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Beautiful Sheds and Garages that Offer Living Space

You need more living space, but expanding your house is expensive, and a custom garage comes with a hefty price tag. Luckily, with a Prefab Garage that includes an apartment, you can have both the storage space you need and a place to call home. We’ve assisted countless customers in building a space to house their vehicles while also providing a small apartment for living quarters. Here, we present ten ideas for a Prefab Shed or Garage with Apartment Space that can serve as a guest house, Airbnb, in-law suite, or granny pod.

A Compact Apartment in a Shed

If you enjoy the concept of Tiny Living, this Compact Apartment Shed will surely pique your interest! The interior features a bathroom, kitchen with a compact fridge, a cozy sitting area, and a beautiful loft for sleeping. It offers a small living space with a touch of modern elegance.

patio and playhouse
A charming playhouse is seen beyond two wooden chairs in a shaded garden patio.

Please note: The Sheds Unlimited Team constructed this Apartment in a Shed in 2016. Although we no longer produce small apartment sheds and tiny homes, you can still purchase a shed shell similar to this design and complete the interior work yourself. The end result will be a beautiful masterpiece that you can admire and enjoy for years to come. This Portable Apartment Shed is built from our Premier Portable Garden Sheds.

A Bed and Breakfast in a Shed

When Susan from Yorktown, VA purchased this two-story shed, her plan was to transform it into a Bed and Breakfast on the second floor. This Two Story Barn Shed offers ample space on the upper level, making it ideal for a small suite to operate as an Airbnb guest house. You could even create a Two Story Barn with an exterior entrance and a deck leading to the second floor, combining it with a Prefab Garage that includes a small Apartment Space.

two story shed with apartment

A Beach House Home in a Shed

Your next Beach House could be a Prefab Shed or Garage perfectly suited for living. Tom R needed additional sleeping space near his Moon, VA Beach House. He purchased a Two Story Workshop Shed from our manufacturing facility in Lancaster, PA, and personally completed the interior.

The finished product boasts a beautiful sleeping and sitting area on the first floor. Ascend the stairs and find bunk beds and another bed with plenty of extra space to move around. The two-story shed apartment was ordered with two shed dormers, resulting in a roomy second floor.

small garage with living space

A Modular Building Apartment

Behold this incredible work of art nestled within a modular double-wide garage from Sheds Unlimited. The customer purchased the double-wide building and meticulously finished the interior, creating a lovely home-sweet-home. Take note of the additional windows above the bed, allowing plenty of natural light to flood this beautiful space.

modular diy house

A Car Garage with a Man Cave

In the City of Brotherly Love, you’ll stumble upon this two-story garage where Don has transformed it into his personal Garage Man Cave. It serves as a storage space for his toy train collection, while the second floor doubles as an apartment. Rebecca, on the other hand, converted another two-story garage into a business space.

10753 legacy two story garage with man cave

This Garage with Apartment Space features two large ten-foot dormers, creating an abundance of space and natural light—perfect for a Man Cave in Philadelphia. This Prefab Garage can also serve as a Guest House, ideal for operating a B&B or as a Granny Pod for your loved ones in their golden years.

Two Car Garage with Apartment Space

Honestly, we’re not entirely certain what Steve O from Ipswich, MA had planned for his two-car garage building. However, judging from the photos, it could easily become a charming 2-car garage with apartment space. The spacious dormers and large windows create an inviting atmosphere for a small backyard apartment or Bed and Breakfast.

12726 buy a garage with apartment space

This prefab car garage was custom-built in our shed and garage facility in PA. We loaded all the parts onto a trailer and transported them to MA to install this two-car garage. The blue siding and large windows were custom orders, adding a personal touch to the design.

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Legacy Garage with Apartment Space and Deck

Although this Legacy Two Story Garage with Apartment space may appear modest, the deck extending from the second floor provides Randy with easy access to the loft/attic area.

12335 two story garage apartment newtown pa

Here’s an idea for a garage with ample storage space on the first floor and an area for an apartment, man cave, or she shed on the second floor. By adding Shed Dormers, you could create an even more spacious and open area upstairs.

A Luxury Garage with an Apartment

This Amish Built Prefab Garage is anything but ordinary! Most prefab car garages in PA are quite basic, but when Fred from Upstate NY approached us with his garage request, it took several revisions and two years before the project was completed.

12425 three car garage apartment ny

While we adore its appearance, there are aspects of this Garage with Apartment Space that Sheds Unlimited would not replicate. However, we can construct a Luxury Prefab Garage with Apartment Space suitable for a granny pod, additional apartment, or bed and breakfast.

Man Cave Garage with Loft Apartment Space

This garage owner took a unique approach to create extra living space within his garage. He designated two bays for parking cars and trucks, installing a wall between them to create a third bay. The owner then insulated and finished the interior of what could have been the third bay.

11941 two car garage apartment pipersville pa

Although no formal apartment was constructed within this garage, the possibilities are endless. You could use two bays for living space and reserve one for a vehicle. This garage, along with all the sheds and garages featured on this page (and many others), were custom designed and built by our Sheds Unlimited team. They have been set up in various locations, including PA, NY, NJ, CT, MA, NH, MD, VA, DE, WV, and beyond.

Large Garage with Apartment Space

Here’s another unique garage idea that offers both living and storage space. Take note of the solar system on the roof and the lean-to section at the rear, providing additional space.

prefab garage with apartment space

The possibilities with this Large Garage are endless. Utilize the back area as a small game room or man cave, while the second floor can serve as an apartment or man cave. It can also provide space for an Airbnb, guest chamber, or permanent residence. You could live on the second floor and use the ground floor for storage purposes.

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