agent Proficiency test (TAP), with the cost of the test included in the course fee. Upon finishing the class, participants receive a certificate of completion, fully preparing them for entry-level positions in the travel industry. For those concerned about the cost of a four-year degree program, several community colleges in Michigan offer affordable classes on travel, tourism, travel planning, event planning, and hospitality management.

Average Salary of Travel Agents in Michigan

According to, the average salary for most travel agents in Michigan as of November 2021 is $38,714. Typically, salaries range between $35,000 and $45,000. Several factors determine wages, including education, skills, years of experience in the travel industry, and additional certifications. Moreover, salaries can vary based on the city in which a travel agent works and the demand for their services. For example, the average salary for a travel agent in Taylor, MI is approximately $40,000 annually, whereas in Alba, MI, the average salary is slightly lower at $35,944.

Annual Salary Range

  • Detroit: $39,344
  • Grand Rapids: $37,515
  • Warren: $39,344
  • Flint: $36,058
  • Sterling Heights: $39,221
  • Lansing: $37,445
  • Ann Arbor: $39,917
  • Livonia: $39,221
  • Dearborn: $39,344
  • Westland: $39,476


Becoming a travel agent in Michigan is an exciting career choice that allows you to assist individuals in planning their dream vacations. With minimal requirements and a range of educational opportunities, you can embark on this fulfilling profession. So why wait? Take the first step towards becoming a travel agent in Michigan and start creating unforgettable travel experiences for your clients.

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