KBS Iron Shafts: Finding the Perfect Fit for Your Game

Golfers often overlook the importance of the shafts in their irons. However, KBS believes that having the right shaft can significantly impact your game. That’s why they offer a wide range of 14 different models, each available in various weights and flexes, to cater to every type of player. The brains behind KBS, led by Kim Braly, understand that fitting hard-hitting tour pros and high handicap amateurs requires versatility. In this article, we will explore the KBS iron shaft lineup and help you understand which model suits you best.

Players’ Models

KBS C-Taper Iron Shaft

The KBS C-Taper is one of the three players’ shafts in the lineup, and it stands out with its unique balance point. Unlike the Tour and S-Taper, the C-Taper is stiffest in the tip section, giving a stout and strong feel while delivering a low launch with low spin. The absence of steps in the shaft, denoted by “C” for Constant Taper, provides a consistent and sturdy feel. The C-Taper is often favored by stronger golfers, and it offers a 5% lower ball flight compared to True Temper’s Dynamic Gold. Major winners such as Gary Woodland and Justin Rose, along with Rickie Fowler, have relied on the C-Taper to enhance their game.

KBS $-Taper Iron Shaft

Similar to the C-Taper, the KBS $-Taper is available in the same five weights. This flexibility allows golfers to choose based on their desired launch, spin, and ball flight. The half flex options, R+ and S+, are particularly popular among golfers who are undecided between two flexes. These flexes provide a balance between regular and stiff, offering both distance and accuracy. Positioned between the C-Taper and Tour shaft, the S-Taper (Subtle Taper) caters to golfers seeking a mid-spin and mid-launch shaft.

KBS Tour Iron Shaft

The Tour iron shaft holds a special place in the KBS lineup as it was the first model developed by Kim Braly. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of golfers. The high balance point design, with weight positioned closer to the grip, offers a slightly softer feel and excellent feedback during the swing. The Tour FLT (Flighted) shaft model is optimized for a more controlled trajectory, launching long irons higher and short irons lower. Smoother players with less aggressive transitions find the Tour shaft’s consistent step pattern a perfect match.

KBS Iron Shaft Swing Speed Recommendations

To ensure golfers of all speeds can benefit from KBS iron shafts, there are models specifically designed for different swing speeds. The KBS Max and Max CT80 shafts are ultralight, high-launch, high-spin models that optimize ball flight for moderate swing speeds. It’s important to note that swing speed is a more important factor than ability when choosing the right shaft. These speed-specific models are not typically favored by high-speed players, regardless of their skill level.

Junior Options

KBS also offers two junior steel shafts, the 560 and 580, to provide young golfers with a familiar KBS feel throughout their golfing journey. These lightweight steel shafts have similar weights to graphite options, ensuring a smooth transition for juniors as they grow stronger. By avoiding a heavy head feel, KBS enables young golfers to develop their skills without any hindrances.

When Should You Go Graphite?

The misconception that graphite iron shafts are only for older or slower players needs to be debunked. Graphite shafts offer benefits to a wide range of golfers, from tour players to club golfers with moderate swing speeds. They provide a more comfortable and vibration-free experience. KBS offers three graphite models with different launch and spin characteristics.

KBS TGI – Tour Graphite Iron Shaft

KBS has achieved a steel-like feel with their graphite shafts, particularly with the TGI model. The TGI shafts can be customized to match golfers’ swing speeds, ranging from 57mph to 100mph. This graphite shaft is known for its low launch and spin properties, appealing to skilled golfers who value consistency and control.

KBS PGI – Players Graphite Iron Shaft

KBS developed the PGI shaft to bring a steel-like feel to graphite. It represents a step up from the TGI in terms of launch and spin characteristics. The PGI is widely played on the LPGA Tour and offers a mid-launch and mid-spin profile. With six different weights available, it caters to swing speeds ranging from 57mph to 94mph.

KBS Max Graphite Iron Shaft

For golfers who need maximum launch and spin to achieve maximum carry distance, the KBS Max graphite iron shaft is the ideal choice. It features a high-launch and high-spin profile. The five available weights accommodate swing speeds ranging from 51mph to 82mph.

Get Fitted for Success

Fitting is key when it comes to selecting the right KBS iron shaft for your game. Once you find the perfect fit, you can progress through the various KBS models as you age, while staying within the same family. This approach ensures that you maintain the desired ball flight and shot window throughout your playing career. A fitting session with a skilled club fitter is essential to unlocking the full potential of KBS shafts.

Don’t Forget Your Wedges

KBS offers not only iron shafts but also a range of shafts for drivers, fairways, hybrids, wedges, and putters. Their Hi-Rev wedge shaft, based on the Tour shaft profile, provides a softer feel and extra spin. The 610 wedge shaft complements the Tour V shaft, commonly used in C-Taper and S-Taper irons. By maintaining consistent shafts from irons to wedges, golfers can achieve greater consistency and control.

KBS Iron Shafts: A Testimonial from Kim Braly

Kim Braly, the founder and mastermind behind KBS, has dedicated his life to crafting high-performance golf shafts. His expertise has propelled KBS to the forefront of shaft technology. In an exclusive interview, he shares his insights on the evolution of shafts, the importance of feel, and his pride in the KBS Tour shaft, among other topics. His dedication to creating optimized shaft options for golfers of all swing speeds and preferences has made KBS a leader in the industry.

In conclusion, KBS iron shafts offer golfers a wide range of options to enhance their game. From the players’ models to the graphite shafts, there is a perfect fit for everyone. By understanding the unique characteristics of each shaft and getting fitted correctly, golfers can experience improved ball flight, consistency, and feel. It’s time to take your game to the next level with KBS iron shafts.

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