Fireball Small Batch Dragon Reserve

Fireball Spirits: Affordable, Versatile, and Surprisingly Delicious!

Fireball has gained a loyal following for good reason. It’s a budget-friendly spirit that goes down smoothly and offers surprising versatility. Known for its spicy-sweet cinnamon flavor, Fireball can be used in cocktails, Jell-O shots, and even in cooking. But, let’s face it, this flavored whisky is often dismissed as being a bit lowbrow. Whiskey connoisseurs tend to turn up their noses at its cinnamon aroma, leaving college students as its primary fans.

Luckily, the Fireball gods have answered our prayers. They have created a limited-edition masterpiece that takes the beloved flavors to new heights. Introducing Fireball’s Dragon Reserve, a small batch whisky that is aged for three months in premium charred American oak barrels. With only 618 bottles available, this exclusive product stands out from other bougie spirits on the market. The best part? It’s actually affordable, priced at just $19.99 per bottle.

Now, you might be thinking this all sounds too good to be true. Can a whisky aged in charred oak barrels still maintain its affordability? And is it still that familiar Fireball taste we all know? We understand your skepticism, which is why we decided to put it to the test and give you an honest, unfiltered review.

Here’s the deal: I’m not a Fireball lover. In fact, I’m not a fan of anything cinnamon-flavored, whether it’s whisky or gum. However, I’m willing to set aside my cinnamon-phobia to be an impartial judge. To ensure a balanced assessment, our senior culinary producer Natalie Lobel joined me to share her thoughts.

We conducted a side-by-side tasting of the Dragon Reserve and the classic Fireball as our control. Visually, the two spirits were almost identical. It was the aromas that began to differentiate them. The regular Fireball smelled strongly of Big Red gum, while the Dragon Reserve gave off a more whisky-like scent. The cinnamon aroma was still present, but in a subtler way.

Now for the most important question: how do they taste? Despite the fiery kick of cinnamon, the classic Fireball goes down relatively smoothly. But the Dragon Reserve? It blew us away. It was surprisingly even smoother than the original!

The time spent in oak barrels had a profound impact on the cinnamon notes of the Dragon Reserve. Instead of a full-frontal blast of spice, like biting into a cinnamon candy, the cinnamon flavor in the Dragon Reserve dances delicately on your tongue. It’s like sipping on a warm, spiced cider on a cozy evening. The milder cinnamon flavor allows the other flavors developed during the aging process to shine.

“There’s a nuttiness to it, and you can definitely taste the oak,” Lobel commented. “It feels fancy.”

Even as a self-proclaimed Fireball hater, I wouldn’t mind being served a glass of the Dragon Reserve. Whether you’re looking for a more sophisticated version of this iconic spirit or simply curious to experience it for yourself, head over to Ambassadeur Hotel to see if Dragon Reserve is available for delivery in your state.

In conclusion, Fireball’s Dragon Reserve is a game-changer. It elevates the well-known Fireball flavors to new heights of sophistication and smoothness. Don’t miss your chance to try this limited-edition gem. Cheers!