Escape Rooms For Large Groups

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If you’re looking for an escape game that can accommodate a large group of players, you may find it challenging. Most escape games, whether played in person or online, can’t support teams of more than six players while keeping everyone actively engaged. However, fear not! We have some recommendations that take elements from escape games and offer unique experiences for larger groups. Whether it’s a birthday party or a team-building event, these games are sure to provide excitement and entertainment.


Listed below, in alphabetical order, are some exhilarating escape games that cater to groups of 8 or more:

🔒 Avatar Stalker, Project Avatar

Immerse yourself in an avatar-led livestream experience resembling a live-action video game. In battle mode, players compete on opposing teams, starting in different areas, and eventually meet in the final room, where they aim to score the most points. This game can support groups as large as 20, but we recommend a team of 10-12 for the best experience.

Boobano Farm, Mad Genius Escape Co.

Step into a multiplayer online puzzle game that combines the elements of a digital escape game and a point-and-click adventure. Boobano Farm is perfect for a group of 8-16 people, but we suggest having around 10 participants for an ideal experience.

🔒 Club Drosselmeyer 1943

Transport yourself into the digital adaptation of Club Drosselmeyer, a captivating annual holiday spectacle in Boston, MA. Experience the story and gameplay through printable or mailed puzzles, a web-based radio show, and phone-based interactions. To accommodate larger groups, we recommend dividing them into smaller “Civilian Defense Units,” consisting of 4-5 players. For corporate groups, there are additional options available upon contacting the creators.

Global Dominance, Claustrophobia

Engage in an online, competitive, social deduction game that sets it apart from the traditional escape or puzzle games. This gripping experience is perfect for 30 players, with 6 teams of 5 players each.

Jury Duty, Exit Productions

Participate in a cooperative online immersive game that combines investigation, interrogation, and a touch of puzzling. You and your teammates will function as an actual jury, making this game an ideal choice for a group of 12 people.

Secret Library

Unravel the mysteries of a digital immersive experience set within a secret library. With its expansive digital environment and plethora of characters, Secret Library is designed to accommodate groups ranging from 20 to 60 people.

Space Defenders, Fantasy Escape Games

Embark on a rapid-paced puzzle fest suitable for teams of any size, from 4 to 50+ players. Collaboration and teamwork are encouraged as sub-teams work together to complete specific missions, ensuring your overall team’s success.

The Ruby Palace & The Sapphire Palace & The Emerald Palace, Palace Games

Indulge in point-and-click adventure games infused with the elements of a light puzzle hunt. Each game can support hundreds of players, but they are best enjoyed in teams of four. Compare scores across a full group leaderboard and consider these games for your next corporate event.

The Verdict, Logic Locks

Immerse yourself in an intense experience similar to a live-action role-playing (larp) game, where participants serve digital jury duty. Rather than simply playing or solving puzzles, you engage in discussions and debates about ethics and justice. This emotionally profound and thought-provoking experience is best enjoyed in a group of 12 individuals. You can either book a single ticket for a public-ticketed event or reserve for a larger group.

Wreck Havoc: Global Catastrophe, Escape New Haven

Engage in a digital megagame that incorporates resource management, social alliances and manipulation, and puzzles. Set in a captivating digital event space, this game provides a real-life megagame vibe. With team sizes ranging from 24 to 240, it offers an immersive experience for large groups.

🔒 Golden Lock award-winning experience

For an unforgettable adventure, consider our Golden Lock award-winning experiences. These games have stood out for their exceptional quality and creativity.

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