Creating a Perfect Nursery Nook in Your Guest Room

Don’t have an extra room to dedicate to a nursery? No problem! I was in the same situation. With my two older children already having their own rooms, I needed to keep our guest bedroom intact for visiting family. However, I didn’t want to compromise on creating a cozy nursery space for my youngest. That’s when I decided to transform a corner of our guest room into a nursery nook. Here are some valuable insights I gained along the way.

Plan for the Main Purpose of the Room

Even though it’s technically a guest room, it’s your baby’s nursery most of the time. Consider the main purpose of the room and design it accordingly. While I initially tried to accommodate both guests and the nursery, I realized that prioritizing the nursery layout was the best decision. Remember, this is your baby’s special space, so make it comfortable and convenient for them. If your nook is within a master bedroom, you have even more flexibility to tailor the design to your preferences.

Boho Rainbow Nursery Nook in a Guest Room
Crib | Dresser | Chunky Knit Throw | Blackout Drapes

Choose a Neutral Design that Adapts to Your Baby’s Gender

Opting for a neutral design allows you to keep the nursery decor versatile and suitable for either a boy or a girl. We fell in love with a neutral boho rainbow theme for our nursery nook, and it turned out to be a perfect choice. By choosing a gender-neutral design, you can easily incorporate additional decor elements later depending on your baby’s gender.

Boho Rainbow Wall Hanging with Felt Ball Mobile in Nursery Nook
Baby Monitor | Cord Cover | Sweet Dreams Wire Art | Boho Rainbow Wall Hanging

Select Compact Furniture to Maximize Space

Consider the size of your guest bedroom when choosing furniture for your nursery nook. In my case, I had a queen-size bed in the room, so I opted for a mini crib and a single dresser to minimize the footprint. Additionally, a utility cart proved to be a convenient addition for storing diaper-changing supplies and baby essentials like changing pads and burp cloths.

Cuddle + Kind Deer Doll in Natural Mini Crib with Striped Mini Crib Sheet
Mobile | Cuddle + Kind Doll | Mini Crib Sheet

Maintain a Consistent Design while Adding Nursery Decor

To create a cohesive look, maintain a consistent design throughout the nursery nook. However, don’t be afraid to incorporate extra nursery-specific decor elements to enhance the space. For example, in my boho rainbow-themed nook, I added a woven wall hanging and a rattan side table to complement the overall aesthetic.

Macrame Wall Hanging and Rattan Side Table in Nursery Nook in Guest Room
Rattan Side Table | Pacifiers | Sound Soother | Plant Stand

Nursery Shelving with Clothes Hanging Rod and Storage Baskets
Book Shelves | Rainbow Memory Book | Zoco Basket (Nude/Pink) | Natural Pom Basket | Mama’s Favorite Human onesie | Pomegranate Organic Sleeper | Organic Sleeper

Choose Versatile Items for the Long Run

When selecting items for your nursery nook, consider their longevity beyond the nursery phase. Opt for pieces that can easily transition to other rooms in your house. For instance, I chose a machine-washable boho rug and a pouf ottoman that can be repurposed in different areas when the nursery phase comes to an end.

Boho Rainbow Nursery Nook in a Guest Room
Air Washable Boho Rug | Mudcloth Swaddle

Boho Pouf Ottoman in Baby Girl Nursery Nook
Boho Pouf Ottoman | Rainbow Footie | Headband

Creating a nursery nook in your guest room allows you to enjoy the benefits of both spaces. As an added bonus, when guests stay over, you can easily move the mini crib to your master bedroom closet. It’s lightweight, and your baby will still sleep soundly. Embrace the challenge and get creative with your nursery nook design!

Photography by Lori Wilson Photography in Dallas, Texas

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