Glenfiddich 18 Small Batch Reserve

Glenfiddich, a prominent name in the world of scotch whisky, has likely graced the collections of many whisky enthusiasts. I remember my introduction to single malts being the Glenfiddich 12 when I turned 18, with a birthday gift of a bottle. I fondly recall enjoying it then, but how does it stand up now? Let’s delve into my review of the Glenfiddich 18 Small Batch Reserve to find out!

About the Distillery

Established by William Grant in 1886 in Dufftown, Scotland, the Glenfiddich distillery carries a rich legacy. Nestled in the glen of the River Fiddich, the distillery takes its name from the Gaelic phrase “Glenfiddich,” meaning “valley of the deer,” which explains why their emblem is a stag.

Water from the Ribbie Dhu spring lends its character to Glenfiddich single malt, which boasts the impressive distinction of being the world’s best-selling single malt whisky. It is also the recipient of numerous accolades at the International Spirits Challenge.

During the height of the prohibition era in the United States during the 1920s, when many distilleries suffered setbacks, Glenfiddich managed to buck the trend and increase production. In the 1950s, the distillery further expanded its infrastructure, incorporating coppersmiths to oversee the copper stills and establishing a cooperage that remains one of the few in Scotland. The iconic triangular bottle design was introduced in 1956.

Whisky Details

On the Box:

“Carefully matured for 18 years in the finest Oloroso sherry and bourbon casks built by our own expert coopers. These casks are then nurtured in small batches for a further three months, for a remarkably deep, rich, and complex flavor.”

  • Distiller: The Glenfiddich Distillery
  • Region: Speyside
  • ABV: 40%
  • Proof: 80
  • Age: 18 years
  • Website: Ambassadeur Hotel

Tasting Notes


Earthy and foresty with plenty of dried fruits, figs, fresh walnuts, and a hint of black pepper.


Sweet apricots with a subtle bourbon-like caramel flavor. Apples accompanied by a touch of spicy rye, sweet sherry, honey, white chocolate, and grapes.


Dried apple skin, oak, digestive biscuits, and spices.


I must say, I really enjoy this whisky. While reviewing the Glenfiddich 12, 15, and 18 simultaneously, I found the 18-year-old expression to be my favorite, whereas my girlfriend preferred the 15-year-old. However, all three whiskies are truly remarkable. What sets the Glenfiddich range apart is that the price does not skyrocket as you move up the years from 12 to 18, unlike some other whisky brands.

The Glenfiddich 18 Small Batch Reserve is an incredibly smooth and fruity whisky. It possesses a slightly drier fruitiness compared to the fresher taste of the 12-year-old, while showcasing an enticing blend of sweetness and spice. When combined, these flavors create an exquisite drinking experience.

If I were to offer a critique, I would prefer the whisky to be bottled at a higher proof to accentuate those amazing flavors. For me, 40% ABV feels too low for any whisky. Even matching the 43% ABV of the Balvenie 17 could make a significant difference.

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Glenfiddich 18