Gift Ideas for Retirees Who Love to Travel

Is someone you know retiring soon and planning to embark on exciting travel adventures? Or perhaps your parents, friends, or relatives are retiring and you’re searching for heartfelt retirement travel gifts that they’ll truly appreciate? Look no further! This curated list of 30 gifts for retirees who travel is here to help you find the perfect presents.

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Retirement Travel Gifts for Big Budgets

#1 Personalized World Map

Help them keep track of the beautiful countries they’ve visited with a personalized pushpin world map. This unique travel retirement gift is a perfect way for them to document their journeys and plan future adventures. If you’re looking for different styles, check out my favorite world maps here.

#2 E-Reader

Retirement provides ample time for hobbies, such as reading. Consider gifting them an e-reader to enjoy their favorite books anywhere they go. It’s lightweight and portable, making it a convenient companion for beach days, RV trips, or leisurely hours in cafes.

#3 High-Quality Suitcase

Upgrade their travel gear with a comfortable and lightweight suitcase. Look for one with 360-degree spinning wheels and a sturdy cover. Samsonite suitcases have consistently been voted the best by travelers, making them a fantastic choice for retirees who prefer practicality and reliability.

#4 Swiss Army Knife

For retirees planning to spend time outdoors, a Swiss army knife is a practical and versatile tool. Whether they’re camping, cycling, or traveling in a camper, this handy gadget will always come in handy.

#5 Camera

Capture those unforgettable travel moments with a proper camera. Retirees love documenting their post-work adventures, and a high-quality camera will help them do just that. If you’re looking for smaller photography-related gifts, don’t miss the next items on this list.

#6 Camera Bag

Protect their camera and accessories with a stylish and functional camera bag. Even if the retiree already owns a camera, a camera bag can be a thoughtful and practical gift to ensure their gear stays safe and organized during their travels.

#7 Water Bottle

Staying hydrated is crucial for travelers, which is why a water bottle makes an excellent retirement travel gift. The LifeStraw bottle, equipped with a filter, ensures clean and safe drinking water, even in countries where tap water may not be considered safe.

#8 Binoculars

If the retiree enjoys safari adventures or spending time spotting wildlife, travel binoculars are a fantastic gift idea. Compact and powerful, these binoculars provide 20x magnification and easily fit into any backpack.

#9 Rain Jackets

No matter where they’re headed, a high-quality rain jacket is always a smart choice. Opt for a reliable and durable option like the Columbia rain jacket, available for both men and women.

#10 Gift Card

While a gift card may seem like a generic present, it can be a practical and thoughtful option. It allows the retiree to choose something they genuinely need or want. Here are 25 best gift cards for travelers to inspire you. Alternatively, Tinggly gift cards offer a fantastic selection of travel experiences worldwide.

#11 International Coffee Beans

For coffee lovers, this gift is a real treat. Let them enjoy a coffee journey from home with a set of 16 different types of international coffee beans. It’s a delightful way to experience flavors from around the world, even when they’re not traveling.

#12 Portable Coffee Maker

Designed for true coffee enthusiasts who love to travel, a portable coffee maker is a perfect gift. Its compact size and lightweight nature make it ideal for packing, and it doesn’t require cups or electricity. With this portable espresso maker, they can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee anywhere they go.

#13 Anti-Theft Handbag

If you’re searching for the best retirement travel gifts for women, consider an anti-theft crossbody bag. With features like special zippers, RFID-blocking slots, and sturdy materials, it keeps belongings secure while remaining fashionable and stylish. For additional personal safety gifts, explore our selection.

#14 Sturdy and Waterproof Phone Case

A trustworthy phone case is a must-have for any traveler. This bump, dust, and waterproof phone case is designed to withstand the challenges of travel, ensuring that the retiree’s phone stays safe and protected. Explore 25 travel-themed phone cases for more options.

#15 Floating Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for any retiree, whether they’re traveling by boat, RV, or car. These floating sunglasses by Rheos are not only stylish but also practical, ensuring they won’t be lost to the depths of the ocean if dropped overboard.

Retirement Travel Gifts for Moderate Budgets

#16 Travel Guide

Help them discover new destinations and plan their retirement adventures with a travel guidebook. “Destinations of a Lifetime,” created by National Geographic, offers over 100 incredible travel ideas, making it an ideal retirement travel gift.

#17 Travel Mug

If the retiree used to spend a lot of time at the office coffee machine, this funny retirement travel mug will bring a smile to their face. Let them take this mug on their journey and reminisce about their favorite co-worker.

#18 Jewelry Box

For women who enjoy accessorizing, a jewelry box is a thoughtful retirement travel gift. This cute and practical box allows them to keep their precious jewelry organized and protected while on the road.

#19 Travel Pillow

Ensure their comfort during long-haul flights and bus rides with a washable travel pillow. This practical gift will be appreciated by retirees who prioritize comfort and quality rest while traveling.

#20 International Cookbook

Cooking can be a fulfilling hobby for retirees. Give them the opportunity to recreate delicious recipes from around the world with an international cookbook. Grandma’s cooking is always a hit, and this cookbook will bring a taste of diverse cuisines into their kitchen.

#21 Passport Cover

A passport cover is not only a practical accessory but also a symbolic reminder of the retiree’s newfound freedom. Choose a design that captures their adventurous spirit and encourages them to embrace their retirement travels. For more options, visit Zazzle.

#22 Retirement Necklace

Celebrate their retirement with a beautiful retirement necklace. This jewelry piece not only exudes elegance but also carries a heartfelt message, making it a meaningful gift for someone dear to your heart.

#23 Hanging Toiletry Bag

A water-resistant, hanging toiletry bag is a must-have for travelers of all ages. This fancy organizer is the perfect retirement travel gift, ensuring that toiletries are neatly organized and easily accessible, whether they’re retired or not.

#24 Book About Retired Travelers

If the retiree enjoys reading about other people’s travel experiences, “To Oldly Go” is the perfect book. It contains 41 true stories of adventurous individuals over the age of 60 who decided to explore the world. These relatable and humorous stories are sure to inspire and entertain.

Retirement Travel Gifts for Small Budgets

#25 Luggage Tag

Help them easily spot their luggage with a retirement-themed luggage tag. A small yet practical gift that adds a touch of personality to their travel gear. If you prefer other designs, check out Zazzle.

#26 Puzzle Book

For retirees who love puzzles and need entertainment during long journeys, a puzzle book is a fantastic gift. It provides mental stimulation and keeps their minds sharp while they travel to their next destination.

#27 Tote Bag

Support sustainability and offer a practical gift with a funny tote bag. This eco-friendly alternative replaces plastic bags and serves as a lasting reminder of their wonderful retirement memories while reducing environmental impact.

#28 Travel-Sized Games

Keep retirees entertained with travel-sized games. They’re perfect for passing the time during flights, train rides, or relaxing evenings at their destination. Check out our selection of 40 favorite games for travelers or consider Catan Dual.

#29 Travel Journal

A travel journal is an invaluable way to collect and preserve memories of their journeys. Remind them of the incredible experiences they’ve had by gifting a travel journal. It’s a thoughtful retirement travel gift that will be cherished for years to come. Need ideas? Explore 25 awesome journals here.

#30 Scarf with Hidden Pockets

Offer both warmth and security with a scarf that features hidden pockets. This practical accessory keeps the retiree cozy and allows them to keep their small valuables safe while on the move.

Save These Gifts for Retirees Who Travel

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Final Note on Gifts for Retirees Who Travel

If you’re still undecided, here are the editor’s top three picks based on budget:

  • Large Budget: Personalized world map (#1)
  • Mid Budget: “Destinations of a Lifetime” travel guide (#16)
  • Small Budget: Luggage tag (#25)

With these fantastic retirement travel gifts, you’re sure to find something special for the retiree in your life. Happy gifting and happy travels!

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