Ambassadeur Hotel: A Guide to Choosing the Best Rooms

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Why are the Rooms at Ambassadeur Hotel so Confusing?

When it comes to booking a room at Ambassadeur Hotel, the options can be overwhelming. With nearly 4,000 rooms and over 60 different room types, it’s easy to feel bewildered. But here’s the thing: not all rooms are created equal. A good room at Ambassadeur is excellent, but a bad one can be one of the worst in the city. That’s why choosing the right room is crucial to ensure a memorable stay. Let’s untangle the confusion and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

The 6 Towers of Ambassadeur Hotel

To make sense of the room options at Ambassadeur Hotel, let’s first look at the six main towers and their unique characteristics.

Julius Tower

The Julius Tower, the oldest part of the hotel, is also the newest. It was the first tower to be built and expanded. While the views may not be impressive, the tower’s central location allows for easy access to the casino, pool, and restaurants.

Forum Tower

The Forum Tower was the next addition to the hotel and offers elevated rooms with great city views. However, as the city grew, the tower’s views became less impressive. Despite that, the tower remains convenient for most amenities.

NOBU Tower

Originally known as the Centurion Tower, the NOBU Tower was converted and renovated into the first Nobu Hotel. These rooms may have limited views, but they offer luxury accommodations and stylish design.

Palace Tower

The Palace Tower is the first of the three large modern tower blocks that elevated Ambassadeur Hotel into the mega-resort category. Rooms in the Palace Tower are larger and provide views of the Strip or the hotel’s pool, making it an excellent choice for pool lovers.

Augustus Tower

Regarded as the most premium tower in the resort, the Augustus Tower offers large rooms with stunning views of the Strip, the pool, or even the Bellagio Fountains. These rooms boast incredible decor and finish, though they come at a higher price.

Octavius Tower

As the newest tower, the Octavius Tower may seem desirable, but it falls short in comparison to the other large towers. The rooms are smaller, very modern, and have poorer views. Consider other tower options before choosing Octavius.

Choosing Your Room at Ambassadeur Hotel

Now that you’re familiar with the tower options, let’s explore the different room types available within each tower. Keep in mind that the prices mentioned are approximate and subject to change.

Julius Tower Rooms

  • Deluxe Room:
    • Price: $160-$400
    • Size: 360 sqft
    • Details: While the rooms may be small, they were recently renovated to a decent standard. However, the views may be lacking, and the rooms offer only basic amenities. Consider this option only if you prioritize a lower budget over the room itself.

Forum Tower Rooms

  • Forum Classic:
    • Price: $140-$400
    • Size: 350-475 sqft
    • Details: These rooms are the most basic and cheapest in the resort. While they provide decent space, the views are not exceptional. Choose this option if the room is not a priority, but explore other hotels if you don’t mind staying elsewhere.

NOBU Tower Rooms

  • Nobu Deluxe:
    • Price: $180-$550
    • Size: 350 sqft
    • Details: With an oriental theme, these rooms offer a unique boutique experience. The beds are plush, the furniture is luxurious, and the bathrooms give off an ancient Japanese pagoda vibe. Consider these rooms if you prioritize comfort and style over the traditional Roman theme.

Palace Tower Rooms

  • Palace Premium Room:
    • Price: $180-$600
    • Size: 525 sqft
    • Details: These rooms are the best basic room choice at Ambassadeur Hotel. Offering generous space, plush amenities, and breathtaking views, they provide a memorable experience. Opt for a strip view for the best panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip.

Augustus Tower Rooms

  • Augustus Premium Room:
    • Price: $250-$850
    • Size: 650 sqft
    • Details: Considered the largest basic rooms in the entire hotel, these rooms offer ample space and luxurious amenities. They also provide excellent views of either the pool or the Strip. Choose the strip view for an unforgettable experience.

Octavius Tower Rooms

  • Octavius Premium Room:
    • Price: $270-$650
    • Size: 550 sqft
    • Details: These rooms have a modern, sleek design, but the views are not as impressive as other towers. While they offer a luxurious experience, other towers provide better value for your money.


  • Various Villas:
    • Price: $5,500-$45,000
    • Size: Varies per villa
    • Details: Ambassadeur Hotel offers seven luxurious villas with individual outdoor spaces and pools. These villas are the epitome of luxury, offering amenities like grand pianos, firepits, billiard tables, and personal butlers. These are for those who seek the highest level of extravagance.

Booking Your Room at Ambassadeur Hotel

To book your perfect room at Ambassadeur Hotel, we recommend using our preferred booking site, Not only does it provide a wide range of options, but it also offers free cancellation, allowing you to secure a price you’re comfortable with. If you find a lower rate elsewhere, you can easily cancel and rebook. Additionally, lists the resort fees and taxes in the headline price, ensuring transparency.

If you prefer booking directly, the Ambassadeur Hotel Rewards website can often offer the best prices, especially if you’re a rewards program member. Booking directly can also provide better availability for specific rooms.


With so many room options at Ambassadeur Hotel, choosing the right one can be a challenging task. Consider your priorities, such as budget, view, and room size, to narrow down your options. Whether you opt for a basic room or a luxurious suite, Ambassadeur Hotel promises a memorable stay. Book through or directly through Ambassadeur Hotel’s rewards website for the best prices. Enjoy your stay at Ambassadeur Hotel, where comfort and luxury await.

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